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BalanceFrom All Purpose 4'x10'x2" Extra Thick High Density Anti Tear Gymnastics Gym Folding Exercise Aerobics Mats

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Color: Purple2


  • 10 feet long 4 feet wide at 2-inch thick firm high Density EPE foam is ideal for activities and exercises such as yoga, aerobics, Pilates, and martial arts
  • Surface is made of non-toxic lead-free durable 18 oz puncture resistant and non-absorbent vinyl. Moisture resistant technology makes the mat to be easily washed with soap and water
  • Velcro on all sides make it easy to hook several mats together to make a large workout area or tumbling run and securing folded shape
  • A foldable, 4 panel design and handles on each mat make it easy to store and Transport your mat. Expanded dimension: 10' x 4' x 2"; folded dimensions: 48" x 30" x 8"
  • All genuine BalanceFrom products are covered by a 100% BalanceFrom satisfaction guarantee and 2-year BalanceFrom Warranty. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority


Overview: 10 feet long 4 feet wide at 2-inch thick firm high density EPE foam is ideal for activities and exercises such as yoga, aerobics, Pilates, and martial arts and many more. Surface is made of non-toxic lead-free durable 18 oz puncture resistant and non-absorbent vinyl. Moisture resistant Technology makes the mat to be easily washed with soap and water. Velcro on all sides make it easy to hook several mats together to make a large workout area or tumbling run and securing folded shape. A foldable, 4 panel design and handles on each mat make it easy to store and transport your mat. Dimensions: Expanded Dimension: 10' x 4' x 2"; Folded Dimensions: 48" x 30" x 8". 10 feet long 4 feet wide at 2-inch thick firm high density EPE foam is ideal for activities and exercises such as yoga, aerobics, Pilates, and martial arts Warranty: All genuine BalanceFrom products come with a 2-year warranty and 100% BalanceFrom Satisfaction Guarantee to make your purchase worry free. Simply contact us or your vendor if you have any questions. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. AT A GLANCE: -10' x 4' x 2" extra large -Foldable, 4 panel design -Easy storage and transportation -2-year warranty

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H: ‎48.03 x 30.63 x 9.06 inches

Package Weight: ‎7.34 Kilograms

Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎120 x 48 x 2 inches

Item Weight: ‎15 Pounds

Brand Name: ‎BalanceFrom

Model Name: ‎GoGym

Color: ‎Purple2

Material: ‎Vinyl

Suggested Users: ‎All

Number of Items: ‎1

Manufacturer: ‎BalanceFrom - Exercise & Fitness -- Dropship

Part Number: ‎BFGR-01PP

Model Year: ‎2017

Included Components: ‎Mat

Size: ‎One Size

Sport Type: ‎All

Date First Available: September 27, 2017

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Top Amazon Reviews

  • Used for Jiu Jitsu You can't beat the quality and $ per sq ft on this product!
Color: Black2
When I first saw the boxes arrive to my home I was pleasantly shocked. They were definitely big as one would hope for them to be. I say this because I was paranoid as to what 4 X 10 would look like in person. I opened the box with a box cutter, let me add that I strongly advise you to open these with the utmost caution, given that the mat material is only covered by a thin plastic bag. If you use a box cutter, as I have, please only use the most minimal incision depth to avoid punctures to mat material. Upon removing the mats, the first thing I noticed was the Vinyl Material. It was very much solid in that it wasn't baggy on the mat like other folding mats I have seen before. The material was firmly fitted with minor slack in certain areas, which is normal with any vinyl mat cover. The vinyl was very supple and not abrasive like other mats I have seen. The mat has on each end a strip of Velcro, to attach other mats to it. They also have a convenient handle once folded for easy carry. Best part is they come with a 2 year warranty. I unfolded and laid down the mat on the floor and was shook by how much space they took up, even my brother commented on his concern if we were gonna have enough space for them. I took out the other mats and started to connect them. Connecting the mats isn't too difficult. There is kind of a learning curve connecting them. My suggestion is to have the mat you are connecting overlap the mat thats on the floor and then gently slide the mat in to place on the velcro flap. I bought 3 Mats which is definitely enough if you want to spar comfortably 1 on 1. I'd say get 4 Mats if you wanna spar 1v1 in an MMA fashion. 3 Mats is enough for 4 people if technique is the only thing being practiced and drilled. Anyway, once we connected them, I spent no time waiting to test them out. Test 1: My biggest concern in getting these mats was that the foam wasn't going to be dense enough to provide comfort during my rolls. Boy was I wrong. These guys are very firm. Not so much that it feels like I am walking on solid bare ground but enough that I can tell what I was walking on is cushioned. My feet did not sink in much, if at all, when I stood on them. I did a few break falls and did not feel any sort of discomfort. I would not suggest slamming someone on these mats but I would feel comfortable having a take down done on me with these mats. Test 2: My next biggest concern was that the Velcro would not hold when doing shrimping movements or pushing off my back foot for a double leg. The mats held up just fine with no issue. No moving around on the bare floor or separation. Should that be the case at any point, I can always add strips of Velcro to the end "faces" of the mats but so far I don't think I will need too. Test 3: Drilling. I'll be honest, I have yet to do a full out sparring session on these because the reason I bought them was to do the Gracie University curriculum with my brother. He is not in anyway experienced in Grappling, so we only did technique drilling. These mats were as comfortable as can be. I forgot I was even drilling in my garage. The material is perfect for Jiu jitsu. I can't fathom getting mat burn from the material. My back felt comfortable in guard and even when my brother was working his mount attacks on me. For cleaning, I suggest not over saturating the mats with your cleaning solution. So put the mop bucket away. The best way I have found to clean them is to use a spray bottle (I use a bleach and water solution) and dry mop pad. Spray and push the mop pad down the mat till solution is spread and thinned out. Allow to air dry and put the mats up (or leave them down, whatever, they're your mats) Overall I will give them the following ratings: Material: 8/10: They by no means feel cheap but nor does it feel super expensive either. It is adequate and then some. The vinyl is very comfortable and solid. The mat foam is very firm and absorbs impact like a champ (well as well as a 2 inch thick mat could). It is all you need and then some. In the future I will buy a vinyl tarp to put over it to increase the mat life. Build quality: 8/10: While some customers have reported issues with the seams coming upon receiving them, they are in the minority of the reviews and I have yet to see much quality issues besides the occasional thread sticking out. They don't appear to be loose but maybe just end pieces that didn't get cut. You really have to look for it, it is by no means noticeable or bothersome or even concerning. The 2 year warranty helps me sleep at night too. The handles seem adequate and the Velcro doesn't seem flimsy at all. Set up: 9/10 I am not a fan of Velcro in the first place but to be fair this is just how folding mats lock, still way more convenient and comfortable than puzzle mat, set up isn't all that fun but they get the job done. While I prefer the ease in the Velcro setup that Gracie Garage mats used to have (Velcro on the flat ends of the mat), these seem to be more secure. Like I said, it is a learning curve but only a small one to align them just right. Taking the mats off and folding them is not too much of a hassle. Just pull the mat from the Velcro strip. I advise you to step or push on the fuzzy Velcro flap while you pull the other mat off to prevent any damage to the flaps. The mats fold up easily and the handle really helps transport them. Price: 10/10 You seriously can't beat this quality and $ per sq ft anywhere else. Overall Score: 9/10: Best 235 bucks I have spent. Do yourself a favor and get them! ... show more
Reviewed in the United States on November 21, 2019 by Matt

  • Good Mats for Martial Arts
Color: Black2
Our son is a martial artist and personal trainer, and has turned part of our basement into a workout and training area. He'd already had some mats down there made out of some sturdy foam that interlocks the different blocks. Those were okay, but were a pain to move and while they were thick, they were maybe a bit too hard. So he wanted something else that was easier to move and more closely resembled the mats he uses at martial arts. He found these and thought they might work. He ordered three of them. They arrived promptly. My first concern was their lightness. They arrived in large rectangular boxes. I picked one up to move it down to his area and it felt light. Very light. That made it easy for me to move them, but (without opening the box) raised questions about how functional they were. It turns out they're very functional. They're soft and light, but seem to hold up well. My son--a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt with about 15 years of experience on mats, both training and in competition--said they're good. His only complaint is that they show dust from feet very easily. They wipe down fine, so that's an irritant but not a major problem. Bottom line: They perform as advertised. They're lightweight but legit. ... show more
Reviewed in the United States on July 30, 2022 by Don T.

  • Great mat
Color: Blue2
I bought this mat for my 8 yo grandgirl. Their family lives full time in an rv so the mat has to withstand packing into the rv over and over as well as always being used outdoors. She’s had it for 9 months now and it’s doing an excellent job of cushioning her tumbles and turns. Good price. Good buy all around. ... show more
Reviewed in the United States on September 9, 2022 by dianablot

  • Good product for the price
Color: Black2
Good product for the price. Purchase these to practice jujitsu. They are a little hard however with use I figure they will soften up. The size is very long when you put two together it’s a perfect practice area.
Reviewed in the United States on September 12, 2022 by Michelle

Color: Blue2
My daughter got one and so did her step sister and they can Velcro together!!! We always have it out in the living room for karate and gymnastics
Reviewed in the United States on September 17, 2022 by Heather Ward

  • Perfect for Beginner-Intermediate
Color: Blue2
I bought this mat for my 7-year-old daughter. She is in level 2 in gymnastics. It is perfect for her to practice her basic maneuvers as well as her back handspring and back tuck. The quality is fantastic and we use it daily.
Reviewed in the United States on September 6, 2022 by Page S.

  • I like em
Color: Blue2
I bought 3 of the 4x10ft mats. Using for practicing judo including rolls and falls. Mine are on a carpet with pad, and I can roll and fall fine. Wouldn't want to be slammed hard on them though. The pads have firm density, definitely do not feel the floor beneath them. I don't wear shoes and so far the covers are holding up well. Had them about 2 months, and I'm the only user. The Velcro connectors have kept them together week. There is about half inch crack where pads connect side by side, which has not been an issue for me. The price may vary on these - bought the first one, then the next two I bought a couple weeks later and the price had dropped about $30 - maybe watch for cheap price before buying. ... show more
Reviewed in the United States on July 18, 2022 by Cindy Shelby

  • Love this!
Color: Blue2
I love this mat for exercising, stretching, yoga, etc. I do wish it was a little firmer, sometimes I feel like it isn’t as good for yoga because it isn’t stiff enough. I bought it big so I would have plenty of room but kind of wish I have bought it smaller so it would take up less room on floor and put away. ... show more
Reviewed in the United States on August 16, 2022 by K Way

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