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Garmin Edge® 1040, GPS Bike Computer, On and Off-Road, Spot-On Accuracy, Long-Lasting Battery, Device Only

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Style: Edge 1040 Standard

Pattern Name: Bike Computer


  • Advanced GPS bike computer combines superior navigation, planning and performance tracking, cycling awareness and smart connectivity
  • Find your way in the most challenging environments with multi-band GNSS technology that provides enhanced positioning accuracy
  • Simplified setup and a streamlined interface make it quick and easy to access the information, courses and tools you need and even adjust data fields right from the Edge device or from your paired smartphone
  • Classify your strengths as a cyclist, and compare your cycling ability to the demands of a specific course when paired with your compatible sensors, so you can focus your training and improvement in the right areas
  • Manage your efforts with the power guide feature, which recommends power targets throughout a course, when paired with your compatible sensors
  • Get stamina feature insights while you ride, when paired with your compatible sensors, so you can keep an eye on how much longer you can really push it
  • Stay on top of your training program with prompts to complete missed workouts
  • Ride like a local, whatever your bike type, with improved ride type-specific maps that highlight popular roads and trails plus searchable points of interest
  • Connect with your favorite apps and platforms, including Strava, Komoot, TrainingPeaks and many more (Requires Garmin Connect smart-device app)
  • Power your longest rides with up to 35 hours of battery life in demanding use cases plus up to 70 hours in battery saver mode


Never stop cycling with Edge® 1040. It’s our first GPS bike computer with multi-band GNSS technology for even better coverage under dense tree cover, on remote mountain trails and even in the urban canyon. It’s also packed with performance features that help you understand your strengths and weaknesses to coach you through any challenge. When paired with your compatible sensors, it can even help you manage your efforts by providing power targets throughout a course and stamina feature insights, so you know how much gas is left in the tank. And the setup is simple, so you can take it out of the box and be out riding in no time.

Product Dimensions: 2.3 x 4.6 x 0.8 inches

Item Weight: 4.4 ounces

Item model number: A04211

Batteries: 1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Wireless communication technologies: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

Connectivity technologies: Bluetooth

Special Features: Bluetooth

Other display features: Wireless

Device interface - primary: Touchscreen, Buttons

Colour: Black

Included Components: Garmin Edge® 1040, GPS Bike Computer

Manufacturer: Garmin

Country of Origin: Taiwan

Date First Available: June 8, 2022

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Top Amazon Reviews

  • Relatively unimpressive
Style: Edge 1040 Standard Pattern Name: Bike Computer
Given the price you would think it would scroll smoothly in menus but it does not. Given how long Garmin devices have been around you would think sensor integration would work smoothly as well. Instead you've got an over priced tiny cell phone for a lot of money. The initial pairing to my phone was buggy in that it failed and I just had to move forward with the setup then retry. Second attempt worked. Trying to do simple things like replace default data fields on a layout with something more useful results in it undoing the change you make. Things like the weather says it's waiting for my phone to be connected while saying it is connected to my phone and interacting with it (showing notifications) also is common. Controlling your devices with it was another thing I was looking forward to. I have a Garmin Varia radar. It likes to not be able to control its setting and if I switch the light mode on the device the 1040 says "No, that's not what you wanted." So even Garmin to Garmin the integrations are wonky. Adding things like a heart rate monitor and power meters wants to immediately add a new data page for just that sensor and the weird enumeration of different pages (5-a, 5-b) are ONLY data about that sensor. Nothing cool like "Hey, you have the unit and power meter and now a heart rate? Let's give you a page with all of that! Or at least these two sensors!" Nope, just a page maybe half filled with 2 or 3 readouts from that sensor that you get to remove or reconfigure later (not when you're bored on your phone, only when the two are connected mind you.). Starting up a ride to get a warm up then starting Garmins own built in training isn't smooth at all. You you have to end your ride, go from the home, hope that it actually will take you to the training regimen for the day and not the calendar, then you can get in to start it. This should be something you can do dead simple and from one tap without going into submenus from the home page at least. I can't be the only rider that wants to ride a bit before they train. The 1040 from what I've read too was such a "redesign" that it's not backported to the previous units like the 1030 plus. Even though it looked like font and icon sizing. Popups that take up 1/3rd of the screen like notifying you that it is sending your LiveRide or whatever it's called is obnoxious and you need to tap to dismiss the big dumb message. The Garmin Connect app is kinda dumb too. You can't work on data pages on your phone then sync it up with the unit. Both must be on and connected to do stuff like that. This is a programming challenge from 20 years ago. The good things are: the map looks fine? It's easy to read. The screen isn't too glarey in the sun but it can reflect cause it is outdoors and shiny glass. It has good battery life. I can't say I've ever spent so much money on something so unimpressive that is essentially an overpriced phone from 10 years ago that has reportedly great GPS/etc. antennas and a fancy bluetooth antenna that can get the stupid Ant+ that bikes love to use that is finally being phased out to "Oh maybe bluetooth and ant+" like the Speedplay PowerLink and Polar H10. 9/30/2022 Update When riding later in the day under somewhat harsh shadows the underlight is not bright enough. Around 4 or 5pm with only my own shadow cast across the screen, even with brightness turned all the way up it is hard to read. As many have said the menu system takes some "learning". While the menus are not my favorite what is hard is that you need to go 3 or more pages deep to finally get to what you want to adjust. You then have to back out of each menu. This means you're sometimes 5 or more pages deep while riding and have to keep pushing the back button on the screen. On screen buttons to dismiss or go back are quite finicky. You can touch it and you'll see it register but you might not have touched it for long enough. This is super annoying when you're riding and trying to clear the popups that take up about 1/3rd or more of the screen cause it means your hands are off the steering. In general the UI was seemingly made by angry backend engineers that want cyclists to crash. There's no good design or user experience language. Only certain things are swipes while most is taps which isn't that responsive. The different "profiles" (road, trainer, tour, build your own) are mildly helpful. You can't copy a data sheet from one profile to another. There is no naming. And you can't pair certain sensors only to a certain profile. For example, on "Road" I only care about my lights, power meter, heart rate monitor, and not my trainer. On "Trainer" I don't want to connect to my lights, my power meter is through my trainer and not my pedals, and my heart rate monitor. The Edge just always tries to connect to everything. The most it will do is go "Oh in this profile, no lights and GPS is off or at a less precise level." and some alerts. Two updates ago they added a second alert if you're training in a zone and your power is outside of the zone. Originally there was one popup that said "Your power is too high" or "Your power is too low" with the range you should be in for the zone. Now you get that popup and chime then a second chime and popup that just says "Try to stay in the zone". You can turn off all alerts for staying in your zone but not all of them. These only show up if you're on any screen throughout the entire system besides the training data screen. So if you're trying to quickly adjust a menu option while riding you are constantly blocked by repeated popups. Or if you want to look at a custom data screen because the training data screen has only 2 customizable data points to show you will have the bottom 1/3rd or so filled with prompts that you can not close out. The built in training plans are quite limited. There are 6. Centry, Gran Fondo, Metric Century, Race, Time Trial, and Mountain Biking. They all say they require a heart rate monitor and a power meter but at least in the Metric Century it doesn't seem to care much about your heart rate for the training itself. It's just "stay in a power zone". It also doesn't have you take the built in FTP test and does not have you take a training day to re-test. All these plans are 6 to 30 weeks so you should be re-testing your FTP in this time. Part of why I went with a garmin over a competitor was I knew it had built in training programs. But Garmin's own site doesn't say what all they are and neither did any reviews. They're not that cool and nothing like "Build up your FTP" or "Increase VO2MAX". It's just "Do you want to ride far?". I think there is some other training thing you can perhaps have you create, but I have not tried that yet. Although in poking around the garmin connect website it might just be a workout you create yourself which is now things like TrainingPeaks load workouts into your Garmin. Some of the health metrics are a sham. It says to get these measurements you have to have a garmin heart rate monitor for things like Lactic Threshold Test. There's no reason for this locked in as there is nothing magical about a garmin heart rate monitor. The garmin also can not read from Apple Health, only write. So if you do outside exercise like running, weight training, or sleeping, have fun manually entering that. You can use the auto FTP but it gets a bit zealous. If you go on unscheduled rides and record it, and say you try and push yourself harder or do some sprints it will then think you have a way higher FTP than a test. It kept jumping me up 50 watts or more on my FTP and so it would have me do an hour plus ride with a bunch of sprints in there but then ended with a 20 minute sprint which I could not keep up with because my FTP isn't as good as it thinks. Also updates seem to wildly toggle things. The first real update (when I first got it, of course it updated) a month or so after I got this it switched my FTP model from 7 zones to this other weird named one I had never heard of (there are only two FTP models you can select from). When I switched it back to 7 zones it also messed with the % of FTP in my upper zones so that the upper end of zone 6 was 2,222% of my FTP and zone 7 was 2,222% to 2,222% of my FTP. I discovered this while training one day because it expected me to ride at 4,000 watts. As of the most recent update 14.50 and iOS 16.0.2 it has lost full data connectivity unless I think I open the Garmin Connect app on my phone. It's only been a few days. I get my text messages popping up, but things like weather and Live Connect and anything else, it just says "waiting on phone" or "waiting on data". I've tried removing my phone from the Garmin and my Garmin from my phone. Rechecked all the settings in iOS and checked them off and on to see if that'll work. But nope it just does not get full data anymore. This thing is also so bad it will break your attached devices. I noticed my Bontrager Ion 200 light kept reporting that it was 50% battery. I'd plug it in and it'd flash the red light indicating the battery was around that level only to turn green within 10 or so minutes. It turns out a Garmin Edge corrupt your light and you need to clear your lights' connection and remove it from your Garmin to get it to accurately understand its own battery level again. Search "Bontrager Flare RT battery bug" and you'll see this 2 year old bug is still around. Every few weeks too, while the app and the garmin connect website will show your training schedule and what you have completed, the unit will forget that you completed that training. It will then nag you incessantly that you missed a scheduled training and if you want to do it. Even when you're in the middle of starting the correct days training. Sometimes though it doesn't even load up the expected training. Power it off and back on and it will usually be correct then. The screen shots they show of the screen make it look super crisp. It does not look that good and the colors are not that over saturated. It's not that high res or bold. ... show more
Reviewed in the United States on July 30, 2022 by Rollie Gray

  • Should you upgrade from a 1030?
Style: Edge 1040 Solar Pattern Name: Bike Computer
I'll preface this review by saying that I am fully bought into the Garmin ecosystem, including an Epix 2 watch, various HRM straps, and a reliance on Connect for most of my performance tracking. I used am Edge 1030 Plus for a year (for both road and mountain riding) before upgrading. I was perfectly happy with the 1030, and really tried to resist the upgrade urge when this unit was released, but I gave in pretty quickly. Am I happy with my upgrade? Yes, overall, but that stems from the fact that I am a Garmin fanboy and I really wanted a few specific features that Garmin has made clear they will NOT retroactively add to older head units. I find a lot of value in the stamina data fields for long road rides (especially in the Texas heat), but I was most interested in the new UI, including the home screen and the new way that widgets are handled. I find it to be far more usable and informative than the old UI. I'm in my mid-50's and that is why I got the 1030 Plus originally -- screen real estate and readability -- smaller computers are a challenge for my eyes at this point. The redesigned UI really works well for me on that front but, of course, that is purely a subjective matter -- I strongly suggest you take a look at one at your LBS, or watch the excellent DC Rainmaker/GP Lama reviews to determine if you personally find the new UI appealing. On to the main gimmick of this unit -- solar. Thus far, I am unimpressed, Again, this is a subjective matter in that my rides may bear no resemblance to yours. On a typical summer morning road ride of, say, 25 miles in a mix of suburban tree cover and open sky, I typically generate about 2.5 minutes worth of solar recharge. Not meaningful, for many of my most typical rides. I'll update that if I find a material shift as I start pushing my start-times later in the fall - I imagine it will make a big difference when I ride with the sun directly overhead at noon, rather than at a morning angle. If you're an enduro specialist living in Arizona, you might find it to be much more beneficial, but for my riding style, it is purely a nice-to-have for now. I will say that I have had zero pairing issues with it, and I did have a few with my 1030 Plus - mostly related to my SRAM eTap group set. Everything paired flawlessly out of the box for the 1040, and has been 100% stable thus far -- transferring data from my 1030 Plus was also a breeze. So, I'm a compulsive upgrader and early adopter, and the improved GPS accuracy, UI, and new data fields make this worth the upgrade for me. I think, though, that for many people with a 1030 or 1030 Plus, you'd be fine (and more economically sensible than me) to skip a generation. ... show more
Reviewed in the United States on September 3, 2022 by Blackstar

  • Great Product
Style: Edge 1040 Standard Bundle Pattern Name: Bike Computer
The non solar version is better in my opinion
Reviewed in the United States on October 20, 2022 by Valeria Jutan

  • Great bike computer
Style: Edge 1040 Solar Pattern Name: Bike Computer
I was mediocre on the unit, but then I got the car detecting radar sensor for the back. Now I don’t to commute without it.
Reviewed in the United States on September 29, 2022 by C. Lundberg

  • Crazy buggy
Style: Edge 1040 Solar Pattern Name: Bike Computer
In one ride it showed it doesn’t understand trails around me, which triggered the unit getting “stuck” with a constant message that my ebike battery would run out on the trip (no chance of that), it didn’t tell me anything near the correct grade for hills, and the mobile route planner only works based on “popularity” routes, which, again, useless. They clearly did not test this very well. I would hold off on this purchase until/if you can confirm this thing has some bugs fixed. ... show more
Reviewed in the United States on November 5, 2022 by Derrek

  • Product unusable as advertised
Style: Edge 1040 Standard Bundle Pattern Name: Bike Computer
The Garman required two different apps to sync with Strava and Ride with GPS. After downloading both apps and connecting with Strava and Ride with GPS, Strava would only randomly download saved courses. Ride with GPS would seldomly connect to the Garman. In both cases neither Strava nor Ride with GPS would would connect without WiFi. This made the Garman useless on a ride. After trying the Garman on several rides and watching a number of Utube videos to troubleshoot, I finally gave up and bought a Wahoo. ... show more
Reviewed in the United States on August 23, 2022 by Shawn Thornton

  • Does Not Work with 4iii Power Meters, and Garmin doesn't tell you this.
Style: Edge 1040 Standard Pattern Name: Bike Computer
The Garmin 1040 will not connect to or see your 4iii power meter (in particular a Precision 3 power meter). Apparently this is because Garmin limited the ANT spectrum on the 1040 (but not on any of its other devices). Garmin does not disclose this in any of the marketing data. I contacted Garmin this morning (8/11/22), and they have no estimate as to when or even if there will be a fix. Same with 4iiii. ... show more
Reviewed in the United States on August 11, 2022 by wlshirer

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