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Manhattan Comfort City 1.8 Floating Wall Theater Entertainment Center - White Gl

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  • Wall Mounted Theater Center and Panel for Living Room and Bedroom use.
  • Upon Assembly, measures: 72.32 inches in Length, 63.42 inches in Height, 14.92 inches in Depth.
  • Recommended for a 70" Flat Screen TV.
  • Includes Brackets to Mount TV on Panel
  • Ample Storage Space with Media Holes for Wire Management and 1 Media Hole for TV Wire.


City 25152 Floating Wall Theater Entertainment Center In White Gloss

Product Dimensions: 72.32 x 14.92 x 63.42 inches

Item Weight: 156 pounds

Item model number: 25152

Date First Available: February 19, 2016

Manufacturer: Manhattan Comfort

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Top Amazon Reviews

  • 10 Steps to Easy Installation
1. Read the instructions 2. Re-read the instructions and consider taking Amazon up on their offer of professional installation 3. Assemble using your best Ikea skills, convincing yourself that this isn't so difficult 4. Attempt to lift pieces by yourself, get frustrated, and give up until your partner comes home 5. Have a beer and consider again whether you should have purchased Amazon professional installation 6. Mount the rails to the wall in sheer terror that your panels will not be level or aligned 7. Argue with your partner about feeding HDMI and power cables through the holes *before* hanging the panels 8. Lift the pieces, hang them on the wall, and sigh in relief that the panels are straight 9. Laugh at how simple it is to mount your TV 10. Sit back, enjoy your gorgeous new built-in, and wonder if you should have used Amazon professional installation This is a great piece of furniture at a bargain price. MDF is dense (e.g. better than Ikea) with a durable gloss white finish, panels fit nicely together, and they even send extra hardware in case you lose a screw. If you've hung cabinets before and have a friend/spouse to help you, this will likely be an easy install. If not, this will be the single most difficult piece of furniture you will ever assemble. Either way, the end result is worth it in spades. ... show more
Reviewed in the United States on March 13, 2017 by Andrew Mayzak Andrew Mayzak

  • Hire an installer!
Amazon offers installation for less than $100. After reading the fine print, I wonder if that means they actually hang it on the wall or if they just assemble the main pieces and leave the rest to you. I have to say, this was a challenge. First off, it was not delivered "inside my door". I might have been able to ask, but the guy had delivered it on a pallet jack and would have to walk a block to get one. I moved it all myself. It came in 2 pieces. Both quite heavy for the average person. I had no issues, but my wife would have. Unboxing - Make sure you have a large work area free of anything that can scratch the surface. The white finish mars easily. They recommend using the cardboard to protect the unit and I did, but there is another use for the cardboard... It came with an ABSURD amount of cardboard. They could have easily used it to create a template that you could have drawn on the wall with so the holes align, but they didn't. Pros: It looks great! It really is a focal point of the room! Nice finish (even if it mars easily) Very modern Cons: Heavy Instructions are lacking Lots of extra pieces that make you wonder if you forgot to fasten something. Take IKEA instructions, put them in the hands of a drunk guy, blend them, then translate them into 4 languages before you use Google translate to convert into English. As noted, there are mistakes in the instructions, the parts are not well organized and you have a lot of leftover parts, and there are holes etc not drilled or shown. They really should have included a template that was easy to mark the holes with for the wall mounting part. They have a ton of cardboard which they could have included it on but they did not. The mounting instructions are in MM and then converted into inches. I'm sorry, but who knows where to find .09 inches on a tape measure? The measurements need to be PRECISE or it will not fit properly. The conversion to CM is easier, but still a bit tricky for people not comfortable with measuring. All the videos show the mounting brackets to be long pieces of wood that mount to the wall. This would allow you to anchor to a stud! However, mine came with metal brackets. One for the wall, once for the unit. If all the pieces are installed properly, then you just mate them and they slide into place. Sounds easy but it is not! Here are my recommendations. Buy it from the cheapest seller. I purchased from Amazon, fulfilled by amazon in case I had any issues. Buying from amazon saved me a few hundred, but buying from a seller on amazon would have saved me another $100 or so. Still a nice heavy duty piece! Think about hiring a pro to do it. It's heavy and awkward and you need 2 people to do it. Also a few more tools than some people have at the ready. "Measure 12 times and cut once". Yes, even though I did this I did not notice the 1 CM issue and had to uninstall and redo many of the mounts. Not a good thing. Not a good thing at all. Make sure you have the right wall fasteners. They include (at least with mine) inserts that are typically used for concrete. I wouldn't use them for concrete! I went with recommended toggle bolts. That too was a mistake and I ended up using Molly bolts. Why? Toggle bolts require you to drill a large hole in order to get the toggle through. That produces a screw that does not sit flush with the wall and then your locations are off fractions of an inch and can shift once weight is added. Not a good thing. With Molly bolts you can put them on the exact spot and not worry about shifting. I had drilled an exploratory hole in the wall to determine plaster or drywall and the thickness of it. Even still, I was guided to toggle bolts. Don't fall for it. Use Molly. Even if you can assemble the toughest that a Swedish store can produce, you can find a stud 16" on center and read a tape measure or find a stud etc, think about having someone install this! It is very heavy, awkward and requires a ton of measuring, drilling etc. You should have good knowledge of fasteners as well. I prepared myself for the install by watching a ton of videos and buying everything I needed. I am now the proud owner of a stud finder which I will never use. Ever. Not to mention probably $30 in fasteners that didn't work as intended, and I HAD to buy a measuring tape that had metric. Had I known that the measurements were going to be in MM I would have purchased a tape measure that did MM. Instead I had to settle for one that used CM. So I still had to convert. However, those conversions were easier and easier to measure out than converting MM to inches and feet. I measured MULTIPLE times. However, due to quite a few errors on the instructions and one error from my assistant, one side was measure exactly 1 CM shorter, and only on one bracket. Suffice it to say that causes a lot of issues. My highest recommendation is that you build a fake a wall in which to test your measurements and mount it to before drilling the final holes. Do this once it is "fully" assembled (mine was 2 parts that need to be installed, the bottom "shelf" and the top part that you mount the TV to. Having a fake wall (2x4's and a single sheet of 1/2" plywood) would allow you to see where anything might go wrong. If it all fits perfect then you have a template for mounting. Alternately, you can decide where you want the brackets on the wall and then mark them on the unit to be mounted. That way you can anchor to a few studs and not have to deal with a lot of issues or worry about it pulling out of the drywall or plaster. You can mount the brackets to just about anywhere on the unit itself, so why not make your life easy and make your OWN template? Next time (if I ever have to do this again) I would simply pre assemble the unit prior, mark the holes used for screwing the brackets to the unit on the included cardboard, and then drill and mount the brackets to the wall. Not sure why I didn't do this in first place. But I had faith in the directions! Bottom line: I would give it 5 stars, but the instructions are atrocious and I had to purchase extra tools to install it. It took me the better part of a full day (and I am somewhat mechanically inclined and can also build things without instructions). The surface mars easily, so make sure you don't scratch it. ... show more
Reviewed in the United States on November 15, 2018 by Denverdude Denverdude

  • Very nice TV stand...will likely need to hire someone to install
Looks amazing, great value. My only negative is that it is very hard to build. I normally build things myself, but this waa not easy. I had seen other reviews and hoped it was wrong but it is true. Even with help it was tough, and very heavy to get on the wall. Ended up getting a handyman to help install the unit to the wall and then used a regular TV mount on it instead od the one that it came with. The mount it came with did not seem too sturdy. But overall very pleased with it. Have received several compliments on it. ... show more
Reviewed in the United States on August 4, 2020 by Melissa DS

  • Good look with a bit of work
First of all, love the finished look. I had to do quite a bit of customizing to achieve what I wanted for my project. Project: 12ft wide wall and 82 inch TV As you can imagine it's not easy to find a piece that is 12 ft wide without going complete custom. I decided to double up with two 6ft pieces. That took care of width issues, but aligning them right was a pain. Then there isn't enough room between top shelf and bottom shelf to fit in a 82inch Samsung QLED. I moved top shelf up by about 4 inches by making new set of holes. While at it, I also brought them together by removing gap between them. Then comes hanging on the wall. There are designed to be installed on concrete wall and I have regular walls with studs. I built a frame using 2x4s. This provided continuous area to install hangers and also now provided additional space behind panels to run wires even after installing. Another thing I did is not use the TV mounts that came with these units. I bought a mount and installed it onto both sets. I used nut and bolt setup and first setup 1.5 inch nuts from inside out by securing them to panels with bolts on the front side. Installed mount after hanging panels on the wall and dropped TV in. Another thing I had to do is to move volume controls for my in ceiling system which were on the wall behind to the panels. I captured some photos along the way, take a look and make your project even better :) Few things to note: These are heavy and need additional hands to help. Without frame in the back there won't be any room to run wires later. I didn't feel confident about the TV mounts that came with it. Media shelves are not very tall, only small devices like blue ray players fit, most audio receivers and amplifiers may not fit, you may have to put them into shelves below with doors and run wires by making holes. ... show more
Reviewed in the United States on April 11, 2019 by Amazon Customer Amazon Customer

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