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Beats Studio3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Over-Ear Headphones - Apple W1 Headphone Chip, Class 1 Bluetooth, 22 Hours of Listening Time, Built-in Microphone - White

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Color: White

Set: Studio3


  • High-performance wireless noise cancelling headphones
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices.
  • Pure adaptive noise canceling (pure ANC) actively blocks external noise
  • Real-time Audio calibration preserves a Premium listening experience
  • Up to 22 hours of battery life enables full-featured all-day wireless playback
  • Apple's W1 chip and industry-leading Bluetooth technology keep you connected farther with fewer drop-outs
  • With fast Fuel, a 10-minute charge gives 3 hours of play when battery is low. Rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • Take calls, control your music, and activate Siri with the multifunction on-ear controls and microphone
  • What's in the box: Beats Studio3 Wireless headphones, Carrying case, 3.5mm RemoteTalk cable, Universal USB charging cable, Quick Start Guide, Warranty Card (USB power adapter sold separately)


Beats and Apple are changing the way you listen to music with the Apple W1 chip in Beats Studio3 Wireless Bluetooth headphones. Incorporating the efficient W1 chip brings seamless setup and switching for your Apple devices, up to 22 hours of battery life for all-day full-featured playback with Pure ANC on, and Fast Fuel technology for 3 hours of play with a 10-minute charge. Industry-leading Class 1 Bluetooth technology keep you connected farther with fewer drop-outs. Pure ANC-off for low power mode provides up to 40 hours of battery life. The Beats Studio3 Wireless Bluetooth headphones are compatible with iOS and Android devices. Battery Fuel gauge light Up to 22 hours of battery life with noise cancelling on Up to 40 hours of battery life with noise cancelling off Fast Fuel: A 10-minute charge provides 3 hours of playback On-ear control Audio playback and volume controls Phone call controls General Height: 7.2 in / 184 cm Weight: 9.17 oz / 260 g Form factor: Over ear Power: Rechargeable lithium-ion Connectivity Apple W1 chip Class 1 Wireless Bluetooth® Micro USB port Other features Advanced venting Ergonomic pivoting ear cups Internal and external microphones

Brand: Beats

Model Name: Beats Studio3

Color: White

Form Factor: Over Ear

Connectivity Technology: Wireless, Bluetooth, Wired, NFC

Product Dimensions: 6.3 x 4.72 x 8.94 inches

Item Weight: 1 pounds

Item model number: MX3Y2LL/A

Batteries: 1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available: June 1, 2020

Manufacturer: Beats

Country of Origin: Japan

Charging Time: 22 Hours

Item Weight: 1 Pounds

Units: 1.0 Count

Number Of Items: 1

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Top Amazon Reviews

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Color: Matte Black Set: Studio3
My rating falls close to a 1.5 for multiple reasons: For starters, this headphone is marketed and sold as an ANC (Active Noise Cancelling), Over-Ear headphone. Typically, headphones like these are targeting people who buy them for travel (i.e. a plane ride) but also are helpful in any public space. Please keep this in mind for the rest of my comment. From the inside out, these headphones cannot hold their own with any other pair in the price range. I purchased my pair when they were 57% off, bringing the total from $350 to $160 (including tax), but I cannot in good conscious recommend them for either price bracket. Comparing them to the most common headphone in the $350 bracket, the Sony XM4 (and newly the XM5) are a essentially the opposite side of the spectrum when it comes to all qualities. They clearly lose the battle for acceptable headphones to buy for $350, but some could make a case for the discounted price. Everything I found wrong with the Beats (most to least important): - Sound quality is mediocre. I attribute this to the old design (nearing 3 years) and old parts (Apples W1 chip is long outclassed by the newest chips) With that said, I am also no audiophile (someone who has a keen skill/desire for high quality sound) but I can make general observations about the sound quality from the Studio3's. I can't give an super detailed review of the sound quality because I only listened to ~3 songs and maybe 2 videos. But I can say is the trope that "Beats just overbass their headphones" isn't true. I can't say what you find as a proper balance of bass, but to me it seemed fined and not too far one way or the other. But you can tell that the timbre wasn't all that it could be. For the MSRP listed, this should not be case, even for an old design that was adopted and revamped by Apple. - ANC, one of the primary marketing points, is horrible. This is comes from a variety of reasons other than just poor build quality, after reading into the making of the Studio 3's, Beats tried making an early "adaptive" ANC by changing the way sound is measured, processed, and then cancelled. However, it fails completely and everything from your fingertips rubbing together at arms length, to a pencil dropping behind a closed door is essentially the same with/without ANC on. The only different is bass is slightly toned down, you don't feel like constantly pressure that other ANC headphones give (kinda like you're in an airplane at max altitude), but you hear a slight "woosh" constantly. - As mentioned before, build quality as a whole is terrible. Straight out the box, the right earcup is crumpled a towards the bottom because of a poorly designed folding mechanism that squishes the earcup against the headband as it's packed into the case. The earcups themselves have this cheap, fake leather look and feel, the stitching is far apart and looks poorly made, the earcup foam is obviously cheap, it easily compresses (therefore there's a lot of air) but then refills as if the foam itself isn't compact but just large pockets of air (meaning the foam itself is low quality), and the size of the earcups is very small for over-the-ear headphones. So if you happen to be ok with everything I mention, having medium-big ears will already make the experience impossible to begin with. The top headband, a common weakpoint that's overlooked in headphone design, has literally no cushioning. They didn't even use the foam from the earcups, it's rubber on the outside (when slightly damp or if it just came off someone's head) feels comparable to a pencil eraser. There is a little give to the headband but the material underneath is too thin for me to discern from just pushing down. After wearing the headphones, straight from the box, you could start "feeling" the headband begin pressing into your head after ~1 hour, then feel that annoying soreness after ~1.5 hours of total listening. Once again, considering travel or just extended use would be expected of a $350 headphone, there were too many bad choice they let slide. With the buttons provided on the headphone, there is one good but a few bad things. Firstly, Beats Studio3 happen to be one of the few headphones in this bracket that have a distinct power button. But the action button and touch pad are the main concern I found. A lot of online reviews will say the action button (the beats logo) feels cheap and totally disrupts the hearing experience, but I can't say I completely agree. I do like a tactile button, but the button provided has a distinct and somewhat loud click. It doesn't inherently sound cheap nor satisfying to me, but that's partly subjective. However, you can hear the click very clearly when you are wearing them so if that's something you dislike, and you'd prefer a touchpad then be aware of that. One of my most concerning observations for the build was the Micro USB charger in the headphones. A lot of online reviewers bash on the cable that's provided to charge the Studio3 pair, but I don't mind that they were able to pack some ginormous cable because I can plug in the USB A into a nearby port for close charging. However, the choice for Micro USB charging as a whole is a bad idea to me. Micro USB is getting very old now, being outshined by Lighting and USB C when it comes to things like charging speed, data transfer speed, etc. But my main concern is durability. Again, a $350 pair of headphones should essentially guarantee you multiple years of use. I didn't fully test the battery life of the pair, but over my years of use with Micro USB I know that the cable itself can corrode but most importantly if the input port (like the one that built into the headphones) doesn't have good glue to hold it to the plastic inside of the earcup, then the port can pop out can render the charging useless. In the first example of the cable breaking with time, I'm sure a lot of people have old Micro USB cables laying around, but if the input port falls out, then you will be forced to use the provided AUX cord for the headphones (can't listen to portless devices like modern iPhones). - All the other complaints were at least somewhat merited regarding an expensive headphone. But this one is mostly based on aesthetic. Of these entirely subjective points, the most relatable would be the bulky carrying case the headphones come in. It's very wide and rounded, so it definitely won't sit in a backpack or carry-on without taking up unnecessary space. But if the case was designed to be wider/longer but slimmer (like the Sony XM4's) it could slide into thinner pockets without stretching out the bag. Also, forcing the headphones into a smaller but thicker case is what causes that earcup compression problem I mentioned earlier. The scale of the headphones looks off. From product pictures to models wearing them, the headphones look really nice and stylish. I bought the matte black pair, and I was excited to see how they looked. But they pair overall seems smaller than what you expected (like how I briefly mentioned the small earcups). The overall look seems like it could only give that proper "Beats" look on certain people with specific head sizes/shapes. If you happen to find this pair on sale, don't really care too much about noise cancelling, want a listening experience that is good but you don't mind if it isn't groundbreaking, but want a pair of headphones for more of the luxury aspect, then it wouldn't seem like a bad deal to buy these. ... show more
Reviewed in the United States on December 29, 2022 by O.Winnie Mittelberger

  • Outstanding Investment
Color: Midnight Black Set: Studio3
The headset has served well during zoom calls as well as for studying purposes in both the campus and in an office setting. The color has not faded and no deterioration of any kind can be perceived. I do recommend you keep the headset in a headset mount as keeping folded withing its case for an extended period of time CAN distort the shape of the ear cushions. For the Gym: The headsets have slight heft but nothing that will throw you off during a workout. I will advice not to buy this set for a dynamic style of working out as too much motion can cause the set to fall off your head but it can definitely withstand sessions of squats, bench pressing, dips, etc. Have not tested them for deadlifts. Do give them a quick clean to ensure it remains odor-free and clean. Hope this helps. ... show more
Reviewed in the United States on November 15, 2023 by Gio

  • One of the best on ear headphones
Color: Defiant Black-Red Set: Studio3
I really love these headphones, battery life is impressive, last many days. Volume can get pretty high with minimal distortion. Controls are easy enough to use. Sound quality is good enough for me. There are some people who might complain these are bass heavy, but for me, there are times I wish it had more bass, or the ability to play bass at lower frequencies. Noise cancelling is nice, but seemingly in a somewhat recent firmware upgrade (likely the last as this is an older model unit that might not be supported for too much longer), if you even turn your head a little and let some "air" into the area between your ear and the driver the noise cancelling seems to subdue for a few seconds and then stabilizes and returns. That is annoying, but not the end of the world. Also these often do not work that well in an airplane as the noise cancelling seems to get overwhelmed, typically on one side at a time and it starts to heavily distort the audio you're trying to listen to, worse at higher volumes. But otherwise, these are really nice headphones, I'm not sure about the build quality, they do feel a bit plasticky and the joint mechanisms that allow them to fold feel like they might break, but I've had my set for about a year now with no issues, though I am known for being more gentle than the average person. ... show more
Reviewed in the United States on October 3, 2023 by Reilly Hall

  • Durable and reliable
Color: Midnight Black Set: Studio3
I’ve had these headphones for over two years and they are still working great. The battery lasts for about 2 days of (constant) use. The noise cancelling is not the best in an extremely loud environment, but muffles conversations around you. Lastly, I got these specifically because the base is light. Loud base gives me a headache so if you like heavy base, I wouldn’t recommend these ... show more
Reviewed in the United States on November 25, 2023 by Ashley Pennington

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