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Futon Financing

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Futon Financing

If you’re looking for a quality futon that won’t break the bank, you’re going to love shopping here at Abunda. You’ll find the best selection of comfortable, durable, and versatile futons online - with financing plans that work for you. Experience rent to own futon financing on your terms here at Abunda!

Experience Rent To Own Futon Financing On Your Terms At Abunda!

Who doesn’t love futons? They’re great for spare bedrooms or offices - serving as a place to lounge during the day, and a place to lay your head at night and enjoy a comfortable sleep. There is no better way to accommodate the occasional unexpected overnight guest than with a futon. But like all types of furniture, futons aren’t cheap! In fact, a really comfortable, high-quality futon can cost over $1200! So, what should you do? Go with a cheap, uncomfortable option that fits your budget - but not your comfort preferences? Nope. You don’t have to compromise. Here at Abunda, you’ll experience the best of both worlds with our simple, affordable futon financing!

We believe everyone should enjoy the type of furniture they deserve - without having to stress over the financial stress of purchasing one outright at full price. Through our futon buy now pay later program, you can get the exact futon you want with hassle-free, low monthly payments. Shop now and see why we’ve got over 56,000 happy customers and counting - or keep reading to learn more about why our rent to own futon financing is so great.

What Makes Our Rent To Own Futon Financing So Great?

What if we told you that you could get the exact futon you want for as little as $16 a month? It’s true! We make it easy to find your dream sofa without breaking the bank. This is only possible through the partnerships we’ve built with leading fintech companies like PayPal, Klarna, ViaBill, Acima, and more. These are the most trusted companies in the industry - so you can rest assured you’re in good hands. Choose from a range of payment plans that work for you. Pay it off quickly or slowly - you’re in the driver's seat here!

And when it comes time to actually choose your futon, you’ll be wowed at all the variety we offer. Whether you’re looking for full size, memory foam, traditional Japanese-style, or anything in between - we’ve got it here for you on this page. And if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, you can add it to our catalog yourself! Just paste an Amazon link to the product into our search bar at the top of this page. All the details for that futon will be pulled up, and you can add it to your cart. It’s that easy. But if you’d like some assistance along the way, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our rockstar customer service team is on standby eager to help you!

Get Your Futon Buy Now Pay Later So You Can Relax Without Financial Stress!

At this point, there is just one thing left to do - get your futon buy now pay later so you can relax without any of the financial stress of traditional couch shopping! If you want to explore other types of furniture financing we offer, you may be interested in our patio furniture financing or office furniture financing. We have buy now pay later couches, bed frames on finance, mattress financing, and much, much more. Nothing is off-limits when it comes to financing at Abunda - explore all we have to offer today!

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