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Valve Steam Deck,HDMI, 64 GB, Black

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  • Carrying case included

Specs & Other Info

Specification Details
Cost The cut-off price signifies the Original Price tag. The savings hint at the slashed-off fraction from the original pricing.
Atomic Structure The dimensions of the product are 16 x 5 x 3 inches, and the overall weight is 1.46 pounds.
Classification Classified under Personal Computers category.
Language Supported English Compatibility.
Product Identifier V004281-30 is the assigned model number.
Established Manufacturer Brought to you by the Valve Corporation.
Power Supply Operates with the help of 2 Lithium Ion batteries (not included).
Date of Entry Initially surfaced in the market on September 14, 2022.

Frequently asked questions

The Steam Deck runs on a version of Steam's own operating system, SteamOS. It can play any games that are available on the Steam platform. Moreover, as it is a PC, you can install other game stores or software and play games from there.

The Steam Deck comes with varying levels of storage depending on the model you purchase. The 64 GB model's storage cannot be upgraded internally, but it does have a microSD card slot for expandable storage.

The Steam Deck has a layout similar to many modern gaming consoles. It has analog sticks, a D-pad, face buttons, triggers and bumpers. It also has a unique feature of two trackpads, meant to mimic the precision of a mouse for games that need it.

Yes, the Steam Deck can be docked and connected to a TV or computer monitor via an HDMI connection. Valve plans to sell a separate dock, but the handheld will work with standard USB-C hubs as well.

Top Amazon Reviews

🚀 Abunda's Overview

This is our summary and key points to consider based on customer reviews.

The product reviews reflect an overwhelmingly positive response regarding the Steam Deck. Customers laud it for its excellent performance, brilliant graphics, and comfort in usage. Many buyers highlighted the convenience of being able to play a wide variety of games on it, equivalent to a low/mid-tier gaming rig. However, they advised purchasing an extra microSD card as the 64GB internal storage may prove to be inadequate for modern AAA gaming.


  • 🎮 High Performance: The device runs games smoothly and performs efficiently.
  • 💪 Robust and Well Built: The device is sturdy and appears to be crafted with quality materials.
  • 📱 Wide Range of Games: The platform supports a comprehensive catalog of games, providing more variety than other competitive handheld gaming devices.
  • 👍 Comfortable Use: The ergonomic design and intuitive UI are lauded by users.
  • 😃 Extra Storage: The device enables users to add a microSD card for additional storage. Making the need for internal storage upgrades trivial.


  • ❗ Limited Internal Storage: The 64GB internal storage may not be sufficient for modern AAA gaming.
  • 💰 Price Fluctuation: Some customers noted that prices for the Steam Deck can fluctuate significantly, causing disparities between the listed and actual price.

Should I Buy It?

Yes, given the overwhelmingly positive reviews, the Steam Deck is a solid choice for those who love a wide range of games and prioritize performance and convenience. However, potential buyers should be prepared to supplement the internal storage with a microSD card for a more seamless gaming experience.

  • Was 100% worth it at the time. Great buy!
I purchased my Steam Deck from 'RocketDrop LLC' since they were located in the same state as me, only 25 minutes away, thinking I would get it a lot sooner. Haha, that wasn't the case. But regardless it only took about 6 days total..due to them being a bit slow on the ball with getting it shipped out. No big deal. Its awesome. I unfortunately haven't gotten the chance to play it as much as I'd like but from what I have this thing is amazing, which I knew it would be. It's like having a low to low/mid tier gaming rig in your hands (and if you don't have a PC right now due to astronomical prices for components it's your best option right now) I bought mine at $443.99, only a $45 difference from the steam store wasn't a big deal. It gave me the chance to use my Amazon gift card towards it. But looking at the current price of the 64GB on here at the time of me writing this (3/13/23).. it's listed for $520, guess I jumped at the right time. At that price just grab the 256GB from the steam store for $529 tbh. Moving onto the size (64GB). Yeah, it's not a lot of space at all especially if you're looking to put AAAs on it. For now you can just get a good microSD card (U3, A2)..the load time differences between the SD card and the SSD are negligible at best, it's not a big deal. eMMc also isn't incredibly slower than NVMe..its slower, yeah. But nothing crazy. And if these things are a big deal the great thing about these things is that you can just go and buy a 512GB-1TB 2230 m.2 NVMe SSD, pop open the back and swap it out. Just watch the video on ifixit, one of the tons of videos on YouTube or even ValvE has a video on how to replace the current 64Gb drive for the bigger upgraded NVMe SSD (make sure it is a 2230 form factor). I eventually plan on doing this myself but for now will stick with using my SD card since like I mentioned - the difference in load times is negligible. It'll just be easier to not deal with shader cache storage from games taking up my space, etc. But I'm not too worried about it right now. At first I was kind of on the fence on purchasing from here. There weren't a ton of reviews and there were a few bad reviews about a screen issue, a used device, etc. Alot of this depends on the specific seller (which you can choose in the drop down and check the sellers reviews of their store). But mine was flawless, brand new in box, plastic still on the deck and the zippers had the Valve tag still locking them closed - as you can see in one of my pictures. (Sorry I didn't take a photo of it running beyond the start up screen) I'm glad that within the last 5 weeks many more have purchased from Amazon and in their reviews have had a positive experience with their Decks too. I've also seen from Valve that the Steam Deck warranties are interchangeable and if you ever develop an issue you can RMA it to Valve to fix it even though it was purchased new through Amazon. Ok, this is long enough lol. Honestly at this current price point of $520. Just get it at Valve and wait the extra week - I also noticed some sellers who were selling this at $430-450 a month ago are now even selling it for $599 🤦. After the seller with the $520 steak decks are gone..I think the next cheapest seller was at around $548. That's insane but obviously up to all of you. Still a great buy when I snagged it last month and I'm very happy with it. The fact that I can play AAA MMOs in the palm of my hands at a steady 30+ FPS..not even on low settings is insane to me. And for less than $450 (not talking about aya neo, GPD, One player, etc who charge astronomical prices for their devices) ... show more
Reviewed in the United States on March 13, 2023 by Nicole Nicole

so it came exactly it said it would and it came WITH THE ORIGINAL PACKAGING. IM SO HAPPY I ALREADY LINKED MY STEAM ACCOUNT AND IM PLAYING DEAD BY DAYLIGHT ELDEN RING AND DEAD BY DAYLIGHT. Would recommend if you don’t feel like waiting a week
Reviewed in the United States on November 10, 2023 by Daniel

  • Best value in gaming!
The steam deck can do it all! From emulation to playing modern AAA pc titles. I cannot say enough good things about the Steam Deck, I would absolutely recommend the 64gb model as it supports sd cards and can easily be upgraded to a 1tb sd card and have more storage (albeit slower) than the 512 gb model for hundreds less! ... show more
Reviewed in the United States on November 4, 2023 by David Furney David Furney

  • 👍
Reviewed in the United States on November 24, 2023 by Brad

  • La mejor compra :')
Llegó rápido, cellado y en perfecto estado, la mejor compra que he realizado :')
Reviewed in the United States on November 7, 2023 by Miguel Angel

  • Awesome, not perfect…
For the price, this thing is awesome. I just wish i knew about the oled before i bought this because the oled has all the things i wanted upgraded in this lcd version. The screen colors are not as vibrant or vivid as an oled (it only has 80% of sRGB colors) and the oled has 1tb of ssd, which is a must if you plan on playing those big memory heavy games like doom eternal. The mini-sd card is too slow to play a game like that, i tried. This thing has a desktop mode that allows you to modify everything for free, thank you linux. It is a great emulator for older games if you are into that. The console feels great in my hands, but i do not like the touch pads too much, maybe if i could shut them off somehow because my thumb sometimes touches the upper corner of the pads and it does a fast selection or movement that ruins the experience. If you plan on hooking it up to your tv, purchasing the dock is a must. The dongle attachment approach is horrible and my steam deck fell on the ground twice before i bought the dock. Also, if you buy the grip case for this thing, it will not fit in the dock. The dock plug will also not plug into the console with the grip case on either, maybe a mini usb-c extender will work. I say all this to say, i love this thing, i just wish there were more options and modifications/upgrades for the hardware. I would hate having to trash, stow it in a closet or sell it to keep up-to-date with the fast changing software out here. Oh and not all games will run on it because they may have external account log-ins you need to play their games. I should also mention this because my brother didn’t know anything about the Steam store, you must open a steam account and add your games to it or purchase them from the site. I’ve had mine since the beginning of Valve Corp, but not many people have heard about it, i guess. ... show more
Reviewed in the United States on November 21, 2023 by Daniel

  • Finallllyyyyyy
What are you waiting for??? You’re one click away from making a great investment. I love the Steam Deck!!! Bye bye I gotta go play
Reviewed in the United States on November 2, 2023 by JeyZo

  • Portable PC Gaming - An Amazing Experience
The Steam Deck is a great portable PC. The UI is intuitive, the software is zippy, the ergonomics are comfortable, and the track pads paired with the controller layout makes games made for keyboard & mouse very convenient to play. The ability to slot in a microSD was a great idea. Games running from the microSD card run very well to the point where adding/upgrading the internal eMMC to an internal SSD seems trivial. Please note that the 64GB internal storage is not ideal for modern AAA gaming. I suggest getting a microSD to alleviate this minor inconvenience. The performance of the Steam Deck is equivalent to a Playstation 4 or Xbox One. Modern games like Baldur's Gate III (early access), Midnight Suns, and Final Fantasy VII Remake run very well. You may have to make adjustments to get games running smooth, but SteamOS makes tweaking the settings of any game very easy. Whether you stick with Steam Deck 'Verified' games or if you plan on tinkering with the settings to get 'Unsupported' Steam games to run (which you definitely can with enough research or help from the Steam community), there's no denying that the Steam Deck is evolutionary and a major step forward for mobile PC gaming (especially at this price point). ... show more
Reviewed in the United States on July 30, 2023 by Neckk Neckk

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