JOYOR Electric Scooter 500W Motor 10 Inch Aire Tires One-Step Fold Adult Electric Foldable Scooter for Commute and Travel

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  • SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE - The battery capacity of the JOYOR X5S electric scooter is 500W (equipped with quick charge, it can be filled in only 6-7 hours).It features a max speed of 15.5 mph(For your safety and to meet the US UL2272 certification requirements) and range up to 31 miles(high capacity battery with a maximum travel range of up to 40.3 miles under specific conditions), able to carry 265 lbs.Featuring an LCD display and using the core cruise control technology in scooter.
  • MOST SAFE & COMFORTABLE RIDING - The mechanical anti-lock braking system makes the brake respond more quickly and improves the safety when in use. Front wheel shock absorbers equipped with 10-inch aire tires provide max rider comfort, even on rough surfaces or speed bumps.
  • PORTABLE FOLDING DESIGN - The electric scooter can be quickly folded. After folding, the X5S scooter can be carried one-handedly,andthe handlebar folding design greatly reduces the use of space, making it a perfect commute companion.X5S is just 33 lbs and it is 4.4 pounds lighter than its peers in the same configuration at least.
  • UNIQUE AND HUMANIZE - The X5S electric scooter is equipped with wider foot anti-slip pedal for larger feet support, and the sturdy frame is made of aerospace-grade magnesium, which has a low density and high structural strength.The X5S features an ultra-bright 1.1W headlights with a range of up to 20 meters for added safety.
  • PERFECT GIFT - Packing include: X5S Electric Scooteruser manualwarranty card and some freebies.In order to guarantee the quality of products, we will provide different parts with one-year or 180-day warranty. Please refer to the product manual for details.Our scooter have 4 screw holes in the board of the rear wheel, which is for the future you can install the seat, without affecting the safety of the scooter, please feel free to use it.
  • Additional battery protection function: Upgraded X5S scooter adds battery protection, you can lock the scooter with the key when not in use. Lock the scooter and disconnect from the power supply, Extend battery life. JOYOR super fast electric scooter perfect for personal transportation. It is the ideal gift motor scooter for adults.

Date First Available ‏ : ‎ November 24, 2021

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Jinhua Joyor Vehicle Co.,Ltd

Customer Reviews: 3.8 out of 5 stars 313 ratings

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Top Amazon Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars | Joy to ride. Strong acceleration, long range, fairly light weight, well-priced
Color: Black
The media could not be loaded. [Update 9/9/2020: Scooter still works very well, and my son and I still take it out at least 3x a weeknight after work to cruise around the neighborhood. It's a lot of fun, but be very careful about pot holes or you could tip over.] [Update 10/14/2020: a reader on my website shared how to disable the speed limiter. You can find the instructions by searching Google for "YUENX Joyor X5S Scooter review"] I had never ridden an electric scooter before... until recently. This review was written after using it for almost a month. IN A NUTSHELL The Joyor X5S is such a joy to ride! With fast acceleration and a wide base for stability, maneuvering it with the wind brushing against my helmet-protected face felt good and freeing! The brake, gear selection, and acceleration controls were second-nature, and the ability to fold the scooter for carrying around added space-saving convenience around the garage and car trunks. At just 33 lbs, it is fairly lightweight for its class, though not the lightest among e-Scooters that have smaller batteries or less powerful motors. It packs a nice punch of power (500W nominal, 580W max) going up hills, and is priced more competitively against well-established brands, such as Segway and Razor, for models with similar specifications. I was able to tandem ride the scooter on its first day for 15 miles with the battery run down to 40% remaining, solo for 29 miles with 25% left, and always felt that there was plenty of capacity left to stroll around the neighborhood at up to 15 mph, a speed limit artificially set by California law. And that leads to the biggest gripe: the California law for motorized scooters that went into effect on January 1, 2005. Although I understand the intent behind the law to protect people from injury, it had put a tremendous damper on my ability to RESPONSIBLY enjoy riding it around town. Federal, State, and local City laws will also differ. With that said, it does not take away from the fact that driving an electric vehicle is quite fun. The other issue I found was with the instructions that were so basic for a technical person like myself, I had to reach out to the manufacturer multiple times to get the details I sought to include in this review. The information gathered will hopefully be of use to you. Shifting between gears is done in sequence: 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, ... At the lowest, the speed is 9 km/h (5.6 mph), then 18 km/h (11.2 mph), and finally on the third gear, 25 km/h (15.5 mph) -- so, roughly 5, 10, and 15 mph. WHO IS JOYOR? According to their website, the Yongkang, China-based company was founded in 2014 with a mission to make "lives simpler, more enjoyable,... productive, and... secure". They claim to be one of the largest manufacturers of high-end electric scooters in China and would like to take the brand global. It already has captured a sizable mindset with some European markets. PROS - Strong acceleration with a powerful, brushless DC motor -- Nominal (average) power: 500W. Rated (maximum) power: 580W --- Higher than most scooters in its weight or range --- Input power from the battery: 580W - 599W (720W theoretical) -- Satisfying sound coming from the electric motor - Great range and good battery life -- Manufacturer claims up to 31 miles (or 40.3 mi under "specific conditions", whatever that entails) -- In my testing, I reached 24 km (14.9 mi) with 40% remaining in about 1.5 hours -- this was with two persons riding. Undoubtedly, the extra weight strained the motor and resulted in a driving range of 24.83 mi (14.9 / 60% used) --- In another test, I rode solo for 46 km (28.9 mi) with roughly 25% remaining. That resulted in a 38.53 mi range (28.9 / 75% used) --- Before I knew about California law restricting motorized scooters, I cautiously test rode with my 35 lb son on mostly flat sidewalks (with some gradual inclines/declines) for long stretches throughout the neighborhood and parks -- Lithium Polymer battery is rated for 480 Wh (10,000 mAh / 1000 x 48V) --- Because the motor does not run at a constant 500W, the battery can last for at least an hour (2-3 hours max) under average load --- Made with Samsung 18650 battery cells --- These types of batteries have an average lifespan of 500 cycles and can go as high as 600+ -- Joyor claims quick charging within 7 hours, but it took me about 6 hours --- AC power supply is 54.6V at 2A = 110W - At 33 lbs, is less expensive than brand names for scooters of similar range and weight - Folds fairly flat via 3 points -- more so than Segways -- Can be carried single-handed by the neck, but because it does not lock in place, the base swivels around -- Handlebars are collapsible. When extending, an audible click can be heard -- Neck is height adjustable and folded by lever -- Dimensions when folded: 42.5" L x 15" H. Unfolded stands at 42.5" L x 46.5" H x 21.25" W - Smooth shifting between gears (1 is lowest, 3 is highest) by pressing the "M" button -- Max speed for the three gears is 9 km/h (5.6 mph), 18 km/h (11.2 mph), and 25 km/h (15.5 mph) -- so, roughly 5, 10, and 15 mph - Rear disc brake for faster, more reliable and controlled braking -- Anti-lock braking system (ABS), though I did not dare to test hard braking to confirm - Readable display in bright sunlight -- Covered USB port underneath display for charging mobile devices - Material feels strong and well-made. Joyor mentioned "aerospace-grade magnesium" - 10" shock-absorbing, rubber-elastic, pneumatic air tires (10 x 2.25 tube) -- Uses Schrader valve with recommended pressure of 36 psi -- Larger tires generally offer better comfort and stability - Accommodates a rider up to a whopping 265 lbs - Head and Tail lights -- Lights turned on with the Red button on the left handle bar -- Head: Can be adjusted left, right, up, and down. They are not very bright, however -- Tail: Like a car, it is dimly lit in red when lights are turned on, and brightens when braking. It also illuminates when the lights are off - Built-in, electronic horn that's activated with the Green button on the left handle bar - Built-in kickstand - Water resistant to IPX4 -- Manual or manufacturer website does not mention water resistance rating, but was confirmed with Joyor support -- IPX4 allows water splashes from any angle and so can be used in light rain -- Manual asks to avoid water deeper than 1" - Cruise control -- Activated by holding the acceleration at the same pressure for 3 seconds (must first be enabled) - Configurable safety feature that prevents motor from starting when tires are not moving - Battery can be swapped, but manufacturer does not have any available for purchase yet nor have instructions on how to change - Ability to add an optional seat towards the rear of the board (there are 4 screw holes available) - Arrived fully assembled - Multiple accessories unexpectedly included -- Scooter carry bag, Accessory bag with external mesh pocket, Cell phone holder, Hexagon wrench set, Mini pump with multiple valves - 1 year warranty with 6 months on battery CONS - Speed capped at 15.5 mph (25 km/h) to comply with US regulation, although motor is capable of going as fast as 23.6 mph -- Sometimes, I wish I could ride faster, but have to remind myself that the limit is for my safety - When folded, scooter can be carried by the neck, but because it cannot be locked, the base swivels - Headlight is not very bright despite manufacturer claiming an "ultra-bright 1.1W... with a range of up to 20 m" (65.6') - Gear can only be shifted in sequence, not up and down -- Shifting cycles through 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, etc - LCD came in metric units (km/h and km), but can be configured to show miles and mph. See TIPS section - Pumping the 10" wheels with a full-sized bike pump is frustrating: there is not much space between the rim and the tire valve -- Takes effort to connect/disconnect the pump - Only basic instructions included on how to operate the scooter -- Does not cover the programmable modes of the LCD display. I was able to get that information from the manufacturer and provided it in the TIPS section - Manual nor manufacturer website mentioned whether scooter is water resistant (riding in rain) or waterproof (accidentally falling into water) -- Joyor support confirmed IPX4 water resistance upon inquiry (ok to use in light rain) - Shipping box arrived partially punctured during transport, but scooter was fine TIPS MAINTENANCE - Before first use, charge the battery fully -- Covered charging port is on the front left of the board -- AC charging brick LED: Red = Charging. Green = Full -- Lithium Ion batteries are known to be volatile and could catch on fire --- Do not charge overnight or unsupervised for prolonged periods of time. Stop charging once full --- Do not leave the scooter in full sun or below freezing -- Keep battery charged at 50% or more to prolong battery's 500+ cycle lifespan. Try to never let it drain completely - Before riding, check the tire pressure (36 psi) and tighten any loose screws -- Be sure to lock (audible click) the neck into place when unfolding OPERATION - Do not brake hard. Doing so could make you painfully tumble, scooter skid, and/or wear out the tires -- Be aware of unexpected obstacles. I tumbled once at roughly 5 mph when transitioning from grass to concrete. It was not fun - To turn on, long-press the Power button -- Pedal the scooter forward a bit, then gently push on the accelerator lever to start moving --- By default (and for safety), motor will not start when scooter is not in motion -- To power off, long-press Power - Acceleration is based on the amount of pressure you (should gradually) apply on the accelerator lever - I found the most stability (especially when turning) by putting one foot pointing forward and the other at 45 degrees to the side - As battery neared empty, I noticed that maximum speed gradually lowered -- When it was almost fully empty, speed dropped to 9 mph, and eventually error code "E-005" (Undervoltage protection) displayed on the LCD. You could still power off and back on to get a few more feet of driving in, but doing so will shorten the battery's lifespan - Joyor states that the scooter is designed for only 1 rider. California law does prohibit having a passenger DISPLAY OPTIONS When the scooter is powered on, the Odometer is displayed. Push the Power button to cycle through the following screens: Odometer, Trip meter, Seconds elapsed since power on, Error code. (E-000 = Everything normal), Amperage. (ie. A-000) Voltage (ie. U-50.2) LOCKING AGAINST THEFT The small, 10" wheels and lack of places on the frame to secure with a heavy-duty bicycle lock makes the scooter a bit inconvenient to secure against theft. I would protect it as follows: - Front wheel: Loop a heavy-duty cable through the frame holding the tire and in-between the spokes - Back wheel: Secure with a disc brake lock (or) a heavy-duty, thinner cable in-between the spokes Fasten the cable(s) to an immovable object. Don't lose the keys or combination! AIRCRAFT TRANSPORT Most, if not all, airlines prohibit electronic scooters that do not meet specific criteria. United Airlines, for example, allows collapsible ones whose battery is both removable and below 300 Wh. This scooter's is 480 Wh. Lithium-ion batteries are known to be volatile, and the higher their capacity, the more risky they are. Check with the airlines for more details. PROGRAMMING SCOOTER The LCD displays the current speed and odometer in kilometers and km/h. Immediately, I wanted to know how to switch it to imperial units and reached out to Joyor support. It took a few days of back and forth translations (with a Chinese-speaking friend) to summarize each code presented for your reference here. It should be noted that the manufacturer discourages changing any settings because improper use could cause unintended consequences and injury and may void the warranty. To enter programming mode: Hold the Power and M buttons together for a few seconds. Cycle through the options by pushing Power. Push M to edit the option, and move up or down with M or Power, respectively. Hold Power and M together to accept the setting. OPTIONS Here are the various options that can be programmed. Some are reserved for engineering and should not be modified as they could cause "systematic failure". PROGRAM AT YOUR OWN RISK! P02: Unit display. 0 = kilometers (km/h), 1 = miles (mph). Default: 0 P04: Idle time to enter sleep mode. 1-60 minutes. 0 = Do not sleep. Default: 3 P06: Do not modify. Wheel diameter (in inches). Accuracy: 0.1". Default: 10 P07: Do not modify. Number of magnetic steel for velocity measurement (1-100). Default: 31 P08: Do not modify. Hidden setting to set the maximum speed the scooter can go - Joyor would not share how to configure this out of their concern for your safety. It also is illegal to go over 15 mph in California P09: Motor startup. 0 = Can start without movement, 1 = Can only start when scooter is moving. Default: 1 P12: Do not modify. Starting torque. 0-5 strength (5 is strongest). Default: 5 P15: Do not modify. Maximum percentage of speed limit (set by P08) the motor can output. 100 = Full speed. Default: 100% - For example, if the scooter's maximum speed is 15 mph, and P15 is set to 50%, then it can only go up to 7.5 mph (15 x 50%) P16: Cruise control. 0 = Disabled, 1 = Enabled. Default: 0 P17: LCD backlight. 1 = Disabled, 0 = Enabled. Default: 0 P99: Factory reset. Hold M button for 5-6 seconds to reset all settings d0: Odometer reset. Hold M button for 5-6 seconds to reset Odometer reading ERROR CODES E-000: No error. Normal operation E-001: Motor failure E-003: Controller failure E-004: Handle fails activating brake, such as from loose or damaged brake cable E-005: Undervoltage protection, such as from low, empty, or water-damaged battery E-006: Communication failure. Meter not receiving controller output E-007: Communication failure. Controller not receiving meter output MOTOR SCOOTER LAWS When I was made aware by a friend that there are laws governing the use of motorized scooters, I was sad to see how restrictive they were. I considered myself to be a cautious, responsible, and respectful rider when taking my son out on a slow, controlled ride on the sidewalk with both of us having helmets on, slowing down considerably (to 1-3 mph) and moving to the side when approaching a pedestrian. Like a bike rider, I yielded to people as a matter of respect and courtesy, and constantly checked on and reminded my son to stand solid and to hang on tight. Any potential obstacles were avoided, turns were made with caution, and as with bike riding, I wanted to stay on the sidewalk whenever possible to keep the little one safe and away from speeding cars. The point is, courtesy, caution, and riding alert go a long way in being safe, in my opinion. With that said, I read that there were a number of accidents involving scooters hitting pedestrians or riders hurting themselves. I get it. Laws are there to protect people from each other and themselves, especially from irresponsible individuals. Luckily, when a police officer drove past on the third day of test riding, he did not stop and ticket for scooting on the sidewalk with my son. CALIFORNIA LAW California Vehicle Code in January 2005 regulated the operation of a motorized scooter. Keep in mind that Federal, State, and local city ordinances may differ. Disclaimer: I AM NOT A LAWYER. Please consult your local city, police department, and/or legal professional for advice. The following is my interpretation of how I understand the law. It has been shortened due to Amazon limitation on the number of characters in a review text. - Must ride with a Driver's License or Instruction Permit - Must wear a bike helmet if under 16 years of age - Don't ride on a sidewalk unless necessary to enter or leave an adjacent property - Don't ride with another passenger - Don't carry something that prevents keeping at least 1 hand on the handlebars - Don't ride with the handlebars up so high, the hands are above the shoulders - Maximum scooter speed: 15 mph, regardless of any higher-posted speed limits - Can't ride on a street with a 25 mph (or higher) speed limit, unless there's a bike lane to be in -- HELP: Anybody know what your options are when there is no bike lane available on such streets? - Take the bike lane, if one exists - May ride on a bike path/trail/lane - Don't leave scooter on its side on any sidewalk (or in any other position) that blocks pedestrians CONCLUSION Riding the scooter and exploring has been so much fun! The thrill and freedom felt while zipping around on the board with speeds up to 15 mph reminded me of snowboarding up and down the mountains. However, despite what I felt was respectful, responsible, alert, and cautious riding with my passenger son on sidewalks, he and I were both saddened to learn that doing so was illegal. It is what it is. The Joyor X5S, with its comparatively light weight, powerful motor, and long range, makes for a great scooter that costs slightly less than most competitors with similar models. It folds compact for one-handed carry, though without a locking mechanism, the base board swivels around that requires firming up your grip. Its construction appears and feels solid, and with the right stance and balance, I felt in control the entire time.
Reviewed in the United States on June 18, 2020 by Outdoor Enthusiast | Geek | Photographer

4.0 out of 5 stars | Fantastic scooter!! X5 water resistant.
Color: Black
This is a nice scooter. Not a lot of negatives when your riding it. The menues to change the way it works are exstensive and you can really feel they took time into making it. From being abld to change the start tourqe to allowing zero start if you choose the X5S really is a capable scooter. I was afraid of the folding handle bars when i bought it but those are verry well designed as well and it really dosent have alll that much slop. it only goes 15mph normaly but sometimes it will knock on 16 from time to time and i think thats the major draw back a lot of people may have when they see it. But let me tell you its verry strong, the electric asisted breaking its verry good, and the whole thing really feels well built, but hand made. It dose not feel like the segway es3 pro, joyor seems to use a lot of off the shelf parts to get you the range and power that you need at a fair and compedative price i have already put a little over 260 miles on this scooter and i enjoy it quite a bit. The third day of owning it i decided to take it out and ride it a good distance, i mad it a total of 18 hard pacific northwest miles and it still had four bars of charge left.... I have since done the same thing time and time again, you don't have to plug it in nightly if you only travel like 6 miles a day on it, not should you. Just plut it in every once and a while. The scooter came with a phone mount and handle bar bag and it has a USB port to charge your phone or whatever, but it seems my speaker will turn the scooter off eveo once and a while, I'm not sure what's going on there but it is not super safe, it will still charge my phone with no issue. Its a great scooter. If you go to joyors website you may find that there are other options made by them in a similar price range, one even that comes with a key, something to look into. But I do have this verry X5s from Amazon and I love it. It's x5 water resistant, so it's durable for light rain uppon further research
Reviewed in the United States on April 29, 2020 by Sam Nelson

2.0 out of 5 stars | Give the Scooter a THOROUGH Inspection
Color: Black
The scooter delivery time was delayed, tough but not the end of the world. After waiting the better part of two weeks for the scooters, they show up. Assembly is intuitive and easy. They came somewhat charged but do require several hours to get fully juiced up. FIRST ISSUE, one of the scooters came without the four screws that held the back wheel hub together. We, of course being excited to use our new scooters, did not notice until midway through our first ride. This is a massive products liability and trust issue for Joyor. If the wheel assembly had come undone in a way that hindered our riding ability, we could have been SEVERELY INJURED. Luckily, it did not and we were able to grab the screws from a local hardware store. SECOND ISSUE: Look, it's not Joyor's fault that tires can be punctured, HOWEVER, after a few hours on the scooter I apparently went over something that was able to puncture the back tire. Is it just me, or is that FAR too easy? Are the pieces that fragile? Finally, ASURION pointed me back in the direction of Amazon when getting an exchange or refund so they are relatively useless here. Amazon exchanges are a nightmare. The website sends you in circles and when you finally opt in for an exchange, the website has an error. Classic.... In any case, we are keeping one scooter that we were able to fix and sending the other one back for a return. The scooter is solid and was a great purchase but I am very concerned about the assembly and shipping due to the screws being absent. For most people, this is exactly what you need. Just give it a thorough inspection and maybe have a back-up plan. Also, since I was curious about this myself, I'm a 6'2, 245lb man and this scooter was enough for most terrains to get me uphill. I will, however, look for something with a little more umph in the motor but that's just preference.
Reviewed in the United States on May 24, 2020 by Amazon Customer

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