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MULTIJOY Electric Bike for Adults,Upgraded 48V 20Ah Removable Battery,750W Powerful Motor & 26'' Kenda Fat Tire Electric Bicycle with Aluminum Rack Snow Beach Mountain Ebike Shimano 7-Speed

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Color: 10-Cruiser Gunmetal with Battery

Style: Ebike With Battery


  • Upgraded 48V 20Ah Larger CapacityMULTIJOY electric bike comes with an upgraded 48V 20Ah removable LG cells battery to ensure a longer life expectancy and distinguished performance. You can ride up to 70 miles with pedal-assist mode after one full charge, bringing surprising convenience to your daily commute.
  • 750W Brushless Geared Hub MotorUse the latest high-temperature inner ring and better heat dissipation, which can reduce the motor magnets attenuation speed to guarantee a longer life expectancy.28mph top speed of the ebike makes you feel the climb so easy than ever.
  • Smoother & More Comfortable Ride The newly upgraded 26x4.0 wide puncture-resistant fat tires have better performance. Combination of a thicker double aluminium suspension fork and 3D saddle seat of our fat tire electric bike to ensure that the rider can enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride on snow, beaches, and rugged mountain roads.
  • Double Safer Riding PerformanceThe electric bike for adults customize your perfect ride performance with 3 riding modes and the industry's leading Shimano 7-speed. The 180mm large dual disc brakes+ creative development of power-on rear brake lights + super bright headlights + large colourful display, fully protect your safety.
  • 85% Pre-assembledThis electric bicycle comes 85% pre-assembled. Some simple parts are left for you to enjoy hands-on fun(Assemble the handlebar, front wheel, headlight&front fender, pedals, and seat.).You can refer to the manual or the assembly video on listing to complete it.
  • Warranty&24H Service1.We provide 6-month warranty service for the battery and one-year free replacement for other accessories. If you have any questions during cycling, please feel free to contact our warranty email . 2.If there are any quality problems with the product, we will only be responsible for a free return within 30 days. We do not assume free returns for exceeding 30 days or are not related to the quality of the product itself. Please purchase with caution!

Bike Type: ‎Electric Bike, Electric Mountain Bike, Adult Electric Bicycle, Bafang Ebike, E-bike, Commuter Ebike, Urban E bike, Road Bike

Age Range (Description): ‎Adult


Number of Speeds: ‎7

Color: ‎10-Cruiser Gunmetal with Battery

Wheel Size: ‎26 Inches

Frame Material: ‎Aluminum

Suspension Type: ‎Front

Special Feature: ‎Electric

Included Components: ‎Electric Bike, Charger, Manual

Size: ‎26 inch

Brake Style: ‎Disc

Style: ‎Ebike With Battery

Model Name: ‎EB260

Year: ‎2023

Warranty Type: ‎Limited

Brand Name: ‎MULTIJOY

Warranty Description: ‎1 year manufacturer

Material: ‎Aluminum

Suggested Users: ‎Unisex-adult

Manufacturer: ‎MULTIJOY

Date First Available: September 7, 2023

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Top Amazon Reviews

  • VERY fast -- potentially illegally fast. Smooth, thrilling ride
Color: 8-Cruiser BlackMetal with Helmet Style: Ebike With Helmet
The media could not be loaded. If you have never ridden an eBike before, or even if you have, when the motor is 750W, you are going to FEEL it. The acceleration becomes so fast, but smooth, you may feel dirty about how fast it got to 15mph+. I have tested over a handful of electric bikes -- from foldable small-wheel ones that I refer to as "Clown bikes" to cruisers, mountains, and thin and fat tires. Each has its pros and cons. All have one thing in common, however: I look for the below features in an electric bicycle. - Decent motor to aid with steep inclines - 7 or 21 speeds/gears for tackling difficult, uphill climbs - Pedal Assist System (PAS) - Easy to get on/off for a woman in her 60s - Comfortable ride with shock suspension - Fat tires for more balance and control - Detachable, large battery for long rides and convenient charging The MultiJoy Spaniel EB260 Foldable Electric Bike checked every box I was looking for, EXCEPT: its max speed was listed as 26mph. This could be an issue because federal and State law (at least where I live) prohibit eBikes going over 20mph unless they are classified for higher speeds. WHY AN EBIKE? Electric bicycles have allowed our family to go longer distances with far lower risk of cramping that would have made for a PAINFUL ride home. The motorized assistance on the uphill climbs and during the final return miles with tired legs had been a welcome blessing! ANALYSIS MultiJoy's 26" Electric Bike (Spaniel EB260) immediately hit me with its quality build. The shipping box arrived partially damaged, but the content was perfectly fine -- most likely because of the large use of protective styrofoam. The bike's 75+ lbs made it the heaviest electric bicycle I had ever tested, but there was a reason for that: largest battery and stronger motor. Assembly was straight-forward: all I had to do was attach the pedals, fenders, front wheel/disc brake, and done. Nothing else needed to be set up, although I had to tweak the brakes a bit. "Holy moly!" I thought to myself, giving flashbacks on when I had to frustratingly try to figure out how to put together the individual, small pieces of a mechanical mountain bike a year ago for the first time. Thankfully, practically everything was already pre-assembled. Ride performance was VERY clean, smooth, and comfortable thanks to its fat tires and front suspension to smooth out bumps and rocky terrain. There was no rear suspension, and so keep that in mind if you want to take it hardcore trail riding down the mountain (not to mention needing to remove the rear rack and swapping the wide seat with a MTB-approved one to be safer.) The motor's 750W of (nominal) power was very strong. That meant a very sudden, rapid speed increase that could feel out of control at times. My mom is 5'1" tall, the manufacturer claims a design for persons of at least 5'2" height, but she comfortably mounted and dismounted without a single complaint. I test-rode it myself and wow, it definitely accelerated much faster than my Googo, and so I was confident it could handle hills better than mine -- and it did indeed! The MultiJoy had a very clean, streamlined look with cables tucked away nicely. Its 75+ lbs, however, would not be something many riders would be happy to carry around. Shifting between the 7 gears was effortless, and the fat tires gave a very satisfying sound while smoothly zipping around the neighborhood park and up a few climbs. Power Assist (PAS) was available in multiple, and speed topped at a FAST (and illegal) 28 mph without a rider (default was 20mph and I changed it to 28mph). Legally, electric bikes cannot go faster than 20 mph to fall under the United States Class 2 designation, and in California, only Class 2 can ride on Class 1 bike paths. What does that mean? This bicycle's motor was too fast to legally operate in California, but thankfully, the speed did drop to 25 mph with either my mom or myself riding on it. Either way, be sure to check with your local and State laws before you push the MultiJoy to its top speed. Electronic controls found on the left side of the handlebar were easy to use and managed the headlight, horn, PAS level, power, and color display. The screen was easily readable under direct sunlight and provided a nice set of information, including battery and Power Assist levels, speed (current, average, max) in mph or km/h, trip time and odometer, and more. Power is activated through the twist throttle on the right-hand side handlebar. The 960Wh-capacity, Li-Ion battery (20Ah @ 48V) is the largest I have tested yet. That gave the MultiJoy a VERY significant advantage over any of the bikes I had previously tested, including my Googo's 360Wh. Longer runtimes with a more powerful motor, although also with more weight: 27-51 miles on fully-electric and 66-89 miles with pedal assist (the manufacturer did claim more conservative numbers.) My past experience found that it should theoretically be able to handle at least 150 miles with PAS only used for short uphill climbs. I prefer pedaling most of the time for exercise/health purposes and only invoke the motor just enough to get up a hill. Let it sink it... 960Wh battery with 150-mile range when motor is only used to assist with uphill portions of street biking. Another important factor to be aware of: the battery cells are made by Tier 1 LG, a reputable electronics company and battery manufacturer. This means that the batteries should be some of the safest available. Interestingly, this MultiJoy Spaniel is one of the few bikes that actually uses the USB-C interface to charge instead of something proprietary. Kudos to you, MultiJoy! Two keys were included and required to operate the bike. So, do NOT lose them! The battery was locked to the top of the down tube and removing it was convenient and easy. This allowed the battery to be removed and charged at work by the desk. Front wheel skewer is the quick-release type for easy swapping, but keep in mind that this also makes it easier for someone to steal the tire. Be sure to bring the appropriate locks and chains. The rear rack most likely cannot carry more than 50 lbs -- a number most commonly cited by manufacturers. The Spaniel was a joy to spin, and the build quality and riding comfort were top-notch. For me, personally, the 750W motor provided for a very smooth acceleration, but keep in mind that it could scare a beginner rider for the first time when that initial power kicks in. I felt solidly in control and the suspension worked well in conjunction with the fat tires to even out the effects caused by rocky or shaky terrains. Also keep in mind that its top speed of 26mph is far higher than the federal or State limit of 20mph. Going at that fast of a speed could be extremely dangerous for the rider and those around. Solid bicycle, otherwise. BIKE OR SCOOTER? Electric scooters are more nimble to move around with -- and in some cases, more fun -- but local laws may prevent them from going onto the same paths as electric bicycles. Most can also be carried around more easily due to their more compact size and lighter weight. Personally, I prefer bikes because they are safer to operate, can (usually) go onto the same places that mechanical bicycles can operate, are (generally) allowed to carry an additional passenger, and if the battery runs out or fails, you can still pedal around. A scooter would stop to function without a battery. ... show more
Reviewed in the United States on October 11, 2022 by YuenX YuenX

  • Great, full featured bike for an excellent price.
I love this bike! This bike has been quite amazing. I looked at more expensive bikes at local bike shops that cost almost twice as much that do not have as many features as this bike. It has a large, high capacity and removable battery, large tires, a place to transport cargo and a very good light for night riding. This bike has replaced my car as my main mode of transportation in an urban/suburban environment. At a speed of 20MPH you can get around town in a reasonable amount of time. Riding it all day long is a breeze with the pedal assist. Going up steep hills is effortless. To find a bike locally with the features Multijoy provides was simply not possible. The highest end bikes didn't have every single thing this bike does. The difference? The Multijoy bike is made of a much heavier frame but half the cost. Given how well the motor rides and bike rides this is not an issue. This bike has a motorcyle-style throttle you can use to ride the bike in addition to the pedal assist. It will use up the battery much faster than pedaling so I recommend pedaling as often as possible. The bike with go up steep hills no problem but it's better to pedal to save the life of the motor. I bought a spare battery and customer service was quick and helpful. If you want to get another battery, you'll need to email their support directly and purchase it with PayPal. The negatives of the bike: there is a "manual" feature if you press and hold the "down" button on the speed selector that causes the wheel to spin until you hold the button again or hit the break. This has caused me to dump the bike after it got away from me when I was standing next to it. The metal framing around the back tire that holds the plastic wheel cover will bend if the bike falls over and rub against the tire. If you hear a rubbing sound, it's likely this is the cause. It's simple to bend it back into place but be mindful of this. If you drop the bike on its side, the battery will often fall out even if it is in the "locked" position. There is no damage but it's annoying. This is likely just coincidence and a result of riding the bike hard, but I got two flat tires within a few weeks. Replacing the back tire tube is difficult to replace compared to a normal bike. When riding, be mindful of your speed when driving over curbs or raised areas of sidewalks to prevent flats from hitting curbs. I recommend buying bottles of tire goo to fix the tire and carrying a bicycle pump for long bike rides. ... show more
Reviewed in the United States on July 2, 2023 by Christian V

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