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Grow Equipment Financing

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Grow Equipment Financing

Ready to start growing your own from the comfort of your home? When you finance grow equipment at Abunda, you can get the entire setup you need to start growing plants indoors. Choose flexible payment plans that fit your needs, and never stress about an impact on your credit score when you work with us!

Finance Grow Equipment Online At Abunda!

Starting an indoor grow is a fun challenge for new growers and seasoned green thumbs alike. It’s an experience unlike any other - taking a plant from seed to harvest in a closet, spare bedroom, shed, or garage. Once you’ve completed one grow cycle, you’ll be ready to start the next. No need to worry about seasonality putting your garden on pause - no need to stress over pests infiltrating your grow and wreaking havoc. Indoor growing is the way to go! But let’s face it - indoor grow equipment is expensive. When you factor in all that you need - the lighting, the ventilation system, and everything else - it can get overwhelming. That’s why shopping at Abunda is the #1 way to finance grow equipment online.

We have complete indoor grow packages from the most trusted brands in the industry. And with our buy now pay later grow equipment, you can enjoy low monthly payments over time. No need to come up with all the cash up front! And because we don’t do hard credit checks, your credit score is never impacted here at Abunda. Shop now for the perfect indoor grow kit, grow lights, and more - or, read on to learn more about the Abunda difference.

Why Our Buy Now Pay Later Grow Equipment Is The Right Choice For You

Why is our buy now pay later grow equipment the right choice for you? Well, not only do we offer the best selection of quality indoor growing essentials - but we match them up with even better financing terms. We’re on a mission to make simple, affordable financing more accessible to all. And our collection of grow equipment is no exception!

We have the best products from the most highly sought-after brands in the horticulture industry. That includes MARS HYDRO, Spider Farmer, Fox Farm, AC Infinity, VIVOSUN, and more! Whether you’re looking for nutrients or fans, carbon filters, grow tents, LED lights, and everything in between - you’ll find it here. If you have a specific item in mind and you don’t see it in our catalog, you can add it yourself - just paste an Amazon link into the search bar above! 

And when it comes to actually purchasing all this grow equipment, you’ll be delighted at the financing plans we offer. Through our various partnerships with leading fintech companies - like PayPal, Viabill, Acima, and more - you get to choose payment terms that work for you. What if we told you can get a complete, premium indoor grow kit for as little as $25 a month? We’re excited to help you finance grow equipment on your terms - and if you have any questions or need help along the way, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our rockstar customer service team is eager to help you!

What Are You Waiting For? Finance Grow Equipment Today!

So, what are you waiting for? Get the buy now, pay later grow equipment you deserve today and start growing like the pros - from the comfort of your own home. And when it comes to all things financing, we hope you’ll come back for more. You can take things to the next level with full blown greenhouse financing. Or, explore unrelated categories like ipad financing to buy now pay later washer and dryer sets, lawnmower financing, and much, much more. Explore our full catalog today and experience hassle-free financing as it was intended!

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