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Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair - High Back Desk Chair with Elastic Lumbar Support & 3D Metal Armrest - 130°Reclining & Rocking Mesh Computer Chair with Thick Seat Cushion & Rotatable Headrest

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  • Adjustable Office ChairYou can adjust back and lumbar support height; headrest height and angle, armrest height, angle, forward & backward; seat cushion height; tilting angle up to 130and rocking resilience to your personal most comfortable position
  • Ergonomic Backrest & HeadrestOur spring backrest can perfectly fit your spine, provide high elastic lumbar support and significantly ease the fatigue and pain of your back. Also, our big cuved foam headrest provides more comfortable neck and head support
  • Comfortable Seat & ArmrestUnlike other ergonomic desk chairs' thin shredded foam seat, out seat is made of 3 inches high density foam with W-shaped & waterfall-edge design, providing larger support area and disperse pressure on hip and thighs. Also, our durable metal-core armrest with bigger, thicker and softer concaved padding provides you more comfortable arm support
  • Metal Back & Unique MeshOur ergonomic office chair's metal & PA nylon back has much stronger bearing capacity compared with other ergonomic mesh chairs using PP plastic. Plus, our high elastic and breathable mesh provides elastic and comfortable back support, enabling long hours sitting relaxed without sweat
  • WarrantyWe provide 30 days money-back guarantee, one year warranty and professional after sales service for our high back office chair. If there is any quality problem, please contact us and we will provide you a 100% satisfied solution. This easy assembly ergonomic computer chair has comprehensive packaging with clear instructions; therefore, no need to worry damage or assembly issues


Why choosing Ticova? Ticova's professional design team has done their best to improve every parts of this ergonomic office chair by dozens of testing, so that we can offer you a real ergonomic chair. Ticova is a professional and fast developing company specializing on office chair. Due to the specialization, we can pay more effort on the design improvement and quality control of our office chair compared with others. Ticova’s ambition is to provide nicely designed and comfortable adjustable office chair with high quality and competitive price to our consumers. Kindly notes: If you find it difficult to press the wheels fully into Ergonomic Office Chair legs due to the ring on wheels, which can greatly reduce the vibration and noise of wheels, please use one palm to press the chair leg on the floor, while using another palm to press the wheel greatly into the chair leg. Usage advice: 1. Make sure the ergonomic mesh chair is firm enough before usage. If the mesh chair is shaky, uneven, tilted or with noise, please screw up further, especially for the leg screws. 2. Please sit deeper to experience more supportive backrest, seat cushion and headrest. 3. Please choose an open area for assembly. You may put the carton on the floor to prevent abrasion between the floor and the ergonomic mesh chair. 4. Avoid long time direct sunshine on the mesh office chair. Keep it away from fire and wet area. 5. Do not use chemical detergent to clean the high back office chair. 6. To unlock the tilting function, please pull the handle out and lean back slightly until a 'click' sound. Safety guarantee: Our mechanism, chair base, wheels and gas lift have passed BIFMA TEST; therefore, you do not need to worry about the breakage and other safety issue. We promise you a safe and comfortable lumbar support chair.

Color: ‎Dark

Brand: ‎Ticova

Special Feature: ‎可调节腰部

Frame Material: ‎Polypropylene, Nylon

Product Dimensions: ‎27.17"D x 9.84"W x 20.87"H

Furniture base movement: ‎Swivel

Seat Material Type: ‎Foam

Item Weight: ‎40 Pounds

Model Number: ‎C9

Model Name: ‎C9

Maximum Weight Recommendation: ‎150 Kilograms

Pattern: ‎纯色

Manufacturer: ‎Ticova

Item Weight: ‎40 pounds

Product Dimensions: ‎27.17 x 9.84 x 20.87 inches

Item model number: ‎C9

Material Type: ‎Nylon, Polypropylene, Plastic, Metal

Size: ‎USUAL

Manufacturer Part Number: ‎C9

Date First Available: October 28, 2019

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Top Amazon Reviews

UPDATE: I am posting this as a courtesy to other [tall] purchasers who might be tempted to do what I did. I said in my 1st review that I had jerry-rigged the chair back placement by pushing it back as far as I could to accommodate my long legs. I did it by leaving out the two side screws and putting the center screw into the forward hole in the lift mechanism plate that attaches to the plastic plate holding the seat back. [SEE 1ST TWO PHOTOS] It all seemed sturdy enough to go with only one screw - metal plate, thick, sturdy bolt, thick, tough plastic piece holding the chair back. I WAS WRONG! IF YOU ARE TEMPTED TO DO WHAT I DID TO GET SOME EXTRA SEAT DEPTH......DON'T!!!! I took a break from working, turned on the TV and released the seat so I could lean back to full recline. It wasn't the 1st time, but it was definitely the last. After 10 seconds, heard a CRACK! and an instant later I was crashing backwards - with the chair back - to the floor. The front edge of the plastic plate had cracked under the stress of my 215 lbs. and broken off. [PHOTO #3] I don't think this was in ANY WAY a fault of TICOVA's design or construction. The plastic piece that holds the chair back was made to hold THREE screws, not one. Using only the center screw put ALL of the stress at the end of the plate and it just wasn't manufactured for that much stress. So this was an accident entirely of my own making. I reattached chair back to lifting mechanism using the two [remaining] outside screw holes and seating the back's plastic plate all the way in - where it's supposed to be. So far, it seems solid and strong and I don't anticipate further issues. If I do have any more, I'll just email TICOVA, explain that I am a risk taking idiot who, not being an engineer, am not qualified to estimate tensile strength of anything much sturdier than a banana peel, and politely ask if I can purchase another base for the chair back. P.S. - ONE DAY of sitting in this chair my constant back pain after being in any chair more than 10 minutes disappeared. If you have a bad back, spend the money and get an ergonomic chair. ORIGINAL REVIEW: Just got this chair put together today and I've been sitting in it for less than an hour. However, I am so glad I went through the pain of sending back the first ergonomic chair I got and replacing it with this one. The first chair was the NOUHAUS ergo 3D Office Chair. The NOUHAUS is a beautiful chair, sturdy, well-made [so is this one] and perfect for anyone 6' and under. I am not. I'm 6'2" with long legs and the seat depth with that chair is 16.3". After realizing the first chair was too small, I dove back in and found this TICOVA ergonomic chair, which bills its seat depth at 20.5". It sounded perfect; I like the seat to extend out nearly to the back of my knees, so an extra 4" seat depth fit the bill. The seat didn't feel like it had an extra 4", so at first I panicked. I didn't want to spend $800-1000+ on a chair, but I was nearly resigned to having to order an X-Chair because of the adjustability. I was able to make an adjustment to the seat placement which solved the problem, though I'm not sure if the company intended the solution, as I had to leave off 2 of 3 screws that attaches the chair back to the seat and use a different hole than the intended one for the 3rd screw. [Pictures] Fortunately, it's a thick screw/bolt, and I'll save the other two in case this one snaps from my Covid depression-eating weight gain. This issue could be easily remedied if TICOVA simply changed the design & placement of the holes on the seat plate, which the chair back fits into. I'm not even sure what the extra three holes are for, so if I was redesigning the plate, I'd lose the two back side holes and the smaller front/center hole. Then I would lengthen the channels the screws fit into to allow the chair back to slide as far to the rear as possible. I think, frankly, that I would lengthen the base plate, too. That would allow for even more adjustability and potential seat depth. Am I quibbling? No. I may be 6'2", but my inseam on jeans is only 32"; they fit me fine. But people are getting taller all the time. [My 16 y/o son is already 2" taller than me!] What does someone who's 6'4" or 6'5" do? With a small redesign, TICOVA could capture a broader segment of the market, and I'm all about market share. The chair is good enough that doing something other manufacturers are NOT doing would give them both a design and market edge. Okay, my rant is over. Here are all the cool things I love about this chair. 1. Jerry-rigging the chair back placement solved my problem. I now have a nice deep seat, which makes me very happy. 2. I am not - nor have I ever been - a fan of mesh chairs. I've worked at a couple companies where I was given an Aeron Herman Miller chair. My reaction was, "Meh." So I can't tell you how much I LOVE THE CUSHIONED, FABRIC COVERED SEAT! I'll live with the mesh back - I don't notice that as much as a mesh seat. But the seat is big and roomy and comfortable. If you have to have a mesh seat, there are plenty of other chairs out there. 3. CUSTOMER SERVICE. I [thought I] did not receive assembly instructions and immediately emailed the company's C/S support. They responded via email within an hour with a PDF version of instructions! Great C/S, TICOVA. Thank you. 4. Armrests aren't hard plastic. They're covered and padded. They're not *soft*; it is an office chair, after all. But I appreciate having a little give. I also love that the armrests are shaped and have convex channels. It just adds to their comfort. 5. I can sit upright in this chair without discomfort. The first chair I tried seemed a bit *too* upright - almost as though it was pitching me a bit forward of vertical. For someone with a bad back, it was wildly uncomfortable. I had to work with that chair in the first tilt-back position, which sort of defeats the purpose, doesn't it? 6. Comes with an Allen wrench and all the screwhead gauges are the same, regardless of the thickness of the screws. Nice touch. 7. The instructions are straight forward and the chair was easy to put together. 8. I wish the lumbar support was adjustable. They have a chair that does, but not this one. I don't how much more the adjustable chair is, but it's Christmas. Kids come first. DEAR TICOVA: My suggestion to make an adjustment to the plate at the back of the "Mechanism" [the plate that affixes to the seat] comes free of charge. But if you do make a change, feel free to send me the redesigned chair and I'll sing its praises! ... show more
Reviewed in the United States on December 10, 2020 by H. O'Connor

  • Better Chairs for the money
Ok this is a good looking and for the most part decent office chair you can spend hours in without fatigue. The lumbar support is just a piece that fits into you and you can adjust with these little plastic rings. It provides ok support but probably nothing like the chairs that have an adjuster there to tighten or loosen the amount of support you could get, I would have liked to see that in this chair. The headrest is cumbersome to get into and out of the top of the chair, but it does adjust and can come out if you do not want a headrest. Putting this together was very easy and it is made out of metal so it will support up to the 300+lbs weight class easily. I purchased the better wheels and armrest covers as well which makes it move better and easy to rest your arms. The regular pads are ok but covers make them much more comfortable. Also, did not like how fast it reclines back, makes you feel like your going to fall backwards so thats a negative for me. I keep it locked in the upright position. Overall for what I spent it is a good chair, good weight support, good metal and mesh materials but spending more will probably be worth the level of comfort I was seeking for this setup, so $500-$1000 chairs are going to be more comfortable and let you sit longer and be a better investment for the long term but for the $200 range, its a pretty decent chair. Update: 1/14/2021 Ok I was wrong on the recline part of my review. If you tighen the knob under the char, it tightens so when you recline there is significant resistance. So I've updated my review to a full 4 stars with the only penalty being a lack of a lumbar knob to increase or decrease lumbar support. This is evident in other similar priced chairs. However, there may be other differences in those chairs compared to this one. However, lumber support is very important. This chair is nice and works for the price point. If it had the lumber adjuster and a thicker seat cushion it would be tight in th espot of a great chair. The quality components are a strong point. Lumbar and headrest are the bad. ... show more
Reviewed in the United States on January 9, 2021 by TBonez

  • Tall enough for 6'5", weak ass reclining spring
PROS: I spent a long time looking for a chair under 300$ that works for tall people. I'm 6'5" tall. This is the one I ended up going with because of the looks and headrest. The back when put together with all the spacers is about 2 inches below the top of my shoulders (which is fine for me). The headrest is usable at any of the highest 8 positions, I put it all the way up when I have my hair down, and lower when I have my hair in a ponytail. The max height of the chair leaves my legs at almost 90 degrees when I have the bottom of my legs vertical ~85 degrees. But I actually use it al the lowest height so that my eyes and arms are in the correct location relative to my monitors, and desk. It actually goes a few inches lower than the chair I've been using which is an improvement. CONS: I am 6'5" and ~190 lbs, The reclining action with the adjustment at max strength is super weak, it pretty much just goes all the way back when I once it passes ~ 15 degrees of leaning back, seems like gravity and leverage take over and it just goes down to the full reclining angle. I have the back adjusted all the way back and up, so there is a little more leverage than if the chair is configured differently but I think it would still be weak even configured in a way that minimizes the leverage when leaning back. *Edit: just to clarify, you can lock at a few positions when reclining if you want to only lean back a certain amount. This functions as intended, but I would rather have a stronger spring to be able to lean back to whatever angle I want.* The armrests are kind of meh, semi soft foamy rubber... Seems like they should be easy to clean as long as they don't degrade over time. They are not super comfortable but are better than my previous chair. I might end up getting armrest covers, they are an easy shape to get covers for. ... show more
Reviewed in the United States on October 31, 2020 by Collin

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