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ZINUS 12 Inch Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress, Fiberglass Free, Patented Custom Contour Support, Sturdy Base Foam, CertiPUR-US Certified, Bed-in-a-box, Full, White

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Color: White

Size: Full

Style: 12" (Original Box)


  • THE RIGHT COMBINATION - Refreshing green tea and moisture-absorbing charcoal infused into three layers of top-notch foam. This mattress cradles every curvealleviating those points of tension and allowing your body to recover as you rest.
  • PATENTED CUSTOM CONTOUR SUPPORT - No more waking up feeling like you've been swallowed by your mattress. Zinus' patented Custom Contour technology is expertly layered in our high-quality memory foam to our super-dense base foam for ultimate support.
  • AFFORDABLE REST, CERTIFIED QUALITY - Experience the luxury of high-quality CertiPUR-certified foams without breaking the bank. This fiberglass-free mattress offers unparalleled value and is developed for quality, durability and ultimate comfort.
  • EXPERTLY PACKAGED - Our technology allows this mattress to be efficiently compressed into one box thats easily shipped and maneuvered into the bedroom; simply unbox, unroll and this mattress does the rest, expanding to its original shape within 72 hours.
  • Please allow 24-72 hours for your mattress to regain its original shape. Memory foam will expand faster in a warmer room and may take longer to regain shape from its compressed state in colder temperatures. Expansion time will vary based on surroundings.
  • Worry-free 10 year limited warranty included; twin mattress supports a maximum weight of 250 lbs, while all other sizes can support up to 500 lbs


The recipe for our 1 best-selling mattress? Refreshing green tea and over a decade of experience perfecting mattresses that make sleep a little more wonderful. Antioxidant-rich green tea helps keep your mattress fresh as a daisy, and ActivCharocal microparticles effectively block moisture. Precisely layered CertiPUR-US certified foams allow you to sink into this mattress just right. Our patented Custom Contour Support technology features a winning combo of exquisitely soft memory foam and super-dense base foam that offers a supportive feeling as it molds to your body shape, cradling your achiest joints and aligning your spine. Plus, with our top-quality high ILD layer of base foam, this mattress ensures you get the ideal level of support for restful sleep by preventing any uncomfortable sinking, sagging, or trouble turning in bed.

Specs & Other Info

Dimensions75"L x 54"W x 12"H (Full Size)
Key FeaturesPressure Alleviation, Enhanced Breathability
Main MaterialMemory Foam
Color OptionWhite
Product SeriesGreen Tea Memory Foam
Care InstructionsSpot Clean Recommended
Maximum Weight Recommendation500 Pounds
Comfort MaterialMemory Foam
Product Weight54.1 Pounds
Origin of ManufactureIndonesia
Model IdentifierAZ-BTCM-12F
Continuation in MarketNo discontinuation
Availability DateSince November 26, 2014

Frequently asked questions

The ZINUS Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress is unique because it incorporates green tea and natural plant oil to maintain product freshness. It is also fiberglass free, using a patented custom contour support system instead for enhanced comfort. It's built on a sturdy base foam and is CertiPUR-US Certified for durability, performance, and content.

Yes, the ZINUS Green Tea Mattress is safe and holds a CertiPUR-US certification. This assures that the mattress meets strict standards for content, emissions, and durability. It is made without harmful chemicals and has a fiberglass-free composition, making it a healthier choice for your home.

The ZINUS Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress is shipped as a bed-in-a-box. This means it is efficiently compressed, rolled, and packed into a box for convenient delivery and easy setup. Once unboxed, the mattress slowly expands to its full size over a few hours.

While you can use the ZINUS 12 Inch Mattress shortly after unboxing, it's recommended to allow it up to 48 hours to fully expand to its original shape and comfort level. This waiting period ensures you experience the optimal support and comfort the mattress is designed to provide.

Top Amazon Reviews

🚀 Abunda's Overview

This is our summary and key points to consider based on customer reviews.

The 12" memory foam 'green tea' mattress receives high praise for providing significant comfort and support improvements over older mattresses. Users report a drastic reduction in back pain and an increase in sleep quality, highlighting the mattress's ability to maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature and its quick adaptation to body shapes for side and back sleepers. Positive outcomes are noted even after several months of use, with benefits extending to both human and pet users.


  • 😴 Provides excellent support and comfort, improving sleep quality and reducing back pain.
  • 🐶 Pet-friendly; even with animals on the bed, users report undisturbed sleep.
  • 📦 Ships efficiently and expands quickly to its full size with minimal off-gassing odor.
  • 🌡️ Regulates temperature well, avoiding the heat trap issue common with some foam mattresses.
  • 👍 Suitable for side and back sleepers, conforming well to different body positions.


  • ⚖️ On the firmer side, which might take some adjustment for those used to plush tops.
  • 🛏️ Some may find the edge support lacking compared to spring mattresses.
  • 💨 May require a sturdy frame to prevent movement/sliding of the mattress.

Should I Buy It?

This mattress is a solid choice for those looking for an upgrade in sleep quality, especially for side and back sleepers, pet owners, and anyone wanting to escape the heat retention issues of older memory foam mattresses. While it is on the firmer side, most adjustments are minor and can be mitigated with a mattress pad. With overwhelmingly positive reviews and significant benefits reported, it's a recommended purchase for those in the market for a new mattress.

  • I love this bed. I finally look forward to laying down to sleep!
Color: White Size: Queen Style: 12" (Original Box)
I bought the 12" memory foam 'green tea' bed and all I can seem to say lately is... oh bed, I love you. I was used to sleeping on a very old tempur bed that had been breaking down over the past year. it was basically like sleeping on a hot lumpy sponge and I was waking up with a sore back after only about 4 hours of sleep. So I decided to upgrade myself. I did my research, spent three days talking to mattress stores, reading reviews and talking to people who had bought different beds. I tested beds, I checked prices, I looked at options, everything. I wanted to make sure I was buying a good bed that wouldn't leave me in agony like my old bed. I knew two people who'd bought beds from this company. So, I looked at all the options they offered and what they were made of and how people reviewed them. I ended up choosing the 12 inch memory foam green tea one. The price was right, and shipping wasn't terrible. I expected to get my bed in about a week... which would give me time to prepare to set it up. I got my bed in about 3 days from the point I submitted my order. I decided not to buy the bedframe they offer, as I still had my box from my last mattress. I kinda wish I'd bought their frame, as it sits higher than my current frame, but that's beside the point. I got everything set and ready to go, and opened my box. My mother laughed at the fact that a bed came in that small of a box and she was skeptical of it's quality. I was a bit cautious, but felt confident in my choice. The bed is a bit difficult to get out of the box, and then the bag that it comes in. I can't see anyone being able to do so alone. once out of it's shipping bag, it's still sealed and fairly easy to just situate on the frame before opening. I highly recommend you don't unseal the mattress until you have it where you want it. once I cut into the plastic seal wrap, it instantly started to 'inflate' again. got the plastic pulled off of it and watched as within moments it was already filling out. There was barely any smell to it at all. I left my window cracked open just a bit that night just in case, but honestly, unless I had pressed my face up against it, I couldn't smell anything from it. I followed the instructions that came with it (yes, they send you instructions and care information) and I let it be for the remainder of that day, that night, and the following day. In total I think I left it just lay there and settle for about 30 hours. I'm extremely glad I did because it allowed the foam to expand to 11.75 inches. I wasn't gonna complain about the loss of a quarter of an inch. So i finally got to lay down on my bed! The top layer of the bed is so nice and squishy that you don't even take notice that there's hard foam in the base layers. this nice super squishy top layer of foam makes the bed totally conform to you. the layer just under that is the typical memory foam, so even after the squishy foam sinks in, you've got regular memory foam to support you. If you sit on the edge it does sink in (but that's perfectly normal of any sort of foam edge) but as soon as you get up you can see it just fluff right back up. it's actually kinda fun to push down on it and watch how quick it recovers. you can kinda 'see' where the layers are when you look at the side. It comes with a nice cover, but when you're first looking it over, some of the layers aren't cut exactly to match at the sides. this didn't trouble me as once the sheets were on, you can't even tell. Oh yeah... for the 12 inch, buy deep pocket sheets. I got sheets with pockets up to 14", and they fit just perfectly. I'm a side and back sleeper... so having a bad bed is like a cruel form of daily torture. This bed... oh man, this bed is great for side and back sleeping. I've gained over an hour of restful sleep each night, and I find I don't toss and turn as much. . my dog even loves this bed. she has her own bed to sleep on, but I still find her constantly sleeping in a corner of my bed. For the first time in years I find myself falling asleep in one position, and waking up hours later in the same position. I get up in the morning without back pain. I nearly cried that first morning when I got up and could just walk out of my room without being hunched over or limping from my back being so sore. It's been glorious to just simply get up and walk off without any pain. These days I have more issues waking up with 'dead arm' from sleeping on one side for too long... a problem I haven't had in years because my mattress kept me tossing all night. This bed also breathes so much better. My tempur bed usually left me sweaty as it just radiated my body heat back at me so I'd wake up sweltering. In summer I'd change out my sheets, make my bed and for about 5 months, I wouldn't even sleep in the bed because I needed the blankets and comforter under me to keep the bed from getting so hot. This bed doesn't have that issue. while it's still foam, it doesn't trap the heat in. Makes a huge difference in sleep quality when the temperature stays fairly regulated. I find myself looking forward to laying on my bed each night. I sleep better and for longer intervals. I wake up with less pain in my body. I sleep on my sides without the constant ache in my hip from pressure. I'm not as exhausted as I have been in the past because I'm getting better sleep at night now. Seriously, I've recommended this mattress to many people already. it was so easy to buy, sets up without too much difficulty (with two people unpacking it) and it sleeps wonderfully. It's been a month now and I have absolutely no regrets with buying this bed. In fact, I'm hoping that they still make this bed when I need a new one, because I'd buy another one without hesitation. ... show more
Reviewed in the United States on February 7, 2017 by Red Red

  • Great mattress. Comfortable for 2 fat people and 3 dogs.
Color: White Size: King Style: 12" (Original Box)
EDIT: 3 month update.....I'm still leaving it at 5 stars. We have now had this mattress for just over 3 months and still love it. I am falling asleep faster, staying asleep and waking up feeling more rested. I have slept on both sides and even in the middle of the mattress and have equal comfort anywhere. I normally have 3 dogs hogging the bed and what's really nice is I barely notice if they get up and move to a new spot, even if it's right next to me. I no longer feel like my husband is doing backflips if he turns over in the middle of the night either. Even the one night the mattress pad didn't make it into the dryer in time for bed I did notice the difference the mattress pad makes in not making this mattress feel as firm, but it was still quite comfortable, just not as comfortable. I have no complaints. There were no smells with ours to start with so that never was a problem and it's still at a full 12" evenly across. I'm in the camp of those who were really skeptical of buying a mattress online. Especially a foam one since I've had a regular pillow top one for the past 10 years. Yes it was time for a new mattress! I had been shopping around for a new mattress for a few months trying out different ones, getting pricing and trying to make a decision which is kind of a big deal when you're more than likely looking at spending a lot of money. A friend suggested we consider the foam mattresses and that Amazon had some good prices on them. I headed to a local store to give their version of these mattresses a try and I was surprised how comfortable they were. After testing them out I decided to see what Amazon reviews had to say about the ones they offered. I read through the good and the not so good and the flat out bad reviews and decided to take a chance and see what arrived. I am super happy I did! Granted it's only been 2 weeks but so far we love this mattress! I had read the multiple reviews saying theirs didn't inflate correctly, had a foul odor, was lumpy, etc....thankfully none of that was true of what we received. To break it down..... cons... It is a firm mattress no doubt. I am someone who likes to pretty much sleep in a cloud and am a side sleeper so it's taken some getting used to. Since the cost of this mattress was so good I went ahead and ordered a high quality mattress cover/pad and for me it's really helped make adjusting going from a plush pillow top to a firm bed a lot easier. Going from a spring mattress to a foam ones takes some adjustment on the support on the sides. Obviously the spring ones tend to have more of a frame around the edges so sitting on the side of the bed is different. I wouldn't say it's bad but it's not as supportive. We will probably need to get a new bed frame here sometime soon. While the box springs we had from our old king are still in great shape the lighter weight mattress tends to slide and needs to be shoved back into place every night before going to bed. Not really any fault of the mattress it's just a con that I'll need to replace the bed itself in order to stop this from happening. Another con that's not the fault of the mattress it's just my bad luck....I missed where this was on sale just after Thanksgiving because I was still pondering what kind of mattress to get. So I paid the higher, yet still on sale, price. 4 days later it went back on sale again and has remained $40 cheaper for over a week now. Bummer for me, but still a good deal, just not as good of a deal as if I'd waited 4 more days to decide. On to the good stuff Pros..... Per my experience I say buy this mattress. Don't wait, grab it at the price it is now. I did not notice any sort of foul odor but I did open the windows and had the ceiling fan going while it inflated. It inflated to the full 12" and did so within an hour. We were sleeping on the mattress withing 4 hours of setting it up. It fit where our old king size was perfectly with no overhang or shortages size wise. It's around 2" taller than our old mattress so that took a little getting used to but it measured 12" with a regular school ruler. It was well packaged and fully deflated ready to go when it arrived. I'm a big girl and my husband is a fairly big guy and we both sleep comfortably on this mattress with our 3 large breed bed hogging dogs. When my husband moves at night he does so like a fish out of water and I have noticed he doesn't wake me up turning over because it's not bouncing me around like our old mattress did. I don't even really notice a dog moving around to a different spot. I'm a side sleeper who would love to sleep in a cloud so this did take some getting used to but it's never been uncomfortable. The first night getting to sleep and finding a comfortable position took a little bit but I could instantly feel I was better supported and my hip and shoulder didn't have the pressure it normally would. When I turned onto my back I felt almost like I was sleeping in a hammock. Not totally of course but the extra support was there where it hadn't been before. With what I saved on the mattress I went ahead and bought a nice mattress pad/cover to put on top to make it a little more soft. I had always been told you can make a firm mattress more soft but you can't make a soft mattress more firm so if it's too firm invest in a good pad and it can make a lot of difference if you prefer a softer bed. What I noticed right away is when I woke up I wasn't as sore. I feel a lot more rested in the morning and I'm not waking up to turn over or move around near as much as I was. Granted our old mattress was 10 years old and that had a lot to do with it, but still this mattress is obviously better and keeps me in a deep sleep for longer periods throughout the night. My husband also says he's sleeping better and isn't flopping around like he had been doing with the old mattress. He's the one of us always complaining about being hot while sleeping and he said he hasn't noticed this mattress makes that any worse, and if anything since he's not moving around so much it's better. We like it so much we plan to order the 8" version for our kid's bunk bed here soon. As we get more use of out this I will try to update this review for how it's holding up. I don't expect to get 10 years out of it, granted i probably shouldn't have tried to get 10 years out of the older one but it held up for at least 8-9 of those years. For this price I'd be happy if it lasts a couple of years. If it lasts longer even better. I highly suggest if this is too firm for you to buy a nice mattress pad and to buy it while it's at the price it is now. ... show more
Reviewed in the United States on December 21, 2017 by Zooper

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