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Microsoft Xbox Series S 512GB SSD Console - Includes Xbox Wireless Controller - Up to 120 frames per second - 10GB RAM 512GB SSD - Experience high dynamic range - Xbox Velocity Architecture

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Platform For Display: Xbox Series S 512GB


  • Go all digital with Xbox Series S and experience next-gen speed and performance at a great price.
  • Bundle includes: Xbox Series S console, one Xbox Wireless Controller, a high-speed HDMI cable, power cable, and 2 AA batteries.
  • Make the most of every gaming minute with Quick Resume, lightning-fast load times, and gameplay of up to 120 FPSall powered by Xbox Velocity Architecture.
  • Add Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (membership sold separately) to play new games on day one. Plus, enjoy hundreds of high-quality games like Minecraft, Forza Horizon 5, and Halo Infinite with friends on console, PC, and cloud.


Introducing the Xbox Series S, the smallest, sleekest Xbox console ever. Experience the speed and performance of a next-gen all-digital console at an accessible price point. Go all-digital and enjoy disc-free, next-gen gaming with the smallest Xbox console ever made. Bundle includes: Xbox Series S console, one Xbox Wireless Controller, a high-speed HDMI cable, and power cable. Experience next-gen speed and performance with the Xbox Velocity Architecture, powered by a custom SSD and integrated software.

Specs & Other Info

Specification Details
Initial Launch Date November 10, 2020
Price Details The crossed-out price is the standard. The savings demonstrate a price cut from the original price.
Item's Physical Aspects 10.83 x 2.56 x 5.94 inches; Weight of 4.25 Pounds
Product Category Gaming Product
Designation of model Internacional
Item's Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
Battery Information Requires one 'A' battery, which is provided with the package.
Availability Date First seen in market on September 22, 2020

Frequently asked questions

The Xbox Series S comes with a 512GB Solid State Drive (SSD) which allows for fast load times and a good amount of storage space for games.

Yes, the Xbox Series S is an all-digital console. This means it does not have a disc drive and all games must be downloaded digitally.

The Xbox Series S is capable of delivering 1440p gaming and 4K streaming.

The Xbox Series S comes in a sleek Robot White color.

Top Amazon Reviews

🚀 Abunda's Overview

This is our summary and key points to consider based on customer reviews.

The Xbox Series S is widely appreciated for its affordability, impressive performance, and compactness, delivering a solid next-gen gaming experience. The console's digital-only approach and cloud gaming functionality are praised. However, issues with storage space are frequently mentioned, indicating a potential need for additional memory purchase.


  • 😃 Affordable next-gen console
  • 🎮 Delivers impressive gaming performance
  • 📦 Compact size
  • ☁️ Supports cloud gaming
  • 🔄 Easy to set up and sync with phone


  • 💽 Limited internal storage space requires potential external drive purchase
  • 📀 No support for physical games

Should I Buy It?

Yes, it is a good purchase for gamers looking for a cost-effective entry into next-gen gaming, especially for those who prefer digital over physical games and don't mind the potential need for additional external storage.

  • Next Gen Console a love letter to the customers
Platform For Display: Xbox Series S 512GB
To be clear Xbox Series S is next gen! it can game in 4K & play games at 120 FPS !! For parents to help out if buying for kids Xbox one S is previous gen! Note it says Xbox “one” S. Some previous gen Xbox consoles have “one” in the name. It’s Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, now Xbox Series X/S. The newest generation of Xbox consoles all have “Series” X or S in the name. Series X is the black bigger console Series S is the white smaller console The Xbox Series S…. It’s small, takes up little space and is powerful. The Series S can out preform the Series X in some departments like keeping 60 frames per second during challenging experiences for the console to run. The Series X wins in little things like draw distances and seeing a slightly better resolution, but at times could drop the frame rate. But they are pretty much the same next gen experience just two options for customers. What’s the biggest difference? Microsoft made a way for players not to miss out on next gen experience due to not being able to afford it! If you want next gen and also to save some money the Series S was made for you!! But if you want the full experience the Series X was made for you!! Series X wins for storage but Series S can allow 20 or more decent sized games plus don’t forget you can use cloud gaming for a lot of games you don’t want to download. Game pass cloud feature you can play games within seconds not having to download / install anything. I’ve tested the Series X and Series S and it’s barley a difference. I’m able to pick up and resume my save data from Series X to Series S no problem. Gears of war 5 or WWE 2k22 for example are just about the same on both. Series X - more storage, physical games CAN be played. Slightly better resolution. Loading time differences are to be within seconds nothing wild to report. Series S - Digital only! Meaning no physical games can be played. WiFi is required to set up and download games. Once it’s fully updated and games are downloaded it can be used offline but WiFi is needed to first set up the console and download games!! Series S should not be put down or downplayed, more information should be out there to help customers know this is truly next gen. The Series S is easier to find and it’s nothing wrong with it. Example of storage. Series S. Currently have 6 Xbox series X/S optimized games installed, 9 Xbox one games installed, 3 Xbox 360 games installed 1 Xbox (original console) game installed. Still have 52 GB free !! Downloading my library from Xbox one (previous generation Xbox) to Series S was super easy via the Xbox app. (Available on Google play android and iOS App Store) Much easier than Sony PlayStation has been. Xbox wants you to keep your library and keeps giving added backwards compatibility! I’m so happy with my Series S and don’t even care about the Series X anymore. It’s the same thing to me with little differences that aren’t worth the price difference. And not to every gamer it will be worth the price difference. The loading and quick resume give new life into last gen games that had long loading times ! Something like UFC 4 gets a lovely FPS boost along with Far Cry 5 and many others. Games you’ve already paid for are upgraded and new games will slowly unlock the true power of your purchase. You won’t be needing to trade the Series S in for an upgrade because it will be able to run the new titles and keep up just fine! It’s even small enough for different delivery options ! I got my Xbox delivered to a local stores locker ! It was super light to carry and didn’t come in a box revealing what’s inside thankfully. If you deeply care about 4 to 5 extra bushes and a pinch more draw distance that doesn’t make a difference to the degree that you wouldn’t be able to react. Like a driving game you’ll be able to have the same experience on both consoles same game just the series x might have slightly more available to see in the distance. If storage is that important to y’all or resolution go with the X. But if you want next gen and don’t need the extra storage, don’t care about physical games, and want to save money go with the Series S. Don’t miss out on next gen waiting out for the normal priced Series X if the S is available. This review is to help others understand the difference between the many names of Xbox consoles and see if the Series S is the best option. If not some information about the Xbox Series X is in my review to help to decide. Also to help parents out to make the right purchase for a potential surprise gift! Reviews are always designed to help out others and I hope it has been clear to help out others!!! ... show more
Reviewed in the United States on June 29, 2022 by Mr. Campbell

  • First time console buyer - Astonished!
Platform For Display: Xbox Series S 512GB
I always used to camp on the PC Master Race side and rightfully so. For those who want to squeeze the last polygon detail out of their games, PC wins hands down. Until I decided to dip my feet into the console world and I now understand why it is so popular. Here is my top 3 reason Xbox Series S is such an awesome console: **Positives:** 1. **Priceless Laughs - Literally:** Scored the box at $240 (sans 3-month Game Pass). Even at $300, it is cheaper than therapy and light-years ahead in value. Good luck finding a PC on sale that can compete at the gaming performance and experience. 2. **Quick Resume - Console Version of Time Travel:** Microsoft's Quick Resume feature is the real-life cheat code. Turn off the console, unplug it, do a cartwheel if you feel like it, and when you're ready to play again, it's like your game never heard of the concept of shutdowns. It's the magical pause button for reality, minus the messy consequences. 3. **Pixel, Please! (or Not):** Series S delivers Native 4K gaming, and for those who debate pixels like it's a philosophical dilemma, fear not. Even upscaled frames are like a culinary masterpiece – you won't notice if the chef used a different spice, and it still tastes like victory. Cinematic experiences galore, even if the hairs look like pixelated spaghetti up close. But hey, who needs hairbrushes in the Wild West? **Negative Aspects:** 1. **Storage: Sibling Rivalry Edition:** The Series S's 512GB storage is like having a cool older sibling with a tiny room – it's great until you realize there's no space left for your stuff. A few AAA games later, and you're playing a digital version of Tetris with your storage. The struggle is real, but it's just a minor inconvenience, like having to choose between sneakers or canvas for the day. 2. **Card Shock Therapy:** Expansion Cards may cost a kidney, but Quick Resume is the VIP ticket to gaming nirvana. Sure, they're pricey, but isn't that the cost of luxury? These cards are the designer handbags of the gaming world – nice to have, but not a must. 3. **Disc-less Dilemma:** GameStop's pre-owned game hunt feels like a treasure hunt; Xbox Store discounts are more like rare Pokémon sightings. Yes, digital is convenient. What's more convenient is the ultra cheap games you get at GameStop for pre-owned disc games. **General Experience:** The Xbox Series S is like a buffet – some choices are not as appealing, but you still leave with a full belly and a smile. It's the imperfect hero we need, not the one we deserve, and that's okay. Keeping mine for sure! ... show more
Reviewed in the United States on December 17, 2023 by Pratima G

  • Very good for the price
Platform For Display: Xbox Series S 512GB
I have been using it for a year and I put this review because now I can say that it is incredible it has good power and to pass the time it is perfect, the only negative point would be the storage since it fills up too fast, and the storage expansion card something expensive and for that price an Xbox series X would be better, still this console exceeded my expectations. Apart from the Xbox game pass I can play most of the games I want and it's a good option to try video games ... show more
Reviewed in the United States on April 7, 2024 by Luigi

  • It’s amazing
Platform For Display: Xbox Series S 512GB
I’ve had the Xbox series s for almost 6 months and I love it the gameplays smooth and it’s great for watching movies if your looking for a budget Xbox this is the way to go
Reviewed in the United States on March 18, 2024 by Noah

  • Great Console
Platform For Display: Xbox Series S 512GB
My brother is loving his new console. Easy to set up and has a much smaller design than the Xbox One S. Be aware that this is a DIGITAL ONLY console. You cannot use disk games. We knew this upon purchase but could be a surprise to customers who didn't look hard at the description.
Reviewed in the United States on December 28, 2023 by Jake F.

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