Amazon Brand – Rivet Aiden Mid-Century Modern Tufted Loveseat Sofa (74") - Cognac Leather

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  • This sleek, mid-Century inspired loveseat is designed to impress. A tufted bench seat cushion, plush back cushions, tapered wood legs, and tidy bolster pillows provide just the right mix of comfort and contemporary edge.
  • Dimensions: 74'' W x 36.2" D x 30.3" H | Seat Height 17.7" | Seat Depth: 23.2"
  • Solid hardwood frame, tapered wood legs and foam padding with top grain leather upholstery.
  • Back cushion is removable and reversible; seat cushion is fixed to the base for secure positioning.
  • Assemble in 15 minutes or less.
  • Avoid moisture. Wipe with a soft, dry cloth.
  • Free returns for 30 days. 1-year warranty.


An Amazon brand - This sleek, mid-Century inspired leather sofa is designed to impress. A tufted bench seat cushion, plush back cushions, tapered wood legs, and tidy bolster pillows provide just the right mix of comfort and contemporary edge.

Item Weight: ‎84 pounds

Product Dimensions: ‎36.2 x 74 x 30.3 inches

Country of Origin: ‎China

Item model number: ‎2508B-L-Leather-WP

Assembled Seat Height: ‎17.7 Inches

Date First Available: May 20, 2018

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Top Amazon Reviews

2.0 out of 5 stars | Poor quality control and questionable durability.
Color: Cognac Leather Style: Sofa Pattern Name: Sofa Couch
Let me start out by saying that I was thrilled with the look and quality of the first Rivet couch I received back in May, the 74in loveseat. I eagerly awaited the day when the 86 in couch would be back in stock as it went out of stock for several months and ordered the larger couch as soon as it became available. Both couches shipped well and were easy to assemble. Unfortunately, the leather on the second couch is clearly inferior to that of the first couch. It was rougher and seemed a bit thinner even when I first received the couch in early August of this year. It is now just 2 months later and there is already a spot starting to wear in the seat of couch. We are not rough on furniture and do not have any pets. There should not be any visible wear on a couch in this short of a time period. Our other leather couch is from Ikea and still looks brand new after 5 years. I suspect this couch will need to be replaced within a year or two, which is a shame because it looks beautiful. Edit: I'm subtracting another star due to Amazon's absolutely abysmal customer service for Rivet items. I attempted to contact customer service regarding the 1 year warranty this couch is supposed to come with. I was re-routed to several different departments and no one seemed to know how to obtain warranty service for the sofa. I eventually spoke with a manager who told me there wasn't anything further she could do on her end but all would be sorted out if I emailed; Their reply was,"We looked into your recent request for a copy of the manufacturer’s warranty for Rivet Tufted Mid-Century Leather Sofa, but we haven’t been able to locate (it). You may also want to contact the manufacturer for more information" Rivet is a subsidiary of Amazon so I’m seemingly stuck with a defective couch and no recourse. Badly done Amazon. Edit 12/2018: I'm adding a star back. After several additional attempts to contact Amazon about the defective couch, I eventually lucked across another manager who facilitated the shipping of a new replacement couch and the pickup of the old “defective” couch. Unfortunately, it was clear when I received the replacement couch that it had the same rougher leather as the “defective” couch it replaced. The main issue appears to be related to the fact that the top grain leather is untreated and unfinished, which makes it very susceptible to wear and tear. The replacement couch has now been in my living room for almost 3 months. I’ve taken a number of steps to prevent any damage from occurring to it, including laying a blanket/cover on the seat the majority of the time. I’ve conditioned it with several coats of leather conditioner and preservative, which has helped make the leather more supple and has given the sofa a better overall color. Thus-far, the couch is holding up ok. I’m planning on coating it with a resoling finish in the near future and will update this review afterwards. I suspect that the extra work will help the leather hold up better in the long run but this is still significantly more work than I was expecting to have to put into my furniture.
Reviewed in the United States on September 20, 2018 by Dr. Borue

1.0 out of 5 stars | AVOID IT - NO BACK SUPPORT An in depth review on what COULD HAVE been a great apartment sized sofa.
Color: Cognac Leather Style: Loveseat Pattern Name: Sofa Couch
The media could not be loaded. Sadly, my hunt for a small, leather, apartment sized sofa begins again... 10/13/18 update - Replacement Arrived and it's GOING BACK - The replacement arrived today and the first thing I did, once unpacked, was to test out the strength of the back support. Right from the start this time, there were spots where there was creaking. Not as much like the original sofa but it will get worse over a short period of time. After some closer inspection from underneath the sofa, that back support is a very thin plywood. I'm not sure how I missed this the first time. I guess I just assumed it was a reasonably thick piece of wood. It's probably not even a 1/4 inch; and has a lot of flex and is just going to crack in no time. It may even arrive cracked as this one did. It's also only in place with thick tacks. I've attached a video and you can see what I mean. The back support should at the very least be webbing similar to the support of the seat cushion. Webbing support was the lowest end of the spectrum until Amazon designers introduced flimsy plywood (not a good idea). In reality, there is NO BACK SUPPORT on this couch. Even West Elm construction doesn't cheap out to this degree. Unfortunately, Amazon has compressed the heck out of the video but you can hear a big crack when I apply a little bit of pressure to the back support. Sadly, this replacement is going back for a refund. If I was judging this sofa, on looks and style alone, I would probably give it 4-5 stars but after this, It's dropping down to a 1 star. I would not recommend this to anyone. It's not going to last more than a few months without creaking every time you lean against the back. Luckily Amazon is giving me a full refund and $150 for my troubles. I didn't ask for anything beyond a refund but that was nice of them. YMMV there. At this point you should probably just stop reading this review and avoid buying this sofa. BUT, if you want to read on further, below are initial assessments up until finding its major flaw. 10/7/18 update - 6 Weeks - CREAKING ISSUE - Today I noticed a creaking when leaning against one spot of the back of the couch. After pulling the back cushion out and feeling around on the back support of the couch, I could feel a little area that pushes in a bit and creaks. The creak is rather annoying when leaning back and forth against the back of the couch. I was going to do an Amazon chat but as I went through the process of filing out my reasons for contact on the sofa order, I noticed the "return or replace in 3 easy steps" option. Since I'm out of the 30 day return policy, it gave me the option of getting a call back to set up a technician to come out and repair or replace if repair is not possible. Entered my phone number and get a call moments after submitting the request. I told the CSR the issue and they said that it was out of the return window but they would arrange for a replacement. They kind of made it sound as if this was a favor though so not sure if it's just on account of my purchase history from Amazon (I buy A LOT from them) or because of the warranty. I did not mention the warranty at any point nor did they. Although perhaps I missed a few words they said as it was a bit hard to hear them. The whole call lasted no more than 5 mins. Supposedly a replacement is scheduled for next Saturday. I'm now changing my rating to 3 stars. It's a little concerning that this creaking would start this soon. Maybe it's a fluke and fingers crossed that it is. If my replacement lasts longer without issue, I'll change the rating again but for now I'm a little concerned about longevity. I wasn't expected 10 years but was hoping for much more than 6 weeks. Also, know that I'm not rough when sitting down. No jumping or flopping down onto the couch. 9/21/18 update - 1 month - It's been about a month now and I'm updating a more recent photo (one with blue pillows). You can see how the leather and foam has relaxed just by looking at the front edge of the seat cushion. Compare that to the earlier photos where you hardly see any wrinkles. The back cushions are still a bit firm. I've tried putting them down on the seat cushion and laying on top of them for a bit. It hasn't done much and is too uncomfortable to do so for very long. Looks like I'm keeping this as my 30 day return window is pretty much up. Still have my 1 yr warranty remaining if any issues arise. 9/9/18 update - 2 weeks - I've had this sofa for two weeks now and I'm surprised by how much the seat cushion has softened up. It's on the verge of this sinking in feeling. I feel that Amazon's assessment of this being close to the firm side of the scale is based on day one of the foam. After these few weeks the foam has really softened up and it's actually starting to give a sinking in feeling. I'm actually hoping it doesn't get any softer. There is a section in the middle that still feels firm and I think that's because of the frame. If you look at my pictures and view the one showing the opening where the legs are attached during shipping, you'll see the support that is right in the middle of the sofa. Obviously in this section the foam has no where to go unlike where the open strapping is. It's not uncomfortable in the middle section of the seat cushion but not as soft and it's become more apparent since the other areas of seating have loosened up. Am I still happy with my purchase? Even more so than day one. So much so that I'm changing from 4 stars to 5. As long as the seat cushion doesn't go any further and become flat feeling in the future, the seat cushion is just right for me. I took a nap on this thing today and what was supposed to be a cat nap turned into a two hour snooze fest and I don't think I moved or turned once. That middle section with the little bit of firmness, in my opinion, actually helps in supporting your body when laying down. I'm still waiting for the back cushions to soften up but since there's not much weight against them, it will probably take a while. 8/29/18 update - 4 days - Just 4 days in and the leather in the seat is already starting to stretch and soften a bit. This allows for a bit more cushier feel. In other words, it's not quite as firm as day one. Still not overly soft and sinking but comfier than day one. I tend to sit on the right side of the sofa and I can definitely feel a difference between the left and right now. I'll have to switch up my positioning to even things out. 8/25/18 - Day 1 - Day of delivery and initial review I'm going to try and update this review as my experience with this sofa continues. First, let me say, I've been on the hunt for an apartment sized leather sofa for a few months now. I've researched the options from locally run furniture stores, larger chain furniture stores, home furnishing stores (Pottery Barn, West Elm, etc), the pop up online retailers (Article, Joybird, etc), the list goes on. Pricing ranged from $1.5k-4k or more. Although the pricier options were likely better quality, I didn't want to spend that much on a small sofa. This Rivet Amazon 74" sofa has been the cheapest option and I figured with the free 30 day return policy, I'd take a shot at it. Days leading up to delivery: I ordered the sofa on a Wednesday and was able to schedule the delivery for a Saturday. Although, during checkout, you are only able to select the day (9am-9pm) and not a preferred time. At least that's how it was for me. I received notification that it "shipped" the next day (Thursday). I was given a tracking number starting with "XPO". About midday Thursday, I contacted Amazon through chat to see if I'd be given a smaller delivery window. The chat rep was clueless as to my question and what the process would be. My assumption was I'd probably get a call from the delivery company the day/night before. Amazon CSR couldn't even confirm if that was the process. Anyway, I searched "XPO" and found the company's website. They have a tracking feature on there which was way more helpful than the Amazon CSR. You'd think they could have at least pointed me in the direction of that. Once I tracked my sofa, I was able to sign up with text message updates. On Friday, the day before my delivery, I called the XPO phone number and they recognized my order by my phone number. An automated message told me I'd receive notification of my delivery window later in the afternoon. It wasn't until abut 8:30pm that I received a text message with a 3 hr delivery window. It was also mentioned that the drivers would call me 30 mins before delivery. Day of delivery: My delivery window was set for 12pm-3pm and I received a call from one of the delivery guys around 11:30 stating they would be there in about 20 mins. It ended up being a little longer but who knows what kind of traffic they could have ran into. The delivery guys were a bit uncommunicative but they may not have spoken very good English. Without wasting any time, they probably had the box in my living room w/in 15 mins. I signed and away they went. Set up: Let me first say, if you are in shape and can handle a bit of weight, you can probably do this yourself (I did) but it would be easier with two people. I turned the box so that the side I could open was facing the side. Once the box was opened, I was able to wiggle the sofa out myself. I was also able to lift one side, slide the wrapping off and then do the same on the other end. Again, both of those would probably be easier with two people. Having previously read the reviews, I knew what to expect with the legs being under the sofa in a little zippered portion of the bottom covering. I was happy to see that there were 5 legs (one for the middle which is slightly shorter and fatter). The listing photos appear to have it photo-shopped out. Some reviews may have mentioned it but I wasn't sure if it would come with the 74". Once I screwed the legs on, I was able to flip it over right side up from one end. I was worried about damaging one of the legs in doing so but it seemed to go just fine. Construction & Materials: While I was taking out the legs, I took a look at the construction (or at least of what I could see). It's a mix of solid wood and plywood (at least no particle board!). For the price, I was kind of expecting as such. The seat cushion support doesn't use any metal strapping. It appears to be some kind of nylon maybe (see photos with green strapping). I wasn't able to see how it was attached to the frame though as that part was kind of hidden. You can also see the foam of the seat cushion in that photo showing the strapping. The back cushions are removable but have partial fabric on the back side so as others have mentioned, they're not reversible. I've added a photo of the back cushion padding, it looks to be the same as the seat cushion but with a bit of quilt batting around it. The leather is nice and soft. I don't think it has an protective coating on it though. That's a personal preference though. If you want it to age and patina, then you wouldn't want it to be coated. If you want it to keep from staining/scratching, then you'd probably want a coated leather. I figure with something of this construction, it's not going to last forever so it probably won't matter either way. The color of the leather is not quite as rich as in some of Amazon's photos but I like it. I'd say it's more of a "camel" color rather than "cognac" (or something in between). If it's unprotected, maybe it will darken a bit. For anyone who's concerned with that, Amazon does offer a free sample. I do so myself, and putting the sample up against the actual sofa, they are pretty darn close. Obviously no two dyed leathers are going to be an exact match. Comfort: I've been sitting on this sofa for the last hour or so in an upright position writing this review on my laptop and it's not as firm as I thought it might be. The Amazon listing suggests it is closer to the firm end of the scale and it probably is but not uncomfortably so. You don't sink into the cushion a whole lot and it has a bit of bounce to it. Being that this is one cushion across the length of the seat, if it was too soft, it would probably effect a second person sitting on the opposite end. I do find that the seating angle is accurate to the Amazon listing, as it is a bit upright but if you have a coffee table or ottoman to kick your feet up, you can move a bit forward on the seat and accommodate for a more relaxed position. How about lying down you ask? I actually like the feel lying down over sitting up on this sofa. It's supportive all across so your behind isn't sinking into a black hole. I'm 5'10" and I can just barely stretch my legs out on this sofa (the 74" one remember) with my head propped up using the pillows it comes with. About those pillows, I'm not sure I'll use them. The arms don't have much of any cushioning so I'l probably just keep some throw pillows on it. Inner seat dimensions because Amazon doesn't list them: Depth is about 22" and width is about 64.5". Conclusion: For the price, I think it's a keeper, unless something catastrophic happens. I'm hoping maybe the cushions will relax a little bit more but that wouldn't be a deal breaker. This sofa was just the size I needed and the cheapest option available for a full-leather (as opposed to contact areas only) mid century sofa (or any style for that matter). I was concerned with how the return process might go if it came to that but I'm hoping it doesn't. I'll try and give a 6 month update or so w/ how things are holding up but until then, I'm happy with it. I hope folks find this helpful. I mean, who really wants to buy their sofa w/o seeing it and especially sitting on it first?
Reviewed in the United States on August 25, 2018 by Justin M.

5.0 out of 5 stars | Candid review
Color: Hunter Green Style: Sofa Pattern Name: Sofa Couch
Ok, there were several reviews on this particular sofa that helped me considerably in deciding what design, quality, and in the end the company to go with—include bad reviews (which are just as important and good one). Yes this sofa breaks in a little sooner than expected and has the very slightest creak . But all who are reading head to consider that this sofa is actually pretty solid as it was purchased online and delivered in a truck, riding for 100s of miles. Overall, the Rivet collection appears to be very comparable to high (over-) priced competing counterparts. This sofa is very in tune w the current trend in minders Dutch aesthetic. The velvet is easily cleaned (I have two medium sized canines). The color is so complementary to all stains of wood and metal. Take it from me, who shopped for a literal month for a suitable sofa in a specific style, this is a good buy for sure. Now, if u want better quality by all means spend several hundred more dollars, but this sofa is designed decently and comparable to the high end models I’m sure. I hope I have helped in your sofa search. Best.
Reviewed in the United States on October 26, 2019 by zac

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