Fitness Reality Squat Rack Power Cage with | Optional Lat Pulldown & Leg Holdown Attachment | Squat and Bench Rack Combos| Super Max 810 XLT |

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  • Your purchase includes One Fitness Reality Super Max Power Cage with two chrome dual mounted safety bars and two chrome lock-on safety. Olympic bar, weight plates and bench are not included
  • Cage dimensions 50.5 L x 46.5 W x 83.5 H | Set up weight 133.5 lbs. | Carton dimensions 79 L x 13 W x 10 H | Carton weight 148 lbs. | Weight capacity 800 lbs. | Bar dimensions 2 x 2
  • Bench dimensions 59 L x 23.5 W x 9 H | Set up weight 35 lbs. | Folded size 51 L x 23.5 W x 9 H | Carton dimensions 53 L x 18 W x 10 H | Carton weight 44 lbs. | Weight capacity 800 lbs. | User height up to 64
  • Cage Ideal for squats, shrugs, chin ups/pull ups, incline/decline bench presses and other strength training exercises
  • Cage Each pair of bars can handle a weight capacity of 800 lbs and are adjustable to 19 height levels to give you a total range of work out positions
  • Bench Backrest adjusts to -20 degree decline to +80 degree incline angles | Smooth 12 positions adjustable backrest by utilizing 2 positions front leg adjustment
  • Bench Independent backrest adjustments | Detachable 3 position adjustable leg hold down bar for additional stability during workouts

Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 80 x 13 x 9.5 inches; 137 Pounds

Date First Available ‏ : ‎ November 25, 2019

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Fitness Reality

Best Sellers Rank: #1,260 in Sports & Outdoors (See Top 100 in Sports & Outdoors) #1 in Strength Training Power Cages #3 in Home Gym Systems

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Customer Reviews: 4.7 out of 5 stars 9,151 ratings

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Top Amazon Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars | Fitness Reality 810XLT Review: awesome rack for home gym!
Style Name: Power Cage Only
Bottom line: The Fitness Reality 810XLT rack is an unbelievable value. (I purchased it for only $169). It is rated for 800 lbs, has good space, does not need to be bolted down and is also very stable. The 800 lbs capacity is plenty for most people of all ages who want to do strength training. For reference, using the calculator on strengthlevel, if you could squat 300 lb you would be squatting more than 65% of men ages 24-39 who strength train. You don’t need more than this rack for a home gym. Background: I am 58 years old, 6’0”, 195 lbs and want to improve my strength. In the end of December 2016 I started StrongLifts 5x5. However, I was using an old smith machine for squats and bench presses, which is not recommended because of the restricted motion and not fully utilizing stabilizer muscles. So I wanted to get a power rack and lift safely. My goal is to eventually work up to 360 lbs deadlift, 270 lbs squat, 200 lbs bench press, 120 lbs overhead press and 180 lbs barbell row for 5 reps and try to maintain those levels. (I am nowhere near these values now lol, but you need goals). I looked online for many weeks at racks and decided racks like Rogue R-3 ($820 shipped) or Titan T-3 ($420 shipped) were probably overkill for me, weighing over 200 lbs and required to be bolted to the floor for stability. The Fitness Reality 810XLT had an unbelievable price so I evaluated it thoroughly before purchasing. I think it compares favorably to the Titan T-2 costing $319. Shipping: I ordered the rack from Amazon on February 4, 2017. It was shipped free on February 6 and arrived at my house February 10. The box was 79"L x 13"W x 10"H and 148 lbs. UPS placed it right outside my garage. The shipment is packed well with each part individually wrapped. There was one broken part, a plastic foot pad (part #486 on diagram). I emailed the customer service email in the owner’s manual on February 11. They sent an automated email almost immediately. I received a response on February 14 indicating that they submitted a replacement order. After not hearing anything for a week I sent them an email on Feb 21 and they responded back the same day that they will ship the part and gave me a tracking number. I received the part February 25 and installed it. They actually sent two plastic foot pads. Assembly: The assembly was easy. They included the most clear and thorough assembly instructions I had ever seen. They even have the bolts packaged by step number! I tightened the bolts until 3 or 4 threads are visible past the nut. If you tightened more you could deform the steel. A 17mm socket and box wrench makes assembly faster. It does come with a cheap wrench but I did not use it. I did not bolt the rack to the floor because it is not necessary. Dimensions: The rack has a 46” wide and 50” deep foot print. The top of the pull up bar is 83 3/4” off the floor. The sides are 78 3/4”. The working area is 42” wide between posts and 24” deep between posts. The posts have 19 one inch holes that start 13 1/8” OC off the floor and are 3” OC apart. Every third hole has a small “U” shaped notch to make it easier to identify the same level between posts. There are 2 solid steel safety pins 1” in diameter which are 32 1/4 inches long thereby providing the 24” length between posts and 3 1/4” bar catch on the outside of the rack.. The safety pins weigh 7.5 lbs each. There are 2 safety hooks that are 6 3/8 inches long including the 3 1/4” bar catch and weigh 1.0 lb each. The safety pins and hooks are polished chrome and look very nice. The assembled rack is listed at 137 lbs; however, I was not able to measure this myself. Load capacity: Rated for 800 lbs. Made of 2x2 steel. I measured the thickness of the posts. It is 0.086 inches thick which means it is 14 gauge steel. I did not drop a load on the safety bars but I believe they would hold 800 lbs. Things I was concerned about before buying: 1. Only 19 adjustment holes. The Titan T-2 has 28 and the T-3 has the Westside 1” hole pattern. The hole pattern on this rack works for me. I have the bench safety pins set at hole #6 from the floor (my bench is 20” high) and squat at hole #8. For the safety hook positions I use hole #11 for bench, hole #17 for squat and hole#17 for overhead press. I marked the positions I use with electrical tape. 2. I wasn’t sure what the rack spacing between side posts really was based on the description on Amazon. It is 24”, which is fine. The Rogue R3 is 24” also. The Starting Strength rack that is recommended is 22”. 3. There are 2 stability bars on the back posts of the rack. I thought they might get in the way, but they don’t. They don’t interfere with bench positions and I use the front posts inside the rack for squat and outside the rack for overhead press. 4. Stability. Once bolted together the rack is ridged. Although I did not want the rack to be bolted to the floor, so I could move it if necessary; I did want it to be stable. I have concluded that the rack is very stable. Here is how I tested it: a. Without any weight on the rack, I put the safety pins in the first hole, stood on them while holding the pull up bar and tried shaking the rack side to side. The rack will not lift up or rock. You can shuffle or slide the rack slightly if you really work at it. b. I then racked an empty bar on the safety pins, then stood on the bar and the back stability bar while holding the pull up bar and tried to shake the rack front to back. The rack would not move at all. The most I will be lifting in the rack is probably less than 300 lbs, so this rack is very stable and capable. 5. No plate storage: I already have a plate tree but it might be more convenient storing on the rack as long as it doesn’t interfere with my lifts. I may buy a couple pairs of Titan plate holders if I find it necessary. Attachments: I purchase Titan T-2 J hooks and they fit perfectly. I use them in the front posts for squats and overhead press. I keep the original chrome hooks on the back posts for bench. I, therefore, assume all of the Titan T-2 attachments will fit. So far, I have used the rack for 6 StrongLifts 5x5 workouts and have been very satisfied. Comparisons: FR810 XLT Titan T-2 Rogue RE-3 Cost $199 $319 $715 shipped Capacity 800lb 700lb Not Listed Height 83 3/4” 83” 90” Pullup Bar 83 3/4" 80” 87” Pullup type various grip 1 ¼” bar 1” & 2 “ Width 42” 44” 43” Depth 24” 26” 24” Base 46” X 50” 48” X 48” 32” X 53” Floor bolted Positions 19 28 28 Weight 137lb 107lb 160lb Steel 2x2 14 gauge 2x2 unknown 2x2 11 gauge Plate storage None 2 None
Reviewed in the United States on February 25, 2017 by Michael

5.0 out of 5 stars | You can make this happen
Style Name: Power Cage Only
I'm not going to review this as a squat cage, because there are enough reviews here to tell you that it is sturdy and will hold weights and has the proper dimensions to do exercises in. Also, I am not an expert at weights. What I will answer in this review is, can you assemble this thing, and how? The bench shown in this picture is not the bench that you can buy with this, but a different bench. I am a short woman with the typical amount of Ikea furniture building experience, and with another short woman friend, I was able to assemble this in a couple of hours. If you are tall and assembling this in a place where you don't care about the walls and floor, you might be able to do it as a single person, but I could not have done that in my apartment. It's not hard to figure out, and the parts are packaged really well, but it is tall and awkward. In the couple of hours of assembly time, I am not including tightening the 40 bolts. I didn't do that until today, because I had to go to Home Depot and buy better tools than what are included in the kit. I included a photo of the tools that I used, which are a 17 mm socket, a ratcheting handle for that socket, and a 17 mm wrench. You need two tools because you need to hold both the bolt head and the nut, on opposite sides. Get a ratcheting thing or you'll be sorry. Even with these tools the bolts took me a while. Once I got everything tightened, the rack is very sturdy. I attached the TRX cables as you can see in the picture, and at least with the 45-pound bar on there, I can hang my weight off the cables at any angle and the cage doesn't want to fall over. I weigh about 250 pounds, so it seems fairly untippable to me.
Reviewed in the United States on February 19, 2018 by Alethio Grapher

5.0 out of 5 stars | Easy to put together and very sturdy
Style Name: Power Cage with Weight Bench Combo
The media could not be loaded. At first I didnt know what to expect in terms of sturdiness and how strong this rack would be just because of the price range. I must say that its very very nice quality. The bench took me about 10 to 20 minutes to put together alone and did include tools, but I suggest you get your ratchet set or better tools for it just to make it faster. There is no wobble or shake at all and it feels very sturdy and well made overall. Happy with the bench. The rack took me about 2 hours with help and we were careful to set it up exactly as the manual says. We loved how clear the manual was for the first time in the history of all instruction manuals. Good job Fitness Reality for making an easy to understand set of instructions. Would recommend to people even based on that. The rack came with tools to install but I also recommend getting a ratchet set since there are many more pieces to this one. The rack is very sturdy and once you tighten everything properly there is no shake or wobble, it feels good and strong. The catch bars are a lot better than I thought they would be as well. The only thing I would suggest you do is buy a set of J-hooks to use instead of relying on the original small bar holder, J hooks are stronger and safer, so yeah. The pull up bar feels good and I love having the options of multiple grips with it. If you want some advice for what to do after getting this? Get some plate holder bars from another company because the ones from them ive heard bad things about, Get jhooks as well because the default bar hooks that are 4 inches long are hollow and I wouldnt trust a lot of weight over my body with something hollow. I ordered my jhooks and am very happy with the quality of the frame.
Reviewed in the United States on August 23, 2019 by Evilzombie

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