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Soundcore by Anker Life Q30 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones with Multiple Modes, Hi-Res Sound, 40H Playtime, Fast Charge, Soft Earcups, Bluetooth Headphones, Travel

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Color: Blue


  • Advanced Noise Cancellation Technology: Maintain your focus with Life Q30's hybrid active noise cancellation. Dual noise-detecting microphones pick up and filter out up to 95% of low-frequency ambient sound to ensure nothing distracts you from your music.
  • Ultimate Noise Cancellation Experience: Customize Life Q30's noise cancellation with 3 modesTransport minimizes airplane engine noise, Outdoor reduces traffic and wind, and Indoor dampens the sound of busy offices with people talking in the background.
  • Hi-Res Music: Hear every detail of your favorite songs thanks to Life Q30's 40mm drivers. The highly-flexible silk diaphragms reproduce thumping bass and crisp treble that extends up to 40kHz for improved clarity.
  • 40-Hour Playtime: Life Q30 active noise cancelling headphones play up to 40 hours of music in noise cancelling mode. Standard mode extends the playtime to 60 hours, while a short 5-minute charge gives you 4 hours of listening.
  • Pressure-Free Comfort: Life Q30 active noise cancelling headphones have ultra-soft protein leather earcups with memory foam padding to fit snugly over your ears. The lightweight build also ensures they're comfortable for long listening sessions.

Specs & Other Info

Specification Details
Manufacturer Brand Soundcore
Model Designation Life Q30
Available Color Blue
Headphone Type Over Ear
Connection Method Wireless
Overall Dimensions 7.68 x 7.09 x 3.07 inches
Weight of the Product 0.58 Pounds (9.3 ounces)
Product Series Number A3028
Battery Info 1 Lithium Polymer batteries needed (included)
First Made Available December 10, 2020
Produced By Anker
Battery Charging Duration 2 Hours
Package Quantity 1 Count

Frequently asked questions

The Soundcore by Anker Life Q30 headphones have an impressive battery life of up to 40 hours on a full charge, allowing you to enjoy your music uninterrupted.

The Soundcore by Anker Life Q30 headphones come with multiple noise cancellation modes that you can toggle between depending on your environment: Outdoor, Indoor, and Travel.

Fast Charge feature on the Soundcore by Anker Life Q30 capabilities enable you to get up to 4 hours of playtime from just a 5-minute charge, which is incredibly convenient when you are in hurry.

The Life Q30 headphones deliver hi-res audio for an immersive and quality listening experience. The sound is crystal clear, and it has been certified as 'Hi-Res Audio'.

Top Amazon Reviews

🚀 Abunda's Overview

This is our summary and key points to consider based on customer reviews.

The product in question is a set of noise cancelling headphones that are mainly appreciated for their high-quality hardware, good sound, and multi-device connection functionality. Users find the battery life to be exceptional and come with a built-in microphone providing surprisingly good audio quality for calls. However, both reviews highlight issues with the user interface, particularly with button placement, the folding requirement for storage, and the lack of noise cancelling in corded mode.


  • 🎧 High-quality hardware with great sound
  • 🔋 Exceptional battery life
  • 📱 Multi-device connection functionality
  • 🎙️ Built-in microphone with good audio quality for calls
  • 💤 Useful "Better Sleep" function for white noise creation


  • ❌ Lack of user-friendly controls and confusing button placement
  • ❎ Need to fold headphones in a specific way to fit in the case
  • 🚫 Noise cancelling not supported in corded mode
  • 🔇 Cannot play simultaneously on two connected devices
  • ⚙️ Essential features like Noise Cancelling and EQ tied only to phone app

Should I Buy It?

If you prioritize high-quality sound, long battery life, and in-depth noise cancelling features for a reasonable price, these headphones will satisfy your needs. However, be prepared to adapt to the less-than-optimal user interface and some functionality restrictions. Overall, it's a solid product but requires patience to fully utilize its features.

  • Good hardware, lacking user experience
Color: Black
Let me preface this by saying that I bought these mainly for the noise cancelling, to use both to focus when working/watching media on my PC and to mitigate external sound when sleeping. I actually don't really listen to music that often and can't say much about the audio quality beyond "it's acceptable". I do have many things to say about the other two use cases though. When using it on the PC : As long as you plan to use it by BT you should be fine. I had some trouble getting it to connect at first but I blame that on my PC being old (Win 7), I made it work somehow by using a newer BT dongle, the fact that it somehow works at all on such an old setup is a plus to me, whether this was intentional or not. There's two inconveniences though : 1.- Even though you can connect by 3.5mm, the product listing doesn't tell you anywhere that NC or EQ features are not supported during this mode. What's worse, apparently the feature WAS supported a few years ago, but it got disabled by a firmware update somewhere down the line because of some bogus reason (the fact that more expensive models that came after this still support the feature is kinda fishy too). If you were an old user, this was a choice, whether you wanted to update or not, but new buyers will find that the product now ships with the latest firmware when you buy it, so you're stuck with it. I wouldn't blame you if you just assumed NC should work over 3.5mm, as it is a normally a standard feature in this price range, even worse, a lot of the reviews out there on the product are from the time when the feature was available, so people deciding to buy without doing research or based on old information are in for a bad surprise. As it is now, when you use 3.5mm the logic part of the headphones is completely turned off and only the speakers work, so you're left with the regular unfiltered sound, and to put it frankly, the audio quality like this is terrible and not worth it, do not buy these if you plan to use 3.5mm at all, you'll be sorely disappointed. 2.- Speaking of NC and EQ, those features have several options that can be adjusted to your liking through a phone app. This is a good thing as the default config may not suit everybody's use case, what's not so good is tying these adjustments to a phone app only. Why do I have to switch over to my phone when I want to adjust a setting on the fly instead of being able to do it directly from my computer? What if something happens to my phone or the app stops working/gets pulled from the store sometime in the future? A PC app would have been a great alternative, and being able to modify some of the options just by using buttons would have been even better. When using as a sleep aid : This is gonna be a very picky and niche use case, but sometimes, I may be woken by unexpected noise in the middle of the night, at that point I like to be able to grab my NC headphones and put them on as soon as possible, without having to think too much about it or turn on the lights, to be able to go back to sleep. This product fails in that regard in several ways. First, the case that they ship with : The headphones only fit in when you fold them inwards a specific way, taking them out and unfolding them is a bit cumbersome and I wish they would have given you a bigger case in which the headphones fit normally without doing this. I think the idea is to make it so it takes less space when packing them or something, but the case is fairly big as it is, so if you want to save space you're probably gonna take them out of it anyways. Should keep the folding ability but make the case itself bigger so you don't need to store them folded. Turning on the thing is also unnecessarily complicated, the power button is same size and shape as every other button, and you have to hold it for 3 secs to turn it on, again, not the fastest or easiest thing to do in the dark. My generic brand headphones from similar price range but much older have a single slide toggle switch, it's size and shape are different from the other buttons and turning it on just takes a flick, I would much have preferred something like that. Once the thing is actually on, turns out it will turn itself off after a few minutes if it's not paired to anything. So if you want to just use the NC by itself, though luck, you better have your phone nearby with BT turned on so you can connect to it, even if you don't play anything on it. Again, not the fastest thing to do when you're on bed. Lastly, and this is a minor gripe, the device has an LED status light to indicate whether it's ON, in pairing mode, etc. For some reason the thing is perpetually blinking regardless of state. I can understand for pairing mode, but why not just make it solid when it's actually connected? If I take off the headphones and lie them around on my desk and forget about it, I can't tell from a quick glance if they're ON or OFF, I have to stare carefully for a few seconds to see if the blinking comes on and what color it is to know what's going on. Annoying. "Better sleep" function : This is a feature of the app, it is not highlighted that often but a few reviews mention it, as one of the few people that could make use of it, I will give my thoughts on it : It's basically a white noise machine, you have a few white noise loops to choose from and you can adjust the volume of each one individually so you can mix and match to your liking, so for example, you can have loud rain with faint sounds of birds in the background or vice versa. You can also set a timer for how long this will play for. It's a handy feature but nothing exceptional, the stock noises are limited and may not be of everybody's liking, the loops also feel kinda short. I find myself using mostly the rain only. If you're into this, chances are you probably already have your own long white noise loops saved on your phone anyways, which would work just as well. Good things : Putting all that negativity aside, I do think the hardware itself is very good at this price range. The NC has 3 different settings and is worth trying them all out to see which one works better for your environment, it won't silence everything a 100%, but it works much better than my previous cheapy headphones, and I doubt you can get much better NC at this price range. The headphones are comfortable and I have no problem sleeping with them or wearing them for hours. Is hard to tell how well the build will hold over time, but after a month of usage, nothing has broken yet. The battery is LONG and I only have to charge it once a week if anything. Although it's not something I was even aware when I bought the product, turns out it has a built in mic and it's surprisingly good quality, I have been able to do many long voice calls with it with no complains about the quality from the other party so far. Overall, despite the poor user experience and having to adapt to its many quirks, I do find this product useful and plan to keep using it in the future. I just hope when/if I upgrade sometime in the future, that the newer products on the line don't suffer from the same usability problems. ... show more
Reviewed in the United States on July 15, 2022 by John

  • Great so far!
Color: Blue
I'm not an audiophile, just someone who enjoys a nice audio quality, so these headphones suit me just great. Audio sounds great. Music and videos sound great. The manual that comes with the package is easy to read, and if you lose that, the accompanying app has a high-resolution document of the manual. I've never tried ANC before, so it was a little strange at first, but it works well. Of course, not all outside sound is able to be canceled out, but it's noticeably quieter after the mode is turned on. I do have to say that sometimes, with ANC turned on, there's this strange 'heavy' feeling, like increased pressure in my ears, and this feeling comes and goes. Though, that may just be my own problem, of course. These headphones feel quite light, not heavy at all. The only problem I've encountered for comfort is that the outermost edges of my ears touch the inside foam, and after extended wear (just sitting down, not moving around much at all), can be slightly irritating. So, if you have ears that stick out, this may not be comfortable for you if you wear these for long periods of time. The charging cord is quite short. This isn't a problem for me, since I have a headphone stand with a USB port built in, but is something to consider. It does not come with a charging block/brick/adaptor, so you'll need to have a spare USB brick lying around or switch out cords when you need to charge these headphones. I can't speak on the battery life, just got these yesterday as I'm typing this, but overall, I really like these headphones so far. They're easy to pair with my phone and tablet, simple to use, and does what I need it to do. ... show more
Reviewed in the United States on November 22, 2023 by Jessica

  • A great value for ANC
Color: Black
I previously owned ANC earbuds that fit in the ear from Anker which worked well, but I was having some issues with an in-ear device. I purchased this over-ear headset with the same ANC technology and was amazed with the sound quality and ANC in such relatively low price. A great value headset, and also supports multi-device connection. Just be aware -- if you connect to two devices, it will not play simultaneously. It will mute one device when the other one begins making sound, and then switch back when the sound stops. However -- this seems to be standard for multi-device as my Bose headset operates in the same way. With all that said, there is some room for improvement: - Compared to similar headphones from Bose, the button controls are less friendly. A power switch is better IMO than a button you hold down for 3 seconds as you can see at a glance if it is switched on or off and quickly toggle as needed. - The large touch surface of the right ear cup allows you to long press for transparency mode. This is nice, but if you ever stretch your arms above your head your bicep will trigger the long press. Slightly annoying. - The case requires you to put the headphones in a very specific folded orientation. There is a nice label inside the case to remind you of this specific yoga pose the headphones need to make in order to fit. If the mirror image would also work it would not be so big a deal, but it is like a classic USB port where you try, then flip, then try again. - I do like that there are physical buttons for volume, adjusting ANC, play/pause. However -- they are placed exactly where you would grab when taking on/off the headphones or when adjusting the head strap. You have to train yourself to grab the headphones in a different way to avoid hitting these buttons accidentally. - I have not tried it myself -- but I heard that in plugged in mode the ANC does not work. And I heard that it USED to work, but they removed this in a software update. It has not yet affected me as I have never used it in plugged in mode. But not ideal if true. ... show more
Reviewed in the United States on October 25, 2023 by SHIP

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