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Electric Bidet Toilet Seat with Remote Control, Smart Heated Toilet Seat with Air Dryer | Consistent Warm Water | Deodorization | Unique Arc Nozzle | Ultra Slim | Elongated, Cotton White

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  • SATISFACTORY EXPERIENCE - Instant and Long-lasting Warm Water Supply | Appropriate Nozzle Spraying Pressure | Heated Toilet Seat | Warm Air Drying | - The ceramic heating tube heats up bidet warm water instantly, even if the inlet water is as ice-cold as 32 F/0 C, it can be heated up to 86 F/30 C within one second. The pressure of the nozzle spraying is soft, delicate, and rich in bubbles, making the washing experience more enjoyable.
  • CONTEMPORARY TOILET BIDET- Ultra-Slim Elongated | Arc Shape Nozzle Bar | Sedentary Concave Toilet Seat | Capacitive Sensor | Gentle Closing Cover | Warm White Nightlight | - The height of bidet toilet seat is only 4.4 inches, match most elongated toilet bowls and avoid exposing rims. The arc shape nozzle bar to optimize the spraying range and avoids sticking to ordure during washing process. A Capacitive Sensor is embedded to identify whether it is seated or not to avoid accidental spraying.
  • TRIPLE HYGIENE PROTECTION by Plasma -Sterili-zation- Component | Non-Photocatalyst -Deo-dori-zation- Blower | Retractable Self-cleaning Stainless Steel Nozzle | - Plasma St. ends -ba-cteri-als-and decompose odors, Non-Ph. creates catalytic reaction under no-light conditions and convert gas pollutants into water and carbon dioxide.
  • TWO MODES OF CONTROL- Both Wireless Remote Control and Side Buttom Control to facilitate your daily use. The Remote Controller is IPX7 Waterproof, easy to read or press, and the design makes it easy to blend with your bathroom decor. (Remote mount holder also attached)
  • CONVENIENT INSTALLATION for DIY with ease | DURABLE QUALITY for long-term services | - Straight insertion plus clamp to connect with the inlet pipe, which makes disassemble more convenient and fast.


Smart Bidet Toilet Seat Universal Compact and Stylish - Matching most elongated toilets in the market Durable Quality for Long-term Service - This bidet toilet seat is designed with durability of high grade polypropylene plastic seat that can support heavy weights, and IPX4 water proof technology to withstand humidity in bathrooms. Fashionable and Ultra Slim - The overall height is only 4.4 inches, can match most toilet bowls and avoid exposing rims. Bubble Massage Washing - Powered by a built-in motor that infuses aerated bubbles to create an optimal rejuvenating cleans-ing experience, helps to relax muscles, relief hemorrhoids and constipation problem. Enhanced Heating Component - High quality ceramic heating tube ensures water to be instantly and continuously warm at your desired temperature. It Heats up the inlet water immediately even as ice-cold as 32 ̊F/0 ̊C to 86 ̊F/30 ̊C within one second, giving you intimate care in cold weather. Smart Remote Control - Dual User Memory - Allow different users to save personal settings, programming individual settings and one-touch auto setting. Indicator Light Attached -Power , Seat temperature , Water temperature , Seat status , Power saving. Unique Arc Nozzle Bar to optimize spraying range and avoid sticking to ordure in the washing process. Built-in motor that infuses aerated bubbles to create an optimal rejuvenating washing experience that helps to relax muscles, relief hemorrhoids. Multiple washing modes of Rear / Front / Oscillating / Gentle Massage promotes blood flow and relievies constipation problem for user. Hy-gien-ic Filtered water spraying is both soft and strong, delicate and rich in bubbles, making the washing experience more relaxed and joyous. (Hot or cold flushing modes optional) Read more Aluminum Foil Heating Film embedded to provide uniform & stable heat distribution. Different temperatures of warm air drying. Widened Front Seat | Concave Rear Seat ensure equal pressures on inner or outer thighs and support both buttocks' weight effectively. One button smart control more easy to operate Read more Plasma -S-teri-liza-tion Component ultilizes corona phenomenon to ionize inside air and produce large amount of plasma ions while positive and negative ions be neutralized and energy be released, improving the air quality of toilet bowl. Non-photocatalyst device effectively de-com- poses chemicals into pure water and carbon dioxide under no light environment, which eli-min-ates odor and keeps bathroom air always fresh. Self-cleans-ing wand (nozzle) provides more hy-gie-ne for your health Read more Electric Smart Bidet Seat that match most elongated toilet bowls and avoid exposing rims. One button quick-release design enables quick & simple installation Remote control facilitates pregnant and elderly people who are not so convenient to move around. Read more Convenient smart night light IPX4 water proof technology to withstand humidity in bathrooms. Ceramic Heating Component provides consistent warm water supply at low cost of electricity. Read more

Manufacturer: ‎SCOZER

Item Weight: ‎13.92 pounds

Package Dimensions: ‎23.1 x 19 x 7.8 inches

Material: ‎Plastic

Batteries Included?: ‎No

Batteries Required?: ‎Yes

Date First Available: September 10, 2020

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Top Amazon Reviews

  • It's awesome and you want one!
One day my son came over to hug my wife and she noticed he smelled like poo. He's 6 years old so it's not like he poos himself. We came to the conclusion that he sucks at wiping. Then suddenly, a light bulb went off in my head. What if we get a bidet? My wife agreed and here we are. Fast forward a couple days and the bidet arrived in a big ole box. I installed it as soon as we received it. I was pretty excited to try it out. I wanted to see what fancy people felt like. Installation was pretty simple and self explanatory. It came with everything you need but I just added some plumbers tape around the joints just to be extra safe. The whole install process took about 20 mins, from unboxing to on the toilet. Luckily in out bathroom there was a plug near the toilet so no worries on the power source. The remote required 3 AAA batteries, which did not come in the box. I have kids so we have random batteries around the house for their toys so it wasn't an issue for us. As soon as I installed it, I was the first one to put it to use. I was skeptical, scared, and excited at the same time. I didnt know what to expect as I've never used one of these before. It starts off with a gentle squirt, like it's saying "hey big guy, you ready to do this?". After about half a second, that's when the power wash begins! The water was warm and it actually felt nice on the bum. After the process was over, I felt super clean. Some call it empowered even. I feel like I was Simba being held up by Rafiki at pride rock. I was on top of the world baby. It's been 10 days since I've started using this product and I must say that, we are super clean all the time. If you're thinking about it, just get it. You'll love it. ... show more
Reviewed in the United States on December 8, 2020 by M. Kam

  • Awesome product and service...adding more throughout the house!
People may ask do they need a bidet seat? Well, I think that’s more a matter of very personal choice. But since the early days of the pandemic, when toilet paper was often hard to come by, more people are answering yes. A bidet seat replaces our existing toilet seat, attaching to the bowl. It draws water from the toilet’s supply line and electricity from a nearby outlet. With the press of a button on a remote, a wand extends beneath us and trains a stream of water powered by an electric pump to clean our underparts. I like this bidet so much that I had an electrician install another plug in another bathroom to use it. I already own a competitor's toilet seat, which costs more than twice as much, and it doesn't even have a remote. By comparing these two, definitely go with the remote. It's easier to adjust the setting with a remote than having to lean over to read the panel, which most likely is covered a little with your thigh. I like that this was super easy to install, and it came with all the connectors I needed to install. I cannot believe this bidet is so inexpensive, it has a soft closing lid and seat, energy-saving mode, heating the seat and water temperature, several levels of water pressure, and a sensor that only activates the bidet when there's skin contact on the seat. I guess this is necessary, so you don't accidentally push the remote button when nobody is sitting on it, and water would go everywhere. It seems that every detail was carefully considered in the design. I love this bidet and highly recommend it. Don’t let the price fool you, and this is a well-designed, well-made bidet with all the features you could possibly want. I noticed it saves a lot of toilet paper. In a nutshell, this product is a lifesaver! Not only does it do incredible things for hygiene, but it vastly reduces paper waste (less toilet paper usage and subsequently less clogged pipes). The heated seat is an awesome feature that you don’t appreciate till you sit on a non-heated seat. And the heated water...enough said. I am so impressed with this and the value for the money...I researched every brand. Installation was super easy but make sure you have an outlet nearby. ... show more
Reviewed in the United States on February 10, 2021 by Bezli

  • Amazing Heated water seat and air!!
The media could not be loaded. So let me start with why bought a bidet. It was actually recommended by my obgyn. She said it was healthier and that i could possible have some allergy to toilet paper. I have felt better and love having this! I decided if i was going to use a bidet i wanted the best one i could find. I made the right choice with this one! The experience starts the minute i sit on the toilet seat, we are in the middle of winter right now and usually it's a freezing cold seat, not with this bidet the seat is always warm. I can even control exactly how warm i want it with the remote. Perfect for middle of the night when just sitting in a cold seat can wake me up. No more cold seats yes!! Also it has a light for night time use! Ok so next i you the toilet and then choose where i would like to be sprayed front or back. I can also control the temp of the water with the handy remote. i always go warm since it's so cold out. After your done with the spray you can press stop or air dryer. I also control the temp of the dryer and how long i want to sit and dry . Then when all is said and done i can press the sterilization mode on the potty and it sterilizes for two hours or until the next person sits down on the seat! I have hung the amazing remote on the wall right next to the toilet with double sided sticky tape however it does come with screws to hang it as well. Everyone in the house loves this bidet and even our guests love it too. I did have a plumber come install, and he was not quite sure how to do it , as this was his first bidet install,but the company was very helpful and pointed out method two on the instructions works for most US toilets so keep that in mind when installing. Also keep in mind this is for the elongated newer toilet seats. Of my three bathrooms it only fit on my most updated toilet . Also make sure you have a place close by to plug it in or an extent ion cord.And 3 aaa batteries for remote . This bidet has been one of the best things i have purchased in a while and the most interesting when guests come over. No you don't have to be rich to own a bidet like this it was a very reasonable price and heck you save a lot of money on toilet paper! So glad it was recommended i get one ! ... show more
Reviewed in the United States on January 31, 2021 by Natalie

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