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QSTOVES Outdoor Wood Pellet Patio Heater, Q-Flame Portable Heater, for Camping, RVing, Hunting (Stove)

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  • GRAVITY FEED - There are no augers or fans requiring electricity, pellets feed by gravity fueling the fire as it burns leaving very little ash
  • EFFICIENT - More efficient alternative to outdoor propane, electric heaters and campfires. Leaves no trace unlike campfires. Delivers an impressive max 106,000 BTU/hour with a heating radius of 10 feet.
  • PORTABLE - It can travel with you, detachable sections make this unit easy to transport. Warm up your next beach, camping, hunting trip, house party, or BBQ
  • EMERGENCY - The Q-Flame does not require electricity, if you are forced out of your home you will still have a safe outdoor heating option
  • FOR BEST RESULTS - Use Douglas Fir wood pellets to fill the 20lb capacity hopper for 3-4 hours of burn time.

Brand: Q-Stoves

Power Source: Wood Pellet

Heating Method: Wood Pellet

Item Weight: 20 Pounds

Heat Output: 106000 British Thermal Units

Product Dimensions: 17"D x 25"W x 31"H

Product Dimensions: 17 x 25 x 31 inches

Item Weight: 20 pounds

Manufacturer: QStoves

Item model number: Q05C

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Top Amazon Reviews

  • Good Idea bad execution, do not recommend*** Good Product, Horrible Instructions
Size: Stove
9-28-2021 Review Update: I've downgraded this from a 4-star to a 2-star review The firepot control on this thing is absolutely awful. I don't mind fidgeting with it frequently to get the burnt pellets to drop down into the ash drawer, but the metal rod does NOT stay in and frequently comes out. When this happens it is impossible to put it back in while a fire is going Without the rod the temperature quickly dies down and then the whole stove becomes useless I got this in 2019 and haven't used it more than 10 times I will say that I haven't had any issues with rust. Rusting on this only occurs if you leave it out in the elements and don't cover it or put it in the garage. They specifically state this in the manual. About the only positive thing I can say still for this Such a disappointment because I love the concept and the stove is beautiful. But the whole thing becomes worthless when you can't keep getting new pellets into the burn chamber. They'd need a better method to get rid of spent/burned pellets. The current firepot control stick is crap and doesn't work ---------------------------------- First review below: SUMMARY: Has great heat output when you allow the air damper to be open all the way. Minimal smoke. You will need to fidget with the firepot control about every 10 minutes to make sure spent pellets fall down and to get a good amount of new ones in. If you don't do this then the temperature of the fire will eventually drop. I don't mind doing this at all, but for others like businesses it will be something to keep in mind. The first time I used this heater I was absolutely disappointed in it. Heat output was so minimal I practically had to wrap myself around it. Thought I was about to have a bad case of buyers remorse. I like to think I'm a semi-intelligent person and I seemed to follow everything as outlined by the manual, but the manual is quite sparse. On both setup installation instructions and operation of the heater. So please refer to my images to know where the air damper is and what way it should be turned. I thought I had my air damper open all the way as needed for a hot fire when it turned out I had it practically closed which led to my bad heat output. I couldn't see this I had to refer to an older amazon listing of the heater for a helpful image of parts being outlined. (Also attached to my review) Operation --------------- Air Damper: Pulled all the way to the left (-) means it is open fully. Pulled all the way to the right (+) means it is closed fully. For initial burn this should be all the way open, so all the way to the left. Firepot Control: With the hook insert this into the hole and pull back forth quickly for spent ash to drop down into the ash tray. Doing this frequently will keep your fire nice and hot and dramatically increase heat output. Burn Chamber Control: This isn't even specified in the manual I got, but the grate right below of the door can be adjusted from the inside to open/close the grate more. I haven't messed with this, but I'm sure it can impact fire and heat output. Pellets: Other reviewers recommended softwood pellets specifically. Well, I'm from the midwest and it is suprisingly hard to locate some softwood pellets (Especially Douglas Fir), even online. I just ended up going to lowes and getting a 40lb bag of heating pellets for $6. The bag said the pellets are mostly hardwood, not softwood. They seem to work great and I have no complaints or special pellet recommendations. Setup ------------- We actually struggled with setup a bit. I will have to give Qstoves a call because our smallest piece (which is the first to go on the heat stack) doesn't fit into our middle or our top piece. So we left it out and only put the top and middle stack on. Note, that the top piece is MUCH easier to roll together than the middle one. So be careful not to be too rough with it. The cutouts and screens are pretty delicate. For the middle stack piece I would recommend having 2 people work together to roll it together. Besides the issue with the smallest piece not fitting the rest of the setup was pretty straight forward. I would recommend SO, this heater does work well after I figured out the functioning of it. Manual sucks Overall would recommend this heater and I hope to enjoy it quite a bit going forward. ... show more
Reviewed in the United States on December 5, 2019 by jekay jekay

  • Mixed feelings
Size: Stove
Update: We have used this several times now and I'm a bit disappointed. It does not work that well as a patio heater. I get the flames going well, I can see the heat coming out of the top, it is too hot to touch the base... yet a foot from the heater you'd freeze. We purchased the only available pellets at our local store, they said premium on them but maybe they aren't the kind that burn hot enough? Also, mine smokes quite a bit. As soon as the fire dies down it just smolders and smokes for an hour or more. If I'm honest, for this price point I kind of regret my purchase. However I would say that it is nice looking at the fire, and if I buddy up next to it I do feel some warmth. The setup on this was a bit tricky- it helped that I found a YouTube video by the designer walking you through it. It isn’t a lot of steps, but you have to snap the chimney parts together and that was pretty frustrating. That said, this thing is really cool, built solidly and easy to use. I’m so glad I found this, I had been looking at propane patio heaters but the reviews on them aren’t great, they seem to either rust easily or cost a ton to run without much heat output. The wood pellets are super cheap, and this is a very cozy sitting by the fireplace feeling. ... show more
Reviewed in the United States on December 14, 2019 by Marie

  • Barely worked when new, rusted and falling apart after a year
Size: Stove
I was so excited to get this heater. I wanted to have a real fire on my patio, not some propane thing! Wow, what a mistake. Pros: - It's great to watch the flames through the window, feels like you're in front of a real fire. That part worked. Cons: - Takes forever to warm up, and even once warmed up, puts out barely any heat. As you can see from the photo, I did not have a large patio, but with this in the center, it did not provide enough warmth at the edges. Really, only one person at a time could be close enough to feel warm (within about 2 feet). This was in the mild conditions of a 60 degree San Francisco evening. - You always have to run it for a long time; first, to warm it up before use (at least 30 min), then, to finish off the fuel (which otherwise will absorb moisture and become hopelessly jammed in the hoppers by the next time you use it). So, great if you know in advance you want to have a 4-hour dinner on your patio. Useless if you want to hang out outside for an hour on the spur of the moment. - Rusts like crazy, even in a relatively dry environment (one of the sunniest parts of San Francisco, during a historic drought). Within a year, the paint was already peeling off in strips. After 2 years, resale value on Craigslist was $50, and I had to really hustle to get that much. ... show more
Reviewed in the United States on June 22, 2022 by Chris Chris

  • dosent work as advertised
Size: Stove
ive had this heater since last winter and it has never gotten to the 150 degrees for 15 feet around yet and ive used it in every season the only time it got hot at sll was when i stuck my battery powered leaf blower in front of it but them if you walked more than a few feet away you felt no heat at all. Then i went to use it yesterday and when i opened up the pellet chambers to fill them it looked like the inside was lined with a plastic coating and it had all pulled away and there was a nasty smell and it looked like some kind of black oilly substance under the bubbled black. This has been the most disappointing item that ive purchased from amazon and to make it worse i also gave one to my daughter and son in law ( who have been heating their house with wood pellets for several years) and they had the same results as i did ... show more
Reviewed in the United States on October 11, 2022 by Robert T Bevilacqua

  • if you hate refilling propane tanks like me, get this
Size: Stove
For me, there is nothing worse than running out of propane. I also do not care to store additional back up tanks because they can be dangerous. This wood pellet stove is simple to assemble, looks great but the amount of heat output is far better and cheaper than any other product. We live in snowy Buffalo NY and are looking forward to using our new outdoor space throughout the winter. ... show more
Reviewed in the United States on October 15, 2021 by Marlene P Stone

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