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WONDERFOLD W4 Elite Quad Stroller Wagon Featuring 4 Face-to-Face Seats with 5-Point Harnesses, Adjustable Push Handle, and Removable UV-Protection Canopy, Volcanic Black

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Color: Volcanic Black

Style: W4_Elite


  • Polyester
  • Imported
  • PERFECT COLLAPSIBLE WAGON Folds easily and holds up to 4 passengers in removable/reclining seats, with five-point adjustable safety harnesses to keep the little ones secure
  • HIGHLY VERSATILE WAGON STROLLER Designed for kids 6+ months old and has a 99 pound weight capacity per bench (2 seats per bench) with a 300 pound total weight capacity. Once the kids are grown, the seats can be removed and it makes a perfect sports, camping, or beach wagon!
  • EASY-ACCESS FRONT ZIPPER DOOR Lets kids get in and out easily; it also makes storage a breeze
  • DEEP CARRIAGE BASKET Keeps kids safe and comfortable, with zippered mesh panels for optimal ventilation
  • SLIDABLE/REMOVABLE CANOPY Removable UV-protection canopy with height-adjustable rods provides shade for little ones while they ride in the carriage basket, and the sliding feature allows you to adjust the wagon canopy for the angle of the sun
  • LOADS OF STORAGE The WonderFold quad stroller also comes with extra storage on all sides including detachable rear basket, back panel pocket, and seat pouch for maximum storage capacity
  • ADJUSTABLE PUSH HANDLE Comes with neoprene cover and an optional pull strap for easy going on soft terrain
  • ALL-TERRAIN EVA TIRES Heavy duty wagon tires are excellent for everything from soft beach sand to hard, bumpy terrain
  • REMOVABLE FABRIC FOR EASY CLEANING Keep your baby stroller tidy with the conveniently designed, removable fabric liner that can be washed with mild soap and warm water
  • 1-STEP FOOT BRAKE Simple foot-operated brake locks the all terrain stroller safely in place

Product Dimensions: ‎23.5 x 13 x 33.5 inches

Item model number: ‎W4ELT-BLK

Maximum weight recommendation: ‎300 Pounds

Material Type: ‎100% Polyester

Care instructions: ‎Clean With Water and Mild Detergent

Additional product features: ‎Canopy, Folds for Easy Transport and Storage, Pram Mode, Adjustable Handle

Style: ‎W4_Elite

Batteries required: ‎No

Specification met: ‎Meets ASTM Standards

Harness type: ‎5 Point

Seating capacity: ‎4

Tire material: ‎Flat-Free, EVA

Folded size: ‎29 x 18.5 x 42 inches (WxDxH)

Item Weight: ‎60 pounds

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Top Amazon Reviews

Okay, I want to give this 5 stars (which I almost never do), but need some time with it under our belt to justify it, as I've got one serious concern I'll lay out in a minute and a few niggles, but WOW, this thing is amazing. I'm a gadget geek Dad of 7, who is about to now have 4 grandkids ages 2 and under (4th is on the way). I SO WISH we'd had something like this when our kids were growing up. I've thought about using my utility wagon to tote all the littles around at one time but like my kids, my grandkids are a little crazy, and I'm afraid one of them might literally go "squirrel!!!" or more likely "BUUNNNNNNYYYYYY!!!" and take a disastrous leap out. I wanted something I could secure them into but that also has higher walls to discourage that insanity. I can't take them all to the zoo in multiple strollers by myself, so I needed a solution to that problem. Then I saw one of these on a recent trip to the Omaha zoo, and after I grilled the poor lady about how well she liked it, I decided to do some more research and dive in even after she told me what it cost them. I looked at (I think) all the players here, including the X series from Wonderfold, Veer, and many others. I had to have 4 seats or the ROI just wasn't going to be there. I needed storage space and the unit couldn't require its own vehicle to transport it due to its size. There are a number of good choices, most in this same price range, but a few things make Wonderfold stand out to me. First, driveability. I didn't get the Elite with the XL tires (though I'm thinking of upgrading to the all terrains) but even the wheels this comes with are a JOY to drive on. I don't understand why more stroller manufacturers don't get the importance of good wheels/tires and the bearing they turn on. Holy crikeys this thing turns on grass, city streets, sidewalks -- everywhere I've taken it thus far -- smoothe as butter! As large as it is, you'd think it would take an extreme amount of torque to turn it, but it simply does NOT. Even folded -- and this was what amazed me as much as anything -- it is easily maneuvered. So awesome! Second, accessibility. I love the front-end hatch. This might seem silly, but if you've ever been holding a 6-month-old and tried to deal with getting a squirmy 18-month-old into their stroller, you KNOW how hard that can be. This hatch is AWESOME. It's such a simple idea but executed perfectly on this wagon; no other wagon I researched had this feature. It just works so well (EXCEPT the zipper pulls -- see below on that). The older kids can crawl in under the seat and then just pop up in between to climb into the seat, with no help. It took a time or two to get them to understand to exit feet first, but they're pros at this point. Third, foldability. Now this was a little challenging at first, and we're going to have to do some training with all the potential users, because there is what I think to be a small design flaw, but folding does work well and you don't have to be Popeye having just downed a can of spinach to accomplish it quickly. The latch to release is SOOOOOO easy to activate, but done in such a way that it WILL NOT be accidentally activated in any way I see that endangers the kids. Following the instructions and standing at the front, with the brake set, makes it just work. The one possible flaw is that the back seat, next to the push handle, seems to have a tendency to get pushed back behind the handle's pivot point release buttons, which drastically impedes the fold. It might be because ours is still new, but we've had to give the seat back a little tug each time to pull it in front of the handle locking buttons. A good sharp tug once we've gotten past that and the locking bar just locks on like it should and away you go. ONE NOTE -- I've seen reviews saying the handle doesn't fold flat. It's possible on older versions it didn't, but on this version the handle absolutely DOES fold flat, and if you want to store the canopy properly, you have to fold it flat, so not sure what's up for those reviewers. Fourth, the brake. This is my years of frustration with strollers and their laughably small or ridiculously stupid and difficult to activate brake "pedals", but man, this brake activates like butter melting on a hot griddle and LOCKS both back wheels. I've had the 2-year-old try to move it when its locked, and so far she can't. I love that it activates at both wheels, and it is a solid activation. It isn't too easy to deactivate, but easily enough done with one foot that you won't be breaking the bones under pressure. Fifth, the storage. This isn't perfect (see niggles below), but there are mesh pockets on one side of the seats , the flap pockets are pretty good for holding cups, the large pocket that comes with the unit holds a lot of stuff and I can add more. There are never enough pockets, but this does come with a few places to put your stuff and there are 3rd party accessory options that will help with this, too. Two issues: 1 - This might seem small, but it's one of the few areas where the customer experience isn't great. The zipper pulls are TINY, I mean like hobby doll jacket small. If they went to war with an ant, the ant would win kind of small. If you've ever dealt with squirmy kids in hand and needed to do something, the last thing you want to be messing with while you're trying to get juice boxes or snack packs or a toy or whatever out of the storage compartment is a super tiny color matching zipper pull that slips out of your hand 12 times before you get the marshmallow licked off your fingers enough to actually find and grab it. These things should 1) be the biggest pulls available, I mean like so big they're visible from space and 2) shiny orange like the fabric or at least not sniper-in-the-woods-color-matched-so-an-eagle-can't-see-them-even-up-close black. TINY thing that creates a HUGE frustration in real-world use case scenarios. Get some more moms/dads on your Engineering team and do real-world out-of-box testing with kids and messes all around to see how this plays out. Not good. Will likely be replacing these with solid 3rd party giant pulls. 2 - weight. This is the one that really concerns me the most. The videos of this product all show what look like real lifts of the wagon from pretty small yoga-pracitioning Moms, but I'm concerned about my wife and daughter-in-law lifting this without hurting their backs. You know you're in for a ride when the FedEx delivery lady looks at you asking for the signature and goes "what the heck is this thing, it's HEAVY!". And it is. You can read the spec sheet all you want, but grasping how 53lbs. plays out with the width and distribution of that weight is really hard to grasp until you do it. For me, it's not that big of a deal, but I've got more testing to do with the ladies and getting it into the back of a new model Honda Odyssey to know how intensive of a weight lifting program we're going to need. I don't think there is a competitive product that will be better, but beware of this going in. Some niggles: 1 - This thing is expensive and there could be more value in the package. I almost went to another brand because the additional elements that came with their wagon were very appealing. Product / brand stratification is one thing, but when you're spending this much on a wagon that's an aluminum frame and nylon cloth stretched over it, some of the pockets/storage/cup holder elements should just be included. The manufacturing cost of this cannot be so extreme that the stratification between Elite and Luxe with the added storage components is really there. I get some things like the XL wheels and the magnetic harness that drive unique value, but no cup holders for the parents on a $700 wagon? Really? Wonderfold lost business there b/c I was able to easily find 3rd party products that were WAY less expensive and more functional than the accessories they offer to fill that obvious product gap, without sacrificing quality. 2 - The seats could be designed a little better. First, having one pocket per seat only makes me wonder if anyone who worked on this design HAS children? Who in their right mind leaves a child pocketless if they sit on the wrong side of the seat while their sibling has a superior pocketed position? :-) Also, the recline function is a loosey-goosey kind of thing. If you're going to advertise this as a competitive differentiator, it would serve you better to make it clear WHERE to lock the seats in to get recline, not leave it all loose with instructions to "position the seat a little farther forward" -- this should be clearly marked either with indents in the frame or markers on the cloth, like an outline for the seat holding bracket labeled "recline" and "upright" or something like that so there's no mystery and recline can be implemented safely. All in all, did my spleen cramp when I spent the money? Absolutely. Do I regret it now that it's in hand and I can single-handedly take my grandkids somewhere? Nope. Not for one second. This is a good product that I think will last a long time and serve us through many grandkids to come. Absolutely recommend and might actually buy another for the kids to have at their house so I can keep this one at ours :-). I'll update if we encounter any major new positives or drawbacks in the coming months. ... show more
Reviewed in the United States on June 3, 2022 by Charles

  • Love it so far, could use some improvements though
Color: Gray Style: W4_Original
Update: We did figure out how to close it without taking the seats off at all, its a little harder to push together but it will lock shut. Makes it a lot easier/faster to get out and get goin. Only had this for a week but from the few walks I've taken with my two kids (6 and 2), I love it. The kids love it, they always want to bring it now when we walk to school in the morning (both kids and bookbag on the seat next to the oldest, still doesnt feel cramped). Going to the zoo this weekend with it, cant wait. Kinda long list already but I'll try to update every so often as we use it more over time. My husband put it together and figured out how to fold it. Folding it takes some work but once you understand how, it still takes time but its pretty easy. We couldnt get it to fold completely without taking the seat clips off (we leave the buckle in the middle of the back of the seats on and put the seat at the bottom of the wagon on top of the mat, like in the picture). Im 5'4", 160 lbs and i can fold it easily by myself. Make sure the brake is on when youre trying to fold it, pushing it from the zipper side into the brake side makes getting the lock in place super easy. ~ Putting on and taking off the seat clips is kinda annoying but after doing it several times its not so bad, not great if youre in a hurry though. Pull the clip up with one hand, slip a finger under the clip above the wagon bar and pull with your finger, comes off pretty easy then. Honestly putting them on takes longer for me. ~ I havent used the canopy bec its been pretty windy and im worried about it ripping like some people mentioned, but hopefully i can use it during the summer when theres less wind at least. ~ I like the storage basket under the handle, though i wouldnt put anything too heavy in it. Im using it to hold a couple small blankets for my kids, a pair of big children's binoculars for the younger kid, extra tissues. ~ The pockets on the sides are nice though the magnetic part isnt the greatest so it doesnt lay flat all the time but that doesnt bother me, i didnt notice it until husband pointed it out. I havent used them for anything but theres something you could use them for ~ I do like the zipper in front, i dont know how much ill use it for the kids to get in and out but is nice for storing things under the seats. The storage pouch on the zipper side i just put a couple books in for the kids. ~ I like that the padding itself can come out easy, just snaps around the top (sometimes the snaps come undone, easy to put back together though so no biggie). But it does make it hard to clip things onto the sides of the wagon (bags, toys, whatever) because its too thick. I got around this by putting industrial velcro strips underneath the padding onto the bar, then putting a clip onto the velcro. Its strong enough to hold small bags, kid coats. ~ I bought the "Premium Car Organizer" from Antcases to put inside the wagon for the kids, using the velcros and clips it fits quite nicely. Cup holders, room for their drawing tablets, fidget pop square, couple toys. Clipped a pair of smaller binoculars onto it too for the older kid. Took some time to get it on the wagon the way i wanted it but I put a picture of how i did it if anyone else wants to do the same. When folding i just unhook the clips attached to the thin metal pieces, its not perfect but it works. ~ The handle is way too short, even for me. I kick the brake unless i actively try not to by speedwalking with shorter strides or pushing the handle pretty far away from me which eventually makes my arms ache. The extended handlebar is sold out right now even if i wanted to pay that much for it (which i dont), i did find a DIY way so we might do that eventually. Having built in cupholders would be nice tho, like most strollers nowadays. We got a small stroller bag with cupholder spots in it for us parents though, hopefully they work well enough. ~ I also really like that you can push or pull this wagon around while folded and locked, without any effort at all, even my kids can do it. Our red flyer wagon wouldnt move unless it was flat which if theres no kid or stuff in it, its just in the way. ~ Pulling this up stairs is not fun, still doable though. Make sure its locked together and the brake is off, get some arm workouts done lol ~ Easy to push with two kids (85 lbs combined), a little rough going over a like 3 inch wall of uneven sidewalk but shouldnt be many of those around. ~ I do wish there was a little more leg room but with only 2 kids, i either have both in one seat or have one on the left side/one on the right. They seem to do just fine. ~ Also wish there was a way to keep the bottom from getting dirty so quick, which is to be expected but still. I'll probably bring something to put the boys' shoes in when they arent going to be getting in and out (plus it'd probably be more comfortable without shoes on anyways) ~ Altogether theres plenty of room to hold enough toys and books, etc to keep kids entertained on longer walks/adventures (whether by adding more storage like i did or simply using the space under the seats) ~ Be ready for the stares and all the comments and questions ~ Not sure if its worth $600 but hey happy wife, happy life right? ... show more
Reviewed in the United States on March 31, 2023 by Katie Katie

  • Amazing with flaws
Color: Volcanic Black Style: W4_Elite
I’m beyond glad I had purchased this even with the flaws I find personally. The space it has and versatility to use it is perfect! I can store so much inside and still have a ton of room for my kids to sit comfortably. I have added some extras like the cargo nets on the side to hold random things kids throw at me. And the cup holder across the push bar which is amazing to hold the drinks for everyone. Plus I had bought those straps that have clips and they work great if needing more drinks that have handles. The wagon also comes with these clips that can hold bags which is awesome. I love how I am able to personalize it for my babies too! I can fit both my 7 year old and 3 year old on one side and if I wanted I could let my 11 year old ride on the other but it does make it harder to push cause the weight of them all. My flaws is this is quite big which I wanted but getting it in the back of my traverse is a problem at times I have to take off the big wheels every time which is a pain when in a hurry and on the go I had to buy an attachment just to get those wheels off. Plus with it being a bigger size wagon it is kinda heavy. Not to terribly bad but not for the smaller mom forsure. I also wish that they would make more of the luxury seats so I could actually get one and see how it works. But they are ALWAYS out of stock on their items on the website. ... show more
Reviewed in the United States on August 9, 2023 by Nikkin

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