10x42 Professional HD Binoculars for Adults with Phone Adapter, High Powered Binoculars with BaK4 prisms, Super Bright Lightweight & Waterproof Binoculars Perfect for Bird Watching, Hunting, Hiking

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  • [ Professional HD Binoculars ]: Equipped with Fully Multi-coated lenses and 18mm BaK4 dielectric-coated prisms , the professional binocular provides an exceptionally brightness, clarity and sharpness, even in the harshest conditions and most challenging environment.
  • [ Universal Phone Adapter ]: The universal smart phone adapter helps you photograph what you see through the HD binoculars. Share your life, share what you like to your family and friends. A perfect match for beginners and mid-range birding and outdoor enthusiasts.
  • [ Ture-to-life Color ]: GLLYSION Binocular with high-end lens coatings provides excellent high-contrast image with excellent color reproduction, you can make out every single detail for quick and easy identification in any situations encountered in bird watching.noculars
  • [ Large Field of View ]: The large field of view (6.2) with 22mm large eyepiece allows you to experience nature as never before and immerse yourself in the moment. This large field of view and superb optical performance takes the viewing experience to the next level.
  • [ Lightweight Ergonomics Design ]: The powerful waterproof binocular features a well-balanced lightweight polymer frame. Rubber armored, ergonomics design and IPX7 waterproof ensure extraordinary experience in all weather conditions.


In addition to ergonomic design and innovative technology, GLLYSION products are also distinguished by unmatched quality. Every production step and every individual product is subject to thorough testing for 100% quality prior to delivery. GLLYSION therefore grants each customer an extensive lifetime warranty for the product.

Product Dimensions: 5.6 x 2.1 x 4.5 inches

Item Weight: 1.98 pounds

Date First Available: August 12, 2021


Country of Origin: China

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Top Amazon Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars | Probably the last pair I'll ever buy - but that's what good about it!
Style: 10x42
This will probably be the last pair I ever buy, because it's built to last longer than I am! There are a lot of binoculars on the market, but not all of them are created equal. It's important to note that. The cheaper ones are usually just that -- cheap. And fragile in places that a sturdier pair is not. This particular pair (10x42) of this particular brand (Gllysion) hits the sweet spot for me. Until recently I had a MUCH more expensive pair of binoculars that I took with me to all sorts of things, mostly outdoor events like concerts and festivals but mostly to use when I took rest breaks getting some exercise. Then I made the huge mistake of loaning them out to a coworker who ended up getting fired before she returned them -- and I never got them back. She doesn't return my calls or texts. Grrrr! Lesson learned. So.... it was time for a new pair. Amazon has lots to choose from and they come in all sizes, weights, and prices. The reason this particular one works for me is two-fold: the sturdiness and the build quality. This is one of those binoculars that comes with a device to attach your phone to it. If you have a tiny, lightweight phone like the iPhone Mini then the weight of the binoculars isn't really an issue. But if you have the bigger and heavier iPhone Pro Max then the binoculars need to be just that much sturdier and heavier for good balance with or (especially) without a tripod stand. I attach my heavy phone to this, hold the binoculars while letting go of the phone, and never worry about maintaining steady balance for a clear view, still photograph, or video shoot. Birdwatching, the zoo, just being outdoors....all are good times to use these worry-free binoculars. Don't feel like paying through the nose for super-expensive seats at concerts? Here's your solution! And the farther back you sit the less noticeable it is when you record with your phone attached to it. Just remember to turn the phone's brightness as far down as you can and still be able to frame your shot. Concert/Theater security are on the watch for the bright screens. When they see you holding the binocs they are much less likely to notice you have a phone attached to them if your screen brightness is really low. There are cheaper binoculars out there, both in price and quality. But one thing you definitely want so you will get max usage out of your binoculars is PEACE OF MIND. You want to trust that your phone is not only securely attached to the eyepiece but also not in a battle with the binoculars against gravity or steady balance. This item accomplishes that. I'll take peace of mind over a bargain any day of the week and twice on Sundays. As with the one other item from this manufacturer that I own, the build quality is such that I don't ever fear accidentally dropping this somewhere. At least not anymore (hee hee). I dropped one earlier and immediately got a knot in my stomach, but for no reason. Not a scratch on it! I have another pair of plastic binoculars that I used to take to concerts that cost me about 22 bucks. Did they work fine? Sure. Did I constantly worry about them being jostled out of my hands? CONSTANTLY. If they fell to the floor they were almost guaranteed to get damaged or stepped on in some way. I don't worry about that with this Gllysion model, at least not the part about getting damaged. They look and feel like they'd easily survive getting trampled on. The FIRST thing I did with this pair was take them to an NBA game just 3 days ago. LeBron James and the Lakers were the visiting team and so ticket prices were much higher than normal. So I bought a reasonably-priced seat (in the nosebleed section) and used these to feel closer to the action. These binoculars are listed as being better waterproofed than my cheap smaller pair so I'm looking forward to trying some underwater video shooting with this when the weather gets nicer. My phone is already waterproof to a certain depth, but when attached to the binoculars I can shoot deeper pictures without actually going deeper. I'm learning as I go. And I've learned to keep these in my car at all times. They will no doubt survive the extreme temperature changes better than my plastic pair will. I strongly recommend this pair as well as the manufacturer in general. :)
Reviewed in the United States on December 12, 2021 by John S Harris

5.0 out of 5 stars | amazing Binoculars!
Style: 12x50
The media could not be loaded. wow I love this binoculars! It felt very sturdy at first touch. Definitely not the plastic feeling. it will surely last for many years. Totally worth the money! High quality lens! Crystal clear! So much fun to have it when hiking under the California sunshine. Note: it does not zoom in or out, which is advantage for me because it is easier to operate. The size is perfect for my both hands to hold perfectly. It may be difficult to hold with one hand for long time, because of the weight. Also remember the eye cups can be twisted out so that the eyes will not touch the ocular lens. Easy to use. The main focus in the middle adjust for both eyes. I use it to adjust for my left eyes. Then I use the fine tune on right ocular lens to make it focus for my right eyes. So easy for me because my eyes had different focus. The phone adapter come with it is high quality too. It use rack-n-pinion style to fasten the phone, not the sprint style, which were always difficult for me to use. After the phone as fastened, adjust the cap behind it to the lens of phone. Snap it to the binoculars then start shooting. It is better to use the binocular on a steady surface in my experience. Attached a video that a phone was attached to the binoculars. You can see from the phone screen.
Reviewed in the United States on November 23, 2021 by William Ruby

5.0 out of 5 stars | It’s a really good tool for crabbing!
Style: 10x42
This is a good binocular! It’s not too heavy, it’s super easy to adjust, and it’s super clear. I brought it with me while I were crabbing with friends last week. It worked so well. We used it to see if any boats got crabs so we could decide where to set up our pots. We saw crabs clearly! It’s kind of surprising that the performance was really stable even though we were on a wabbling boat. My friends liked it too. I also used it to track sea lions and seagulls, it’s so funny to observe animals if you see them close enough! It’s kind of like you create some new entertainments while you were waiting for your crabs. The phone holder is quite a thoughtful design. I took pictures of my cat, it works so well. It’s easy to just put your phone there and you could share pictures with anybody. Would love to recommend this to anyone who loves nature, animals, and outdoorsy things. You will get so much fun with it.
Reviewed in the United States on December 6, 2021 by Lily

5.0 out of 5 stars | Excellent Binoculars
Style: 10x42
Very impressive binoculars, ordered via Amazon the delivery was fast and arrived in 2 days, the packaging was very nice and came complete with carrying case, binocular neck strap with quick connectors, a cell phone holder, cleaning cloth and a good instruction manual. Using the Binoculars is very easy and the setup was fully explained in the manual, very clear image through the waterproof lenses with great clarity at the furthest distance, eye cups a re adjustable for use with or without glasses, the weight is perfect for anyone to use, styling and design are very nice. Great company to deal with, very affordable and a great present for the holiday season, I totally recommend this product and company.
Reviewed in the United States on November 5, 2021 by Stuart Brotherwood

5.0 out of 5 stars | Outstanding Value and a Great Product
Style: 12x50
Great binoculars and a fantastic value. These binoculars would compete well with binoculars at twice the price. The optics are clear and they have excellent range. I've used them to go birding in Central Park for a few weeks now and they're awesome for spotting birds from quite far away. With the phone adapter, I've taken some great shots. The optimal range for the phone adapter is about 25 yards or less, but within that range the photos turn out just as well as my son's bridge camera with a digital zoom lens. Highly recommended!
Reviewed in the United States on November 21, 2021 by Joel Lederer

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