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Bose QuietComfort 35 II Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones— Wireless, Over Ear Headphones with Built in Microphone and Alexa Voice Control, Silver

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Color: Silver


  • Three levels of world-class noise cancellation for better listening experience in any environment
  • Alexa-enabled for voice access to music, information, and more
  • Noise-rejecting dual-microphone system for clear sound and voice pick-up
  • Balanced Audio performance at any volume
  • Hassle-free Bluetooth pairing, personalized settings, access to future updates, and more through the Bose connect app
  • Bose AR enabled an innovative, audio-only version of augmented reality
  • For iPhone, iPad, and Android users, be sure your products firmware is up to date through the Bose connect app. Then you can access a showcase of Bose ar-enhanced apps with Links to download them.


What happens when you clear away the noisy distractions of the world? Concentration goes to the next level. You get deeper into your music, your out, or whatever you want to focus on. That's the power of Bose quiet comfort 35 wireless headphones II. Put them on and get closer to what you’re most passionate about. And that's just the beginning. Quiet comfort 35 wireless headphones II are now enabled with Bose AR — an innovative, audio-only take on Augmented reality. Embedded inside your headphones is a multi-directional motion sensor. One that Bose AR can utilize to provide contextual audio based on where you are. Unlock Bose AR via a firmware update through the Bose connect app. They're Alexa-enabled, too, so you can enjoy entertainment, get information, and manage your day — all without looking at your phone. Adjust your level of noise cancelling between three settings using the action button or the Bose connect app. Volume-optimized EQ gives you balanced audio performance at any volume, and a noise-rejecting dual-microphone system provides clearer calls, even in noisy environments. And with easy Bluetooth pairing, 20 hours of battery life, and a durable, comfortable fit — you can keep the music or the quiet going all day long. Included: quiet comfort 35 II, carrying case, Charging cable, Audio cable For enjoying music without battery power. Bose AR availability and functionality varies. Bose AR enhanced apps are currently available for iPhone and iPad users only. Apps for Android devices are in development.

Product Dimensions: 3.2 x 6.7 x 7.1 inches

Item Weight: 8.3 ounces

Item model number: 789564-0020

Batteries: 1 LR44 batteries required. (included)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No

Date First Available: October 12, 2017

Manufacturer: Bose Corporation

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Top Amazon Reviews

  • I give it five stars. My wife hates them ...
Color: Silver
I give it five stars. My wife hates them she would give it 1. I put them on and that’s it. I can’t hear her any more.
Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on May 23, 2018 by James B.

  • All around really good
Color: Black
I am updating after a couple of years of use as things have changed with firmware updates to warrant adding the last star to make it 5/5, but then having issues with lack of AptX support and limited control over being connected to two devices. Something up front I think I should say about noise cancelling as there does seem to be a bit of a debate over it, is it does not block out all sounds and it does not muffle sounds equally, but for practical purposes it does do a very good job at noise cancelling striking a good balance of things and being most effective where it is needed the most to make an enjoyable listening experience. At least this is my experience using this on a daily basis in many different environments. I have noticed on airplanes I need to fine tune how the headset rests on my head for best results, but once finding the proper adjustment it is almost like I am in an isolation room. Fantastic. Overall I am seeing this as well worth the money, a big step up over a much older generation of this product line I had been using, and definitely a huge step up over what came with my phone. I bought this right after upgrading my phone, so in the past week have found some issues were not the head phone's fault, but instead default sound settings I have since adjusted. Also been getting more adjusted to the noise cancellation, which is really a great feature of this headset. For some things I really like about this headset: 1. I have a huge head and this fits nicely on it; even covers my large ears comfortably. Almost no over the ear headphones do this and I have looked far and wide. My head is just too big for pretty much all except this particular line of headphones / headsets. In the ear headsets irritate my ears after a while, causing my ear canals to swell up. So having something tolerable let alone comfortable to the point that I almost forget they are on is a huge plus. They also fit on my wife's normal sized head just fine, so it covers a wide range of head sizes pretty well. 2. The sound quality and frequency range is great. While I would like frequency sliders in their app, the hard coded balance across the range is pretty darn good. Some reviews say there is a different headset that sounds better, but especially after this latest update, I am having trouble finding room for improvement; it sounds excellent across the range, even deep bass. The main limit I hit is a streaming service I use defaulted back to low quality when I upgraded my phone, so deep bass was crushed a bit and overall was not sounding as good as my home computer which has been the same machine for a while now (where I got the quality options set right a while back), but resetting the values and clearing the cache has fixed this issue. Really with noise cancelling mixed in I am hearing a lot more detail that would normally get washed out from background noise and my desire to keep volume levels down in order to preserve my hearing. Have the best of both worlds now. 3. In call sound quality is reported to be good across a number of calls now, even from the datacenter floor. Especially considering this does not have a boom mic, that is pretty good. I remember in the past getting a call on the datacenter floor with a lesser headset and nobody could hear anybody. Then again they have been moving servers to the cloud and the remaining servers are running cooler with the reduced heat load on the CRACs and thus their fans have slowed a bit, bit it is still really loud in there, so both parties hearing loud and clear is pretty amazing. 4. The battery really does go the distance and I would venture to say the 20 hour rating would be for harsh use cases where my main use case is mellow office building use. I am thinking more like 25 hours in an office. I just love how my newer devices can just go and go on batteries, at least initially where in the past battery life started off too short an then quickly became frustratingly way too short. Starting off with plenty of time I have some room to do some battery life extension tricks like limiting the charge window manually. Now if this was something built into the product like what you can do with a Tesla car, that would be really nice as changing out batteries every two years or so, especially with how devices are built these days is a bit of a PITA and too often goes badly. 5. For sound cancellation, I have to say there is something to be said for pretty much all of the ambient noise just going away and it just being dead silent. Seems to weird some people out, but I think it is great. Can still hear people talk and other loud sounds, but I seems to be rather muffled. Also it seems to be good at figuring out what is white noise and clearing that out completely where some other frequencies that are more useful get through better. Also love being able to walk down a busy street and hear my music, especially without having to sacrifice my eardrums in the process, especially as a lot of really loud noise around freeways and such are really muffled down. Found in a noisy data center that if I were to go to the barber, they would work better, but still work quite well with the hair I have, just little bit of bleed through sound from the excess hair around my ears. Pressing the headphones down causes things to get a lot quieter. Plenty good for easy on the ear drum music listening while in the data center. Have used for other things like muffling noisy power tools and having my wife watch her TV next to me and not be distracted by anything at all. Beginning to think this could be the beginnings of a great relationship... Oh wait a sec. My complaints so far are: 1. My #1 complaint is removed as it seems to have been fixed with the latest firmware update as I thought would be possible. Star added back. Thanks Bose! 2. I have noticed doors around the office that automatically slam shut while this headset muffles the higher frequencies, the lowest frequencies seem amplified and so it is like my head is getting hit with a sound pressure wave. Been thinking about this more and I have been moving in the direction of what this does muffle, it does so well that what it does not effectively muffle seems quite loud as the ears adjust to the greatly reduced sound levels hitting them overall. 3. The radio antenna seems to be on the right side only. Being a lefty I like putting my phone on the left side, but that just does not go well. Have to use the right side when going for a walk. People call me a 'giant', so there is a lot of body for the signal to go through, so most people will probably never notice this issue. 4. No AptX support. When connected to TV bluetooth, lips are out of sync. The delay is maybe 170ms, so the delay is in the realm of something I can accept. For those who can't stand this kind of issue, then the Sony option is for you. 5. Not much control over which source plays when connected to two devices at the same time. If two devices are playing at the same time it will just pick one it seems. Doing things like connected to phone and TV at the same time, well TV will just cut out with the slightest sound from the phone. Would be nice if the headset would mix the two sources or if I could set it to say prefer the TV and only switch to the phone when the TV stops. Also use this with my laptop and see the same deal. It is nice at least I have have a few different devices to connect to. It is just if I really want to get serious with my laptop or desktop computer, I have to use the audio cable for the previous version of this headset for a combination of dedicated sound, low latency sound, and mic support, especially in COVID-19 days where I am on video conferences all the time and the webcam mic is not nearly as good as the mic on this headset at least in terms of eliminating various room scale artifacts that annoy the hell out of people in video conferences. Would be nice if I could do this all from bluetooth, but sadly bluetooth is mainly for system sounds and music, which is still really handy when I am not on a conference call. ... show more
Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on October 10, 2018 by BatteryKing

  • Masterpieces: A comparison between Sony WH1000MX3 and Bose QuietComfort 35 II
Color: Black
Around the holidays, I decided to treat myself to a pair of high quality headphones. I live in the central area of a major US city, and to be frank the noise pollution was driving me a little crazy. I was interested in a pair of headphones that would give me some peace and quiet, so I spent a lot of time looking at ANC (active noise-Cancelling) options and the Sony WH1000MX3 and Bose QuietComfort 35 II were easily the top picks among reviews. However, there were a lot of different opinions about which was better. The split was about 50/50 between the Sony and Bose, so I was pretty torn. Even though they were heavily discounted for the holidays ($280 each), that's a lot of money considering I generally never spend more than $50 for headphones. So I bought them both as an experiment, with the plan to return one after I made a decision. Let me get this out of the way now, because I'm going to get pretty detailed below. Ultimately, I understand why there's such a debate about whether the Sony or Bose is better. They are both fantastic headphones. I loved them so much that I made the probably financially irresponsible decision to keep them both! They were both so good, but better than the other in completely unique ways. For that reason, there was no dealbreaker for me that makes one superior than the other -- It really comes down completely to personal preference and that's why there is so much debate. The TL;DR of this review is that you should buy the Sony if you value sound quality most, and don't plan to wear them for long periods of time (i.e. over 5-6 hours per session). You should buy the Bose if you value comfort the most, and if you're planning to use them for phone calls. If you're interested in a bit more detail, I'll give my opinions on these aspects: ANC, Sound, Comfort, Versatility ANC The noise-cancelling on both of these is phenomenal. I had assumed Bose would do better at this since it's what they're known for, but I'm surprised to say the Sony's ANC is slightly better. It does a bit better blocking out non-drone sounds (i.e. people talking, sharp noises, etc) compared to the Bose. With that said, they both are practically equal and I don't think the Sony ANC is so much better than the Bose that it would justify buying them on that factor alone. When wearing either pair, I sometimes feel like a spaceman walking around my apartment because everything is so quiet. SOUND This is a clear winner for Sony. No questions asked, the sound is clearer, crisper, and deeper. This is especially noticeable when watching movies/TV shows or playing video games. With the Sony, I feel like I can hear each individual sound clearly, whereas with the Bose everything is a little more muddled together. With that being said, the Bose sound is perfectly acceptable and even 'good'. It's just that for a $300 pair of headphones I'd expect a more premium quality where I am amazed at how clear the sound is. The Sony does that; the Bose are a tier below. COMFORT Hands down, the Bose are better. I can literally wear them for 14 hours and they don't bother me except for needing to give my ears a little air every once in a while. I have never, ever worn a pair of headphones this comfortable before. I'm especially grateful for this comfort now that I'm working from home all day because of COVID-19. The Sony headphones are a bit heavier and clamp on your head a little bit more tightly. They also press down on your ears, whereas the Bose are deep enough that my ears don't even touch the inside of the cans. The Sony are still definitely comfortable, but a tier below the Bose. I can still wear them for about 6 hours before they bother me, so if you don't wear headphones that long it might not be a problem for you. VERSATILITY This is just a catch-all for all the other aspects of the headphones. Nothing here I would consider a selling point strong enough for most people to make a final decision, but if you have specific needs then this might be helpful. 1. I like the physical buttons on the Bose more than the touch buttons on the Sony. They just work better, and I make mistakes with them less often. 2. Sony has better technology. They use USB-C so the headphones charge faster than the Bose mini-hdmi. They also have better bluetooth connection technology, which lets a higher bitrate of audio transfer wirelessly. Without getting too technical, I think this is a major reason why the sound quality on the Sony is better. 3. Bose is better if you want to connect to multiple devices. Bose can connect to two devices simultaneously, but Sony can connect to only 1 device at a time. For example, if I am listening to music on my computer and I get a phone call, if I'm wearing the Bose, I can answer and talk on the call through my headset, and when I hang up music will resume. With the Sony, I'd either have to disconnect from my computer, then reconnect to my phone before the call ended, or take off the headphones completely and answer the phone separately. 4. Sony looks a little more stylish and futuristic. The Bose look like an ordinary pair of headphones. Build quality is identical though CONCLUSION 5 months after buying these, do I regret keeping them both? NO! They are absolutely worth the money if you have it. Generally, I find that I wear the Bose throughout the day as I'm working from home. They're really comfortable to wear all day long, if I get a call from a co-worker I don't need to take them off, and I'm just listening to music as background noise while I work so sound quality isn't important. After dinner, it's always the Sony. When I'm focusing on a new album, watching a movie, or playing a video game, I really value how good the sound is. And generally I only wear them for 3-4 hours at this point so discomfort is never an issue. If you twist my arm about it and made me pick only one pair to own the rest of my life? I'd probably take the Bose just because I wear them so much while working from home. But that's not a fair metric, and each individual will have a different primary purpose for these and that should be your guiding principal when making the choice. Good luck! (longest review over) ... show more
Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on April 29, 2020 by Dr. Fishopolis

  • Great build quality and sounds good
Color: Black
I have had these headphones for about 2 years and have used them almost every day during that time. The material on the ear padding is wearing away now but this doesn't affect my comfort when wearing these. The headphones have been dropped many times over the time I have owned them and come apart once, but I have been able to put the pieces back together and they have stayed together. Overall, they are comfortable and sound great for my first pair of premium headphones, and as I have detailed they boast good build quality. I will probably buy another one of these or the next model up when these inevitably break from use, and I can highly recommend getting them. ... show more
Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on November 18, 2022 by brisauce

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