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SAMSUNG 50-Inch Class Crystal 4K UHD AU8000 Series HDR, 3 HDMI Ports, Motion Xcelerator, Tap View, PC on TV, Q Symphony, Smart TV with Alexa Built-In (UN50AU8000FXZA, 2021 Model)

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Size: 50-Inch

Style: TV Only


  • DYNAMIC CRYSTAL COLOR: Witness millions of shades of color through powerful Dynamic Crystal technology
  • CRYSTAL PROCESSOR 4K: See every detail with stunning clarity; The powerful processor, specifically tuned for Crystal Displays, converts what you're watching to 4K
  • BUILT-IN VOICE ASSISTANTS: Access a world of content beyond streaming; Schedule recordings, search, auto-adjust gaming settings, seamlessly connect with a host of compatible devices, and control your smart TV with your voice, all with one remote
  • HDR: Enjoy a whole new world of vivid color and detail found in newer films and streaming service content with HDR, also known as High Dynamic Range
  • MOTION XCELERATOR: With minimized blur and enhanced motion clarity, Motion Xcelerator catches all the fast-moving action, whether you're watching sports or taking advantage of new gaming capabilities
  • SLEEK and SLIM DESIGN: The ultra thin, AirSlim profile lets your television blend in effortlessly
  • 4K UHD UPSCALING: See what youve been missing on a crisp, clear picture thats 4x the resolution of Full HD


Step up to the AU8000 with upgraded color and 4K essentials. Dynamic Crystal Color injects each scene with millions of vibrant shades of color, while Crystal Processor 4K with UHD Upscaling elevates all your favorite movies, games and shows to gorgeous 4K quality. Smart TV with Multiple Voice Assistants allows you to use your voice to change channels, adjust the volume, or quickly find content. Plus 3 HDMI inputs provide plenty of connection options. Find your favorite movies and TV shows all in one place, with a simple on-screen guide that provides you with tailored recommendations for exploring new content. With Tap View, you can mirror your phone on your TV with just a tap to continue enjoying movies, music and apps on the bigger screen within seconds. Stay productive and connect your office PC to your TV, or screen share directly from a nearby PC or laptop — it's all seamless. Viewing experience may vary according to types of content and format. Content services may vary by regions and are subject to change without notifications. Tap View is available on Samsung Galaxy devices with Android OS 8.1 and higher, Professional or later and Mac OS 10.5 or later. Connecting smartphone with Samsung Dex requires a compatible mobile device. Availability of services is subject to change without prior notice. Internet connection on TV and PC is required. Tap View is available on Samsung Galaxy devices with Android OS 8.1 and higher. Available on PC's with Windows 10 OS or higher. Connecting smartphone with Samsung Dex requires a compatible mobile device. Availability of services is subject to change without prior notice. Internet connection on TV and PC is required. Tap View is available on Samsung Galaxy devices with Android OS 8.1 and higher.

Brand Name: ‎SAMSUNG

Item Weight: ‎26.9 pounds

Product Dimensions: ‎8.9 x 44 x 27 inches

Country of Origin: ‎Mexico

Item model number: ‎UN50AU8000FXZA

Batteries: ‎3 AAA batteries required. (included)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: ‎No

Color Name: ‎Black

Special Features: ‎Dynamic Crystal Color; Crystal Processor 4K; Smart TV with Multiple Voice Assistants; HDR

Speaker Type: ‎Built-In

Date First Available: May 11, 2021

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Top Amazon Reviews

  • Good TV, ABSOLUTELY WORST REMOTE EVER!!! & a voice assistant nightmare . . . UGH!
Size: 65-Inch Style: TV Only
As you can see from the picture, the FIRST TV I was sent was not an acceptable product. And honestly, I believe they sent this shattered screen one on purpose because I called & complained about a delivery hold up, so I believe they just grabbed a broken one & threw it on the truck because I suddenly & very quickly got it like the next day, strangely enough. Even more strange was that the two capable gentlemen who delivered this one had it strapped securely to the inside rear of the truck with absolutely nothing around it (in an empty 10ft radius) nothing that could've damaged it so badly, & these guys were not reckless or dropsy, so I'm still not sure how a TV shipped & handled that securely got shattered across the entire front of the screen while being handled by such careful pros. Thankfully the replacement was much better and I received a free, "DELUXE DELIVERY & UNBOX" which was a very misleading thing because when they got here w/ the TV, the young gentleman in charge continually explained how they could do nothing but take it out of the box, plug it in and ensure operation, which amounted to making sure it turned on, and then take the box and leave. That's it, that's all! They literally wouldn't even help me lift it onto the table where it was to sit. I still don't know what was "DELUXE" about this Deluxe Delivery & Unbox. Oh, & the same guy complaining about all they couldn't do for me instead of focusing on what he could do? He also had to (quite annoyingly) repeatedly tell me that they weren't even "supposed to deliver to you because of the construction" going on in what used to be our apt bldg's parking lot. Yet Amazon delivers here practically everyday. But for some strange reason he was insistent that the construction out front was a definite No No for Amazon deliveries (or maybe he meant just for TV deliveries). I'm stil not sure. Either way, still makes no sense. So now to the TV. I ordered this 65" Samsung Crystal Tizen for TWO MAIN REASONS. 1) It had a voice remote & 3 voice assistants to choose from, but since I like Google & they were pushing this as a Google TV w/ Google Assistant, that was a big selling point for me. Actually the biggest selling point. I knew I could very easily connect my already established Google Assistant like I had done on a 4K Chromecast I bought from Walmart in 2020. But sadly, THAT NEVER HAPPENED! After speaking extensively to Samsung TV support, Google & Google Assistant support, Amazon support, & even some support chat bots & emails & community support forums & you name it, I tried it. The best advice I got to simply move forward from this nightmare fiasco was to go ahead & just use one of the other two remaining voice assistants that were still available on the TV, Samsung's Bixby, or Amazon's Alexa. Both of which I dislike. What I had seen of Samsung's Bixby from interaction with it on my Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets was that it was fully advertisement saturated, and I dislike that immensely. Whereas Amazon's Alexa is just one big speaking algorithm designed primarily for nothing more than selling more Amazon merchandise. I don't need that on my TV remote & I'm also not buying another device to connect to it just to get it to work properly with the TV. Because of course if you select Alexa as your voice assistant they immediately try to upsell you into an Echo or some other unnecessary thing you don't need to operate a voice assistant on your TV remote. Why do I need another device to make my TV remote work correctly with a voice assistant? I've been using Roku voice remotes for 3 or 4 yrs now & they work just fine w/ their system as is. No extra device purchase necessary. My Google Chromecast works amazingly well with its Google Assistant voice remote. Both of those items were less than $100 each. Buuuut, a brand new 65" 4K Samsung Crystal Tizen has the WORST voice assistant remote I've ever encountered. And it WILL NOT HOOK UP TO GOOGLE ASSISTANT. So, on to the . . . . 2nd REASON I PURCHASED THIS TV? Because it had 4K UPSCALING!!! What a huge feature in a TV this inexpensive! I'd purchased a Sony Blu-ray player w/ 4K upscaling and it was amazing. I fell in love with how old DVD movies were brought up to nearly 4K quality with doing nothing more than putting the movie in the carriage and pushing play. So when I saw that this Samsung Crystal Tizen had 4K upscaling in all picture viewing formats, BOOM, I was all in. That 4K upscaling & the 4K picture clarity in it's Dynamic viewing mode have been the ONLY redeeming qualities in this entire fiasco of a purchase. Talk about a bunch of ridiculous false advertising, pitiful customer support & delivery inadequacies, & more difficulty & flawed merchandise than one person should have to endure in an entire year? But of course these are all avoidable issues that I somehow created on my own when I clicked, "Add to cart" & made a purchase, fully believing & trusting that i was going to receive what i had read & saw with my own eyes, in the time i was told I'd receive it. (Speaking of, did I mention the reason I called and complained about the delayed shipping to begin with was that my item, the broken TV in the picture, had been sitting in a little suburb about 20 minutes outside of town for going on 2 days and had not moved according to the tracking details? Which is why i personally believe that when I called to inquire about it, that my inquiry was taken as a slight & perturbed the heck outta whomever received it & because of it, this broken mess is what they sent me. Nearly 2 days in one spot 20 mins away from me? What would you do?) Oh, & apparently I'll never have Google Assistant on this TV. It just won't connect. Keeps telling me to login & connect but won't let me. I've been FORCED to use Samsung's Bixby as the voice assistant for the TV & remote. UGGGHHHHH!!! IN CLOSING - ITS A GOOD TV FOR THIS PRICE, BUT IF THEY RAISE THE PRICE? LOOK ELSEWHERE. AND REMEMBER, THE ONE FEATURE YOU'RE PERSONALLY AFTER? THE ONE FEATURE THAT MAY BE THE SELLING POINT THAT SOLD YOU ON THIS TV? IT'S HIGHLY POSSIBLE IT MAY NOT WORK AT ALL, OR MAY NOT WORK CORRECTLY. It's also a very high possibility that if you run into shipping and delivery issues, you can end up with a broken TV and have to do a long & painstaking, time consuming, long time waiting for your money back, refund and return. Yay Amazon & Samsung! (What follows is an addendum to my review (11/16/22) THE REMOTE.......? Worst remote I've ever used. And I am not saying that lightly. Most remotes are pretty ergonomic and you can adapt to them easily, although sometimes it may take a while to get accustomed to it. This remote? It's been months and I still fumble with it. For one, it's much to small & thin. My biggest gripe about it, though, is that I often watch videos inside of streaming apps. And the main problem w/ the remote here is when you push the PLAY/PAUSE button? Every third or fourth time (sometimes several times in a row if your tired or absent minded) you will mistakenly also push the channel selector button which is right below it. So this obnoxious channel guide button on the remote? It's placement & size makes it stick up off the remote face much too high, so it's very easy to accidentally graze it w/ your thumb when clicking the PLAY/PAUSE button. Which then immediately takes you out of the video you were watching, closes that app and switches the input over to the TV channels. And this happens frequently. I cannot overstate this. Because, after all, what button do you use more frequently on your Smart TV remote than the PLAY/PAUSE button? Can you imagine how annoying it is to REPEATEDLY have to log back in to an app to finish watching a movie that you should only have to push PLAY on the remote to finish? Or how startled you REPEATEDLY are when the TV channels suddenly pop on in a LOUD COMMERCIAL when you were merely pushing the PAUSE button on the remote so you could go fix a soda in the kitchen while the movie was in a slow spot? And to have this happen every 3rd or 4th time you press that PLAY/PAUSE button on the remote? And don't think it's because I'm thick fingered or ignorant. I'm a guitar player & artist with extremely nimble & dexterous digits, so it's not me! So if you decide to get this TV, maybe seriously consider a different remote. Don't get me wrong, I love my Samsung TV. It's a huge step up from that 65" 4K TCL/Roku piece of crap I bought from Walmart in Oct 2020 that died on me TWICE & went into the black screen of death. And all before 2021 was through. A TV that barely makes it over a year before it dies twice? Yeah, that's a bad TV. This is a much better product and I am much happier. And I don't know what TCL Roku thinks UHD or 4K looks like, but that wasn't it. Looking at the clarity on that junky old TCL ROKU TV was like the difference in looking at a muddy puddle compared to looking at clear water, and this Samsung is the clear water. So, I am pretty satisfied w/ the TV itself. It's mainly the delivery process, the unclear definition of what a deluxe delivery and unbox means, the process required to return a broken TV and get a replacement, The Voice Assistant issue which I had massive problems with, and this piece of "you know what" remote. I would also like to highlight the fact that I finally figured out what the problem was with the Google Assistant. There is a small setting way off in an almost undisclosed area of the SmartThings settings (on your phone or device) for those of you who use Samsung products, and in that setting you have to delete and reset your Google Assistant. It was very hard to find and I only found it randomly and by chance. And I'm telling you this because I went through EVERY setting in SmartThings AND Google Assistant trying to find the problem with why Google Assistant would not connect on this TV. I WENT THROUGH ALL THOSE SETTINGS MULTIPLE TIMES and never saw this until one day I randomly came across it. And it is not easy to find, so I'm not even going to try and explain how to get there. Hopefully you'll find it on your own. But I'll tell you now, it is not an easy setting to find. It does not tell you about this setting ANYWHERE and not a single Tech or help agent was able to direct me in the way I needed to go to fix this so the TV would work with Google Assistant. It stands to reason that one would think this is something that would automatically configure on its own so that your systems would Jive together. But it does not. So, yes, I was finally able to get Google Assistant to operate correctly on this TV. If you have Google Assistant set up on something other than this TV, say a Chromecast or in the SmartThings app on a Samsung smartphone? You will need to reset it and go into every setting and reconfigure it to get it to work with this TV. Hope this helps someone not to suffer and struggle through the nightmare I endured here. But after all's been said and done, I AM VERY HAPPY with my purchase and very satisfied with the reasonable price. I just wish the service had been more helpful and thorough with instructions and directions & just good general customer support. But, all that aside? I got a great TV for a very fair and reasonable price . I'm very satisfied with my purchase even though it has taken me literally months to work out these goofy little kinks that should have been fixed on day one. Thank you for the awesome Samsung TV, Amazon! (Please make them restructure this 💩 remote!) ... show more
Reviewed in the United States on September 10, 2022 by Bill E Bill E

  • Amazing TV
Size: 75-Inch Style: TV Only
The SAMSUNG 75-Inch Class Crystal UHD AU8000 Series TV is a fantastic option for anyone in the market for a large, high-quality television. This 4K UHD TV is equipped with a Crystal Processor 4K, which ensures that the images are clear, sharp, and vibrant, with excellent color accuracy and contrast. One of the standout features of this TV is its impressive 75-inch display, which provides an immersive viewing experience that is hard to match. The TV's slim and sleek design also adds to the overall appeal of the set, making it an attractive addition to any living space. The AU8000 Series TV supports HDR, allowing you to enjoy an even greater level of detail in both light and dark scenes. The TV also features a range of smart features, including built-in Wi-Fi and support for popular streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu. One of the best things about the Samsung AU8000 Series TV is how easy it is to set up and use. The TV's intuitive interface makes navigating menus and adjusting settings a breeze, while the included remote control is both comfortable and user-friendly. Overall, the Samsung 75-Inch Class Crystal UHD AU8000 Series TV is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a high-quality, large-screen TV with a range of smart features. With its impressive image quality, intuitive interface, and sleek design, it's a great investment for anyone who loves movies, sports, or gaming. ... show more
Reviewed in the United States on February 28, 2023 by Cimingmao Lor

  • Love the tv!
Size: 55-Inch Style: TV Only
I really love this tv. Got it to go on the wall in the bedroom, and the 55" is perfect for our space. The picture is of course fantastic for a 4K Samsung. The smart hub is nice. It must have updated because after a few months, it added a Games hub to the screen. Now it uses the Media hub for all the apps, and I have to switch to the Games tab to go to the HDMI source the Xbox is plugged into. That's slightly annoying as it defaults to the media tab and takes a few seconds to get over to the Games tab and switch over and find Xbox. What makes the tv awesome though, on top of the picture quality and apps, is the built-in Bluetooth. I love being able to connect to a soundbar without running cables. I love being able to connect to my Bluetooth headphones at night after the wife goes to sleep so I'm not disturbing her with loud bangs from action scenes, and can still hear the low dialogue from talking scenes. It's the feature I never knew I needed in a tv. The sound is OK. Super loud if you're next to the tv, but it doesn't 'bounce' off the backwall and get super loud in front. So you have to turn the volume up pretty high in order to hear it from in front of the tv, which makes it WAY loud if you're to the side of it. I'd recommend a soundbar. Honestly, that's really every tv I've ever owned though. I don't take much off the score for audio anymore. It just is what it is. ... show more
Reviewed in the United States on February 3, 2023 by Kendon Maxwell

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