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SAMSUNG UN55RU7100FXZA Flat 55-Inch 4K UHD 7 Series Ultra HD Smart TV with HDR and Alexa Compatibility (2019 Model)

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Size: 55 in

Style: TV only


  • Product Dimensions: W/ Stand: 48.8" W x 10.3" D x 31.2" H | W/o Stand: 48.8" W x 6.2" D x 33.5" H
  • 4K UHD Processor: Powerful 4K UHD Processor Optimizes Your TVs Performance by Upscaling Every Show, Season, and Scene With 4K Picture Quality
  • Enhanced Detail with HDR: 4K Depth of Detail with High Dynamic Range Lets You See Shades of Color That Reveal More Detail than Hdtv Can Deliver
  • Purcolor Reveals Spectrums of Color: Millions of Shades of Color Reveal a Vibrant, Lifelike Picture That Conventional Hdtv Cant Create
  • Smart TV Features: Simple on screen universal guide to find streaming content and live TV shows, OneRemote to control all compatible devices, smart speaker expandability with Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility, and more
  • Sleek, Slim Design: Modern and Polished, the Sleek Design Naturally Fills the Contours of Your Space with Refined Design


See all your favorite entertainment as it was meant to be seen with the Samsung UN55RU7100FXZA Flat 55-Inch 4K UHD 7 Series Ultra HD Smart TV. Featuring a powerful 4K UHD processor, this UHD Smart TV offers 4x the resolution (3, 840 x 2, 160) of Full HD 1080p HDTV. The 4K UHD processor instantly upscale content to 4K-level picture quality, even from non-native 4K sources, allowing you to enter the world of 4K with every show, season, and scene. Adding to the level of realism, the TV includes HDR (High Dynamic Range) and Proctor to reveal millions of shades of color with a vibrant, lifelike picture that HDTV can’t create. UHD Dimming dynamically fine tunes the deepness of the blacks to the brightness of the whites for a picture with sensational contrast. The slim design of the Samsung RU7100 naturally fills in the contours of your space with a refined, modern aesthetic that complements your lifestyle. The Samsung 7 Series UHD TV includes smart features such as One Remote, on-screen universal guide, smart speaker expandability with Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility, and more. BLUETOOTH CAPABILITY only supports audio profiles such as Ear Buds, Headphones, and Soundbars, but does not support Human Interface Devices such as a keyboards.

Brand Name: ‎SAMSUNG

Item Weight: ‎38.1 pounds

Product Dimensions: ‎10.3 x 48.8 x 31.2 inches

Item model number: ‎UN55RU7100FXZA

Batteries: ‎2 AAA batteries required.

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: ‎No

Color Name: ‎Charcoal Black

Special Features: ‎4K UHD Processor; HDR; PurColor; Slim Design; Smart TV with Universal Guide

Speaker Type: ‎2CH

Date First Available: February 3, 2019

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Top Amazon Reviews

  • Great picture at a great price, BUT...
Size: 43-Inch Style: TV only
In this age of 4K TV onslaught, Samsung seems to still be hangning on to the quasi-top spot by a fingernail and a thread. Some can argue that LG's OLED screens are better looking than Samsung's QLED varients but that's not an argument for this review. There are plenty of places you can go read about the differences from that perspective. Let me say up front that I've been a Samsung TV fan for many years and have had reasonably good, if not great luck with their products. They have proven very reliable (for the most part) and seem to maintain a quality image (without 'burn-in') for a very long time. So, with that in mind I recently replaced an OLD UN55D8000 series 55" TV with a 65" Q80R as our main TV. And that Q80R is fantastic in every aspect! That lead me to purchase this 43" RU7100 series unit as a home-office TV and "Client monitor" for my professional video editing rig as I am in the media industry. (I know, fellow video editors - it's not going to be calibrated/accurate, etc. and frankly, that's the point - so I can show output on a 'normal' TV to clients. We can see 'true' versions of output on my main calibrated monitor for comparison.) OK - Let me say right now, I'm going to get wordy here because I think there are some things you should know prior to spending your money on this particular TV, so bare with me, please. Enough already; let's get down to business... The picture on the UN43RU7100FXZA is very clear and colors are mostly accurate (leaning towards the cool side) and the new Samsung SmartHub user interface (UI) is lightyears away/better than the old version found on our old 2012 55" 8000 series TV. And it's consistent across all the new TVs as far as I can tell. (Not so in prior generations.) It picks up Internet based programming well and has a number of good apps for streaming content, including most , if not all of the majors as well as the new Apple TV (on which it seems EVERYTHING costs extra, so what's the point? Typical Apple.) 4K content looks very nice and clear. The TV uses a 120Hz refresh rate to avoid motion artifacts, which is mostly successful. While there is virtually no big judder or tearing, there is still smear and drag/blur - especially on larger format content (i.e. 4K native content where there's a tremendous amount of processing going on) or severly upscaled srteaming content like SD Netflix - but some of that can come from the streaming service's ability to deliver as well. Many, if not most people won't/wouldn't care or maybe even notice these artifacts but since I'm in the media business, they stand out to me like a 2x4 to the face. Indeed it took me until 2019 to even buy a consumer grade 4K TV for my home as I couldn't justify the price in prior years for what I saw as utter garbage when it came to displaying motion (artifacts) on even the most capable and expensive TVs - so take my observations here with a grain of consumer salt unless you, like me are bugged by such as well. And if I'm honest, I STILL haven't seen a single consumer grade TV that doesn't present some form of motion artifacts but it's gotten tolerable now. That said, this TV upscales VERY nicely for how inexpensive it is. In other words if you're watching a show that is presented in anything less than 4K (most programming) and especially older SD 480P content, it scales it up to fit the 4K res screen very well without it looking overly pixelated, smeared, pasty or blurred. An extreme example of this I recently noticed was watching the 1980-released movie "Altered States" (which has outlandish visual effects for its day) on streaming service Vudu - not the best quality streamer at all - and considering all the work the TV had to do to present the movie full-screen (no letterboxing, etc.), it looked GREAT! OK, so it looks good, has a decent SmartHub UI and connects to the Internet well (both wired and wirelessly), so why the "Average" 3-start score? What's not so good? Well... to start with, the remote control is a little too small. I mean, it's a nice size in the hand but they attempted to pack far too much functionality in too small a space and the result is the buttons are way too close together. For instance. when you are attempting to enter an email address to sign into a service and you're half way through a long string of characters, it is FAR too easy to hit "Return", "Exit", "Guide" or "Hulu" and lose everything you just 'typed' & have to relaunch the process/app/etc. and start over. The A/B/C/D buttons (otherwise known as 'color' buttons) are nto separated at all from the mass of other buttons around them, making them hard to pick out (esp. in a dimly lit room as the remote has no backlight) and in fact NONE of the buttons are separated by anything but size. There's just one big cluster of buttons eqaully spaced from top to bottom across the entire face of the remote! It's something of a mess to operate. Operation of the remote relative to response time on the TV is also quite sluggish. This is perhaps an indication of processor speed under the UI more than transmission rate from the remote(?) but either way, the result is sluggish. These two combined can make for quite a frustrating user experience. AND - to boot, every other Samsung TV I've owned has had the capability to connect a Bluetooth wireless keyboard to it so as to avoid some of the issues with the remote I've mentioned. And let's face it, no matter whose TV it is, navigating an on-screen keyboard with N/S/E/W & <Enter> keys on a remote is a tedious and sucky experience. Indeed, the documentation and promotional copy for this TV indicate that it is has the capability YET, there is NO option to pair or connect a wireless keyboard to the TV. According to the manual (which states you CAN attach a BT KB) you use a regular USB-connected keyboard via one of the TV's USB ports (talk about old school!) which I tested and lo-and-behold, it works! Not really practical for me but hey, if you sit that close or have a keyboard with a 20' cable and that's OK with you, go for it! To be clear here again, I am not the only person experiencing this missing BT KB pairing/connectivity issue; others are complaining about it as well. There's simply no menu option to make it happen. I use a keyboard extensively on my TVs for search, entry of account info, and Internet browsing, etc. so this is a HUGE drawback for me. You CAN add Bluetooth headphones/speakers easily enough in a different menu but Settings/General/External Devices/Input Device Manager/Keyboard Settings only provides you the options to change your keyboard language and type (i.e. country) but there is NO Bluetooth option at all. Indeed, the help in the menu indicates that these options are for USB-connected keyboards. No Bluetooth Devices, Device List, Add a Device, etc. that show up on other TVs exists relative to input devices on this model TV. To dig a little deeper on this subject, I loaded the latest firmware... Nope. I even started a support chat with Samsung and let the tech remotely connect and take control of my TV. He searched around, Factory Reset the unit and more but couldn't make it work either. At first he then fell back on a boilerplated "I see your keyboard isn't compatible" response hoping I'd buy that crap and go away. Others have been told this too (check other reviews on the Web) but when I challenged him on it - "Which keyboard are you referring to?" "How do you know which keyboard I'm attempting to pair?" "In order to pair ANYTHING, there has to be a 'Pair Device' function - and there isn't on the TV" etc. Even a neophite knows that a device would at least have to be attempted to pair before you can determine compatibility. Once he found out I actually had a clue and was not going to go for such BS, he ulitimately ended up telling me "It seems to be an internal issue with the TV and it needs to be physically diagnosed by the technician." and asked me to schedule a repair service call & provided a link to do so. He said "This TV absolutely supports Bluetooth keyboard" but could not actually prove it/DO so or even find a menu that came close to offering it. This seems to be a manufacturing oversight by Samsung. I scheduled the repair call just for yuks and to actually follow the tech's request. If thru some magic the on-site tech can produce the functionality, I will gladly come back and update this review but I am not feeling much hope. At the end of the day, the fact that the feature is promised yet not delivered is at least 1.5 stars off for me - especially on a feature that I use so often. OK, horse beyond sufficiently beaten... Moving on. With the launch of Samsung's new SmartHub platform/architecture, a lot of apps that used to work/were available in the old system are gone. This attrition of seriously useful apps (some that come to mind are RedBull TV and IPVanish for instance) is a drawback for me as well. There goes another 1/2-1 star... Perhaps those services' developers are working to catch up and port their apps to the new platform. For that I am holding out hope. Finally, there's connectivity. Yes, it hooks to the Internet OK but I'm talking local connections. Oddly, this TV has RCA component inputs (what?! a little dated, eh?) and HDMI in's but does not have any DisplayPort/Thunderbolt or USB-C ports. The HDMI port that has ARC is HDMI-3. While ARC not being on HDMI-1 is not that uncommon (why mfg's do this I've never understood,) putting it on 3 seems espeicaly odd and annoying. The USB ports that do exist appear to be USB 2.0 only which is seriously short-sighted for a 2019-release TV and the competition is definitely steps ahead here. I hope I'm wrong on the version of the USB ports. If you're going to plug in a device like a Fire TV 4K Stick, I'd think that the port's bandwidth would need to be higher than v2.0. I know; the video data stream doesn't actually travel thru the USB device but I'd think the control structure code to keep a 4K datastream in check, etc. would require a little higher bandwidth than USB 2.0. As far as I've seen, the TV nor the documentation specify the version of the USB ports but they have no "SS" or "3.x" markings, so I'm ASSUMING the worst. Like I said - I hope I'm just flat out wrong here. Add all this up, and considering the very considerable competition on the market right now, I honestly can't give this TV higher than an "Average" 3-star grade. I can't ignore the fact that the default support answer for missing functionality (BT KB) is to spout out some false crap about "your keyboard isn't compatible" and hope the customer is uneducated & will just go away (again - look around at other reviews; it's not just me...) really gets under my skin. Just admit there's a problem already that will (hopefully) be corrected in a future update but don't BS/lie to the customer. That's just bad business. Anyway (stepping off my soap box)... All in all, these days, a TV is about more than just picture quality. It has to live up to much more because we're asking it to do much more now. Taking that into consideration, while this TV has an acceptable picture quality, it has some serious shortcomings that, if you're shopping you should know about ahead of time - and figure into your final decision about what you ultimately spend your hard earned money on. If you value a wireless keyboard, a remote-to-TV-action experience that is crisply responsive, modern connection availability, and a picture that is free from motion blur, you might want to consider a different TV than this one. At least go see this unit in person and play with it before you buy - something I didn't do and should have, leaving me wishing I had. I was beyond my return window before I even unboxed this unit due to a relocation/move but if I could, I probably would return it based on these issues. Perhaps I'd spend a little more and gotten a Q60R series or a competitive brand; who knows... Too late now. I guess I'll just use it mostly for a client monitor connected to my BMD card but that still leaves me wanting, so 3 stars it is. If you've read this far, perhaps I've offered some info that will/has help(ed) you. I certainly hope so, as I appear to have written a novel. LOL Cheers & all the best in your TV hunting! ... show more
Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 19, 2019 by C. Hawks

  • I might be lucky - very few problems with what I think is outstanding value.
Size: 43-Inch Style: TV only
I read with great interest most of the negative reviews on Amazon and I have to admit I have very few of reported screams of pain - so I will go through my experience with the major complaints, one-by-one: 1. Annoying setup - yes, having to go to computer to remember or reset passwords you have not used in forever slows you down, but you get through it. 2. Bloatware, yes, but you just ignore it - what's the beef. There is bloatware on everything including every cell phone - so what? Ignore it. Most of it can be "removed" from the "Smart Hub" screen/menu area. The things that cant be removed I ignored. I will tell you when you register the TV - DO NOT CHECK box that says give me ad's, and make sure you DO NOT check the agree with all and continue - leave Ad unchecked and click continue not the Agree with all. Saves a lot of "stuff" from coming to TV. 3. Complaints about loosing connection to network -- Not for me, wireless Netgear NIghthawk R7000 Router with 5ghz wifi in next room. Rock solid even before being notified there was a firmware update which I did. Was still rock solid after the update. As a retired computer teacher, I am going to guess that many have router signal strength issues - I have old home built in 70's without insulation in any interior walls and nothing metal in between the router and the guest bedroom where this TV is. For those that have problems, might get a WIFI extender for your Router (same brand as your router), put it in the room with the TV and see if there is any improvement. If not return it where you bought it and tell them - no improvement. 3. Loosing connection every day - not for me - either my gamming quality router might be doing a better job than others, or the Samsung firmware update fixed it. I am going to guess that others have routers that are not reliably giving a consistent IP address (called DHCP) to the TV which I had occur one time - until I logged into my router and put the prior IP address into the RESERVED section. I think the best action is to not allow the router to hand out IP address to the TV but to fix a specific IP address for the TV. Playing Russian roulette with IP addresses is not good for consistent network connectivity. If what I just said is geek/greek, call your Router Manufacturer or your internet provider or possibly Samsung to ask for help in setting up a "fixed address" or "reserved address" for your TV. OR get a computer guy/gal friend to help. 4. Complaints on TVplus channels being slow - yes, but for me with only a 30mbit download connection --- no slower than surfing the web on one of my PC's and going to a highly graphic web page like the Disney web site. Not a whole lot there that I would be watching anyway. Already removed about 2/3rds of the 60 stations that I would never watch. 5. Movement/Lag complaints - didn't see that, did Netflix, Amazon Plus, even a 4K video from Prime - all with fast action and there was no problems; however, I am not a gamer - have NO feeling for what video will do on games. I would guess if you are a hard core gamer - you are probably better off with a QLED model (which I have and love - couple of steps above this TV and of course about $1500 more). 6. No Bluetooth keyboard - no problem for me - plugged in a Logitech K400 receiver in the USB port (NOT THE ONE MARKED FOR HDD/SDD) and my keyboard with built in flat mouse pad worked great. No complaints. 7. I don't get complaints on sound quality - I have moderate to severe hearing loss and even without my hearing aids, with the sound set to "OPTIMIZE" in the 12 ft x 10 ft guest bedroom with tile floors, and very little on walls - the sound was great and very clear. I would guess that in a large family room with plush carpet and lots of plush furniture - might not be able to power a room that large - carpet and furnishing would absorb a lot of the sound. 8. Complaints about no old style RCA jacks - no, I think there is - but kind of hidden. There are 5 RCA style jacks marked -- 3 are video component R/B/G with one at the end half yellow/half green - which I think is the video you would use for VHS tape player with the two on the left (audio R/L - Red/White) - being used for sound. It appears like you can plug into it one way for component input and one way for old style RCA BUT not both - one or the other. Don't have a VHS player to test but it appears like it would work. Maybe another reviewer can test this and comment here or submit a review. 9. Poor picture quality - for me only standard over the air - old TV channels - lacked "quality" but everything HD was outstanding. Not as good as QLED 55", but for $1500 less I am thrilled about the quality. 10. No Bluetooth for sound bar/headphones. Yes, but you don't want it - put Bluetooth on high end Samsung Qled and the talking heads for news or any voices were way off from the sound not matter how you adjusted it. Better to connect to the Optical Audio out with will avoid the performance issues. Yes, that will cost a little more than poorer quality sound Bluetooth stuff. 11. Horrible manual (and web site not much better) - absolutely correct - no detail diagrams and examples of how to hook up various things from Old VHS to Optical Sound devices to keyboard, etc. I was tempted to take of a star for this but decided the lack of a good manual and instructions didn't affect the performance of my set. A list of "compatible" devices or more detail on them would have been great. You listening SAMSUNG? Bottom line for me - great value, great picture, great sound, and great addition to guest bedroom. This is the 4th or 5th Samsung TV for our family, extended family over the last 20 years- this is very good for our needs. ... show more
Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 20, 2019 by techteachok

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